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For all of you my dear Flickr friends and thank you , you inspire me :


“Art is the perpetual motion of illusion. The highest purpose of art is to inspire. What else can you do? What else can you do for anyone but to inspire them?”


― - Bob Dylan

Thank you for taking the time to visit, comment, fave or invite. I really appreciate them all.


All rights reserved. This photo is not authorized for use on your blogs, pin boards, websites or use in any other way.


Photos and textures used are my own.


So I know that this is a totally cliche shot, but I figured I might as well share it. It is of course the London Eye.


Aslo, I have updated my Facebook page, where I have photo albums and updates. If you want to stop by and check it out I would appreciate it.


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original shot @ Inspire Space Park




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I am grateful for the time you spend to look at my work, hoping you enjoy it,

and even more, for your kind wish to add it, comment and award,

and help me with your valuable feedback!


Please feel free to criticize as you feel, as well. Criticism will only help me improve.

Thank you ! <3


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“In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Created for

TMI CHALLENGE: In the Style of … Monet, Gauguin or Rousseau

Texture Kim Klassen

For Window Wednesday.


Thank you all kind friends for visit and comments!!

1/8 sheet

Arches 140#CP


Only the leaves are up for these warm-weather beauties, but watching the fields coming into blossom, had me dreaming of those wonderful white daisies that cheer every roadside and garden.


It's a busy, busy time with preparations for our fund-raiser plant sale, volunteer events and spring weather making everything need attention.


I'll be a bit scarce for the next couple of weeks until some of our major events are completed ...


Hope your days are joyful!

September 3, 2012


Inspired to dance ~

somehow when I see this I hear music, and I was fortunate enough to get a little visit in one of my favourite playhouses. No Raccoons, no music, well.........just what's in my head.


The picture on the wall, taken by a very talented friend of mine ~

thank you "Aaron" !

I love that it's signed and that it inspires me ~

If you click on Aaron's name you can see the tiny dancer~


MAM ~your word~

my word would have to be dance.......................... or adventure ~

any chance I get to dance, I do, and I love to capture the motion of it!



I guess I could put this in Theme of the week ~ copycat.

I am trying to copycat that tiny dancer in Aarons picture

Inspired by the landscape, the light, the people. I was recently in Scotland, in the Isle of Skye on a road trip. Along with Elsa, we rented a car in the highlands seeking out photos worth taking. I had been warned that Scottish weather would be temperamental and always on the colder side and sure enough it was. We considered ourselves lucky that we didn't get too much rain during our stay but we did have to be patient and wait for the sun.


This shot is inspired by a contact that many of you already know - Stuart Stevenson. His work is truly amazing and something to behold. I can only aspire to take shots like his so this is my attempt. It rained just before I got this shot but the sky cleared only briefly for this long exposure. Lots to learn still but I hope you like this.


Back in London now but there is only a few more weeks until it is time for home. I am booking my tickets tonight :( Be visiting your streams later on!

Daily Practice



I return to work and limited time to paint -- geez, I really miss those open hours before me where I can think, paint a bit more slowly and thoughtfully ... ah well, the weekend is coming!


This is another splash attempt at poppies. I wish I had saved a bit more white space, but I like the color combos ...


After our garden tours yesterday (HOT!!) I got home to spend most of the evening watering plants -- we still have had no rain. Temps are to cool off today at our second day of workshops -- but today will be spent indoors ... There'll be sessions on pest control, new plants, new agricultural laws, and as always - water, water, water.


Stay cool today ...!

Nature inspires us with its colors and makes us happy again. Seen in Yosemite-Nationalpark, Mariposa County, Kalifornien, USA via 500px

Inspired by this song. Raw SL shot :3

Alvorada inspiradora.

Praia do forte, Ilha do Mel, Paraná.

Created for the Digitalmania challenge where this week we are taking inspiration from the work of FINNABAIR.


Credit to FinecraftedDesigns for the backgrounds (blended), HoneyDesigns, Efie and the Public Domain.


Thank you for looking.

I was so eager to get this shot so much that I got it out of focus. Too bad. :|

Finally got around to a Harry Potter picture, even though Will is a Ravenclaw lol - not a Gryffindor. Blame the owl. XD


Taken at Anyxia.

Logo of Only About Children, part of Education Department dedicated to delivering inspired, early years education to children from nursery through to kindergarten including school readiness.


Old Northern Road, Glenhaven, Sydney, Australia (Tuesday 13 June 2017)

Couldn't manage to crop it square, though I tried...

Ive never been to lough Creeve before, but inspired by flickr friend "darkartsphotography", I went for a walk today and took a few pics, the light was class

So, i just want to say thank to all the really amazing, kind-hearted people who left me messages and comments the other day. i feel silly and kind of embarrassed for sounding so pitiful. I'm normally not so down in the dumps. however, some things were just floating around in my brain and they ended up turning into some really intense spouts of sadness. forgive me.


i had a lovely day taking pictures by myself. i don't get to do it that often. and it was so nice. the sun is so good today you can taste it.


(i guess i didn't realize it before, but this picture does look a lot like one of Rosie Hardy's pictures. So, i guess it was subconsciously inspired by her. Thanks Rosie! :) )

St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City

...* Enjoy, my friends * ...


Inspired Bicycles . Danny MacAskill


Danny MacAskill . Way Back Home



Entered in the Kreative People group ..

Open Theme contest #15



It's a few days after christmas and I am on the coast in Forster visiting family.


I think I may have mentioned in earlier posts that I truly love this town, it is the town I grew up in and often return to when I need that break from the city chaos. However despite this love I am always challenged when it comes to finding photographic opportunities in this seemingly very photogenic area.


With two weeks off work and time on my side for once I was very much looking forward to getting back out with the camera over the christmas holidays however a recent severe lack of photographic inspiration has kept my poor camera at arms length so with a clear night over Forster last night I decided that it was time to force myself back out.


I foolishly decided to sit down and watch Paranormal Activity 3 before driving outside of Forster to a dark and secluded car park on an almost abandoned road to sit by an empty lake under a completely dark sky into the early hours of the morning and shoot myself a star trail.


With a raging wind making every single tree limb creak like a possessed demon behind me I lowered my tripod to the sand to safeguard it against the gusting wind, set the timer to 2:30am and retreated to the car to lock the doors and wait out the night.


I left my 14-24 in Sydney which meant I had to resort to the 16-35 and accept its f4 limitations (as opposed to the f2.8 luxury of my 14-24 'star trail lens') so my iso was a little higher than usual but I don't think it impacted the IQ too much.


Press "L" to view this large on black and, as always, thanks for looking!

Daily Practice



Visiting rose gardens, the Arboretum and my own Knock-Out Roses, the various colors, shapes, forms, and their heavenly fragrance - all inspired this splashy attempt. I tried to keep the leaves and feeling 'light' and so the more yellow of the leaves.


Yellow - yep, seems to be 'my' summer color -- I suppose the influence of that color choice must be our incredible heat. We're hitting another day of 100F with equally high humidity. The plants, earlier fed by weekly rains, are beginning to show signs of stress as our preciptation moves from "constant" to 'scattered' and a water hose just doesn't do the trick.


I put up another 38 jars of plum preserves last night - and there are another 2 batches to make this week. We should have enough plum preserves, my husband's favorite, for the next 6 years! LOL


My friend, Jodi, is coming to paint today -- yahoo! And the last of the jams are already in the final stage of hot water bath sealing.


Our peaches, heavy on our small tree and weighing it down to the ground, are still hard as rocks. We keep watching them so as to gather some before the deer! We picked over a gallon of blueberries yesterday from our 5 bushes - and there are as many more still on the plants. Now, what to do with those? LOL


Stay cool!

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