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Bonjour! Aujourd'hui, photographie d'un instrument (j'avais pensé à une mandoline, mais je ne suis pas sûr?), la photo a été prise aux Puces du Nord organisées à Douai le 3eme dimanche de chaque mois. En espérant que cela vous plaira.


Ah! Et merci au Fuji X-M1 pour cette excellente gestion du bruit ! (ici ISO3200)


1 MAY AT The Instruments The event


Many and many a year ago, this traditional instrument by the name of zither was presented to my grandmother by my grandfather as a gift to entertain her while she was expecting with my father... to this day very much cherished by the family as a most precious treasure telling a story ...





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The zither is a musical string instrument, consisting of many strings stretched across a thin, flat body. It is played by strumming or plucking the strings, either with one's fingers, or using a tool called a plectrum. Like a guitar or lute, a zither's body serves as a sound box, but unlike them, a zither has no neck. The number of strings varies, from as few as twelve to more than fifty.


The term 'zither' organologically refers to a broad family of Eurasian musical instruments, but in modern usage most commonly refers to one of three specific instruments: the concert zither and its variant the Alpine zither and the fretless (or "guitar") zither. Zither are most commonly found in Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, northwestern Croatia, the southern regions of Germany, alpine Europe, and East Asian cultures, including China.


The instrument underwent a popularity boom and resurgence in the late 1940s through to 1960s, following its prominent success as the theme music of the acclaimed 1949 film noir, The Third Man.



The Zither has been played worldwide with its use reaching as far as the US, Brazil and Australia...!!


Updated Update:

More Zither trivia - Dolly Parton played her most iconic song "Coat of Many Colours on a Zither also known as an Autoharp see She has just played it for her first time at Glastonbury Festival. The movie and TV series "The Third Man" Harry Lime theme was a Zither here is a link on youtube


Update info has been provided by my Flickr friends, Pat Adams and Bob, for which I offer them my sincere thanks!


... my collection of stringed instruments.

This man was playing a strange musical instrument in the old town.

Pensée du jour :

La musique chasse la haine chez ceux qui sont sans amour. Elle donne la paix à ceux qui sont sans repos, elle console ceux qui pleurent...


The music hunts the hatred to those who are without love. She gives the peace to those who are without rest, she consoles those who cry.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”


Credits <3


Location L'Arc-en-Ciel

You're looking at a small part of a miniature gitar. Thanks in advance for views, faves and comment.

Have a Happy Macro monday!

For Honor! For the Kaiser! And for the glory of the Fatherland! Uraahhhh!



(in todays words) LoKey At MAh ModifiCatiOns!!!1!!!!111!!elvenity!!!!111


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- FJ

Many thanks to Kerstin Frank and Lenabem Anna for their textures.


Explore, 29th of February 2012

For this week's MacroMondays challenge "Musical Instruments"

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Pan flute - Panfluit


electric blue


It was going to be a shot of my ol favourite ukulele but then a blue electric guitar descended from the heavens like something out of spinal tap calling “take me, take me”. How could I resist.

Shadowhunters Tribute



Head by LeLutka

Skin by Clef du Peau

Hooded Vest by ::GB::

Guilty Tee by Razor

Tattoo by Enigma

Pose by Poserz

My first photo with the 550D. I choose to call it "Instument in front of lilac curtains". :)

"Macro Mondays" and "Member's Choice - Musical Instruments"

This was the home of Anson Instruments who purchased Wollensack (1950), a spin off of Bausch & Lomb (1902). All cities have these elegant old buildings in them. Other than this decorative entrance way, it's a fairly plain 4 story square building. Now it sits on the corner of Hudson and Ave. D in one of the worst parts of Rochester, NY. Today, it's a canvas for the shadows of the lights and a denuded tree.

Macro Monday's - Musical Instruments.

HMM my dear friends!

Harmonica - Wood wind? Piano - Percussion? Strings?

New set of female poses at "The Instruments"



Photo by Dahriel

Model: Gretel Bulloch

Macro Mondays Theme: Musical Instruments.

Having problems with Bad Panda today.


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The light will vanquish the dark.

I love the classic lines of this tricone resonator guitar. I don't even play any more, but I'd love to have one of these, just to look at!


Have a great Monday, everyone!!

Macro Mondays - HMM! btw, I've never heard it played ....

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