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Oki - So i needed a new October inspired profile picture - and this skin by dead apples, and new Hat by remarkable Oblivion were perfect for it! check out the credits ... AND look at this moving eyeball. How cute is this??


Oh & TY Lucas for the pose :))


>>> Credits <<<


dedicata to "normal" people




AFRICA - KP June 2018 Contest - 1 June - 30th June 2018


New!! Challenge # 171 ~ Colourama ~


Charles Roffey

Jigjiga - real internet

Acrylic on wood.

Also, my work got published in the new 'Illustration Now!' book,

published by Taschen.


read more... here:

Internet...fuck you!


Mi sono rotta le palle di router, ADSL, windows, modem, Tele2, ping, impostazioni, ipconfig, MTU...e bla bla bla!

In un mese mi hanno fatta diventare una hacker.


La prossima volta voglio rinascere nel 1800.

© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved


Street candid taken in Glasgow, Scotland.

A cavernous "Vault" soon to hold tons of data servers to further power the internet.


Because I don't like to do it in person.


BTW, many of you wished me well regarding our Tacky Turkey Tea Party. We had a BLAST and then some, thanks so much. Photos coming up!

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. BBN is the random scatter of green in the middle (early ARPANET). Sprint is the organized star topology in purple near the top. AOL is a gray disconnected island in the lower center. There is little correlation between this network connectivity graph and physical geography, except for a clustering of Pac Rim connectivity.


Here is a gallery of Internet maps by Ches of Lumeta, and Ben below provides a link to a huge map with labels.


This technique can also see the network “lights go out” during wartime bombing raids.


In a nutshell, they use a modified hacker trick of sending a storm of IP packets out randomly across the network. Each packet is programmed to self-destruct after a delay, and when this happens, the packet failure notice reports back the path the packet took before it died. To visualize this sea of data, Ches applied place & route software from the semiconductor CAD industry to untangle the hairball of data and spread it out in a 2D map that humans can easily absorb. In these maps, one can see security gaps and unknown network connections. (disclosure: we invested them when they spun out of Bell Labs)

After months of no internet at home, I finally found an ISP who understood rural hookups and connected me through my neighbor’s dish at the top of the hill.


Goodbye, Starbucks! See you in two weeks, Public Library!

Farewell, Free WiFi Laundromat!


I’ll have time now to really look at all my contacts' photos. Wahoo!


Stock it up!


Strobist info:

1x580ex @ 1/1 into large softbox from above

1x430ex @ 1/8 into small softbox from right

Paint marker on canvas / 91cm x 76cm ( - )

Have had some rather odd internet/flickr problems as of recently.

Should be able to return to regular programming soon I hope...

This interesting guy's name is 'personificationoftheinternet' It was too long to put in the title but.. gotta love it


Visit this location at *INSPIRE SPACE Park in Second Life

A metaphorical interpretation of a internet relationship.

You are real, but you wear a mask.

The other person (to your eyes), is only a mask.


Una metaforica interpretazione delle relazioni nate su internet.

Tu sei reale, ma indossi una maschera.

L'altra persona (ai tuoi occhi) è solo una maschera.

CAT 5 cables, Computer Science Department of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California

Photo by Begüm Sarakman

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