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camosci in Grignetta, 2180 m

You can't hurt me with a simple .exe file.


well i'm somewhat lazy to take pictures lately.

Installation of one of three giant bottles by Roger Rigorth. “Water Core” is in the wetlands of Cheng long, Taiwan. Environmental art project curated by Jane Ingram Allen, April 27, 2015.




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"If balance is at steak / and thoughts stagger / on decisions about / direction and aim // fix a block to your leg."


"Wanneer balans een punt wordt / en gedachten stuiteren / over de beslissing / waarheen te gaan en met welk doel // bindt dan een blok aan je been."


Assemblage, wood, paper, metal, indian ink, (c) Drager Meurtant, 2019. (

Piazza della signoria Firenze, omaggiata da un'installazione, proiezione immagini sul palazzo Generali.

Installation of a new Antenna Tower in Edmond, Oklahoma. These guys are installing bolts to a new section that was just added.

Leur période de quarantaine terminée, les six suricates du PZP ont emménagé dans leur enclos qu'ils vont partager avec un otocyon, une sorte de renard africain. L'accès sera ouvert aux visiteurs à partir du 6 juillet. En attendant, il suffit d'un peu de patience pour apercevoir de l'allée une ou deux "sentinelles" en haut du tertre.

Kounellis a Fondazione Prada

A Palazzo Reale di Milano, nella Sala delle Cariatidi, è stata allestita una installazione. Si tratta di una serie di pali illuminati da luci blu che disegnano una palizzata all'interno della quale diversi monitor trasmettono immagini delle opere d'arte presenti nei musei milanesi. Un'idea suggestiva in un ambiente già suggestivo da sè.


Garden Village, Burnaby, British Columbia

Napoleone Bonaparte come Marte pacificatore è una scultura in bronzo di Antonio Canova (copia dell'originale in marmo) posta al centro del cortile d'onore del palazzo di Brera a Milano.


Milano, 07-04-2019



Anno: 1975 Matricola: 75012012.

Obiettivo: JUPITER-8 50mm F 2.0 (n. 5735196)


FOMAPAN 200 - 200 ASA

SVIL.: KODAK D-76 1+1 20° 09:00


installation des joujouilles sur 9 planètes tournantes-ici lesplanètes sont au repos

The Spoiler Alert signs are faith-enhancing adjustments to New York City subway platforms, creating opportunities for trust in the city’s most important institution in the face of its overeager self-quantified broadcasts.


photo by Kristin Wardian

Installed her solar panels on the roof of the workshop. Notice the really dirty solar panel. The charge controller it was attached to, showed a lower voltage output, wonder why?. This proved to me that keeping them clean as possible will be a worthy investment in time spent cleaning.

Kate and Dan get ready to guide the sign in place as the crane lifts it to the roof of the diner

The new Color Kinetics we installed.

Stolen from Dash

Much thanks to the install master

SBM Installer, a service vessel for oil rigs at sea, seen in the large port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). Taken early morning before sunrise.

A few install images from my upcoming exhibition The Older Industrial Parks Near Newport, Victoria. Opening 17/08/16 launch event 20/08/16 see you there! 69 Smith St Gallery

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Je sais ce que vous pensez, mais vous n'y êtes pas. Ce qui ressemble à des glaçons, ce sont des stalactites de résine. Une installation d'un jeune artiste de l'UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal)

I know what you think. But forget that. You're far. This is an installation by an artist of UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal). What looks like our vital fluid, are actually resin stalactites.

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