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I'm quite certain that the majority of my generation are internet royalties. We spend most of our time behind our screens, texting our friends, refreshing social media feeds, watching silly video's; it is all undeniably fun and quite addicting too. #Foxy released a neon sign for all of my fellow internet princesses as one of her Gifts of the Guardians at The Guardians event. [read more...]



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Ich bin eventuell für ein paar Tage off-line. Der Internetzugang in unserer Straße wird seit heute gewartet, weil einige Anwohner Störungen gemeldet haben. Toll, daß sie ausgerechnet Freitags damit anfangen.

I might be off-line for a couple of days. The Internet access for our street is beeing worked on, as some residents reported problems in acessing internet. Great for them to start working on the problem on a Friday.

“We are from Stone age, Bronze age and Iron age, but now I think we are in the doomed age.

We are too quick to cancel other people in life as if we are not making mistakes of our own.

We are too quick to ruin someone's life and bring others down.

We are too quick to insult others and cyber bully them. We are not afraid to lie just to destroy others image or reputation.

We are doing everything for clout, even it means destroying everyone's happiness and life. We promote hate and division .


We rejoice when others fail, lose their jobs, lose what they worked hard for or accomplished. When they divorce or go through hard times or heartbreak.

We laugh when others are not making it in life and are experiencing pain.

We do all this In the name of poverty, that we are also suffering.


I just hope you will chose to differ.

I just hope you will treat people the same way you want to be treated in this doomed internet age.”

Don't mess with the awesome light tornado maker. If you can work out how this was done, I will send you a voucher for one free internet. I'll give you two if you can recreate the effect and post it below! ;-)

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...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::..


React -Bodysuit-

New @ Whore Couture Fair. March 1st to 31st.


Compatible with Maitreya, Belleza (Is-Ve-Fr), Slink Physique & Hourglass, eBODY Curvy, Tonic Fine & Curvy.








NEW from Lagom - Unicorn Calendar [ Board ] ~ Color me cute

{Your Dreams} Royals Bedroom

CREDITS at Her Sketchbook

Hi dear flickr friends I've had no internet for over a week or so due to an outside fault... The internet is still not up to full speed but hoping It will be officially back to normal in the next couple of days or so and I am looking forward to catching up with all of you... I hope you are all keeping well and have a great week :)))

Yes, I looked silly when I posed for the arm.part. :) the crack-cocaine of sexual addiction. I try to stay away there is the occasional slip here and there ;)


This awesome pose is made by SamPoses...and guess what? It is a free Group Gift. The credits and infos you need are here >>>


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Art installation, Perth Airport, West Australia.

Real life is better ... warmer!

A protest sign painted by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, famous beat poet and cofounder of the City Lights Book Store in San Francisco, CA, USA. Thanks for looking. It's a pleasure sharing images with you.


In most cases, I am more than happy to let worthy organizations use my work. If you'd to like use one of my images, simply leave me a comment or contact me via Flickr Mail. Please ask.


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LOVE - Avoixs - Genus - Maitreya - Spoiled -

more more. - ^^Swallow^^- Equal10- Parfait

Airport Düsseldorf

What a weird, wonderful and strange thing is the net. I have no idea why this even exists.

Sometime I hate rules *lol*


I wish Happy Great Thursday to all my Flickr friend.


Thanks for visit~comments~notes and fave!!!


Please no large glittery graphics or big group invites!!!!!! so SORRY if I delete it..


Thank the stars for cellphone apps.

Some old school research tools

Sinners and Cherries Store


song- Love me anyway


Oki - So i needed a new October inspired profile picture - and this skin by dead apples, and new Hat by remarkable Oblivion were perfect for it! check out the credits ... AND look at this moving eyeball. How cute is this??


Oh & TY Lucas for the pose :))


>>> Credits <<<

Maybe you can see these little white lines on the branch, my dearest flickrists 👍

It's the mycelium of a saprobiontic living mushroom... it transports information, nutrients and helps transforming wood into tomorrow's soil and water... it's our mother nature's Internet 👏👏👏


Happy weekend, dear flickr friends ❤️✌️😘🎈

Death Valley.


The internet here in Great Falls Montana is agonizing as i am so far behind on Flickr. Using my cellphone for commenting and looking is frustrating so very little gets accomplished.

Catching up the good old fashioned way somewhere near Place de la République, Paris XI.

ich gehe auf visionsreise zur baskischen göttin mari

Thank you to my sponsors for your continued patience!!

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