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"On A Brooklyn Street"

Wishing Everyone A Great Evening & A Happy Tuesday!!!! :-)

"On A Brooklyn Street"

Wishing Everyone A Great Evening!!! :-)

Charming little anemone blanda, Always open when there's any amount of sunshine,always closed before dusk or on a gloomy day.

wish you a whispery white wednesday


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For Monochrome Bokeh Thursday 7DWF Thursday: B&W

"I wrote this (in the summer of 1970) when I was 18 years old. This was the first song that made me think I might actually make a living as a songwriter. I still find it a special piece to perform." (Dan Fogelberg)

十八歲!丹佛格柏寫了這首讓他慎重考慮選擇創作歌曲維生的To the Morning... 日後他決定了捨棄大學主修建築必成為建築師的宿命,開始一生的吟唱詩人之路... 十八歲的我,想些什麼?我努力要進入我夢想的科系!... 所以呈現這有鉛筆筆觸的櫻花黑白照~也是個紀念~

To The Morning ~ Dan Fogelberg [ CC ]

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“Every new day

Our children's joy is as fresh as roses,

Even the birds chatter at dawn.”

― Scott Hastie

A rose from the bouquet I received from my 4 year old Granddaughter on my birthday.

hair > tram Hair D206 cork

dress > {B.C.C} Jane Empire Dress

Hair accessories > !Ohmai: Rosie Posies

....holding a little pet.

ZIBSKA for The Fantasy Gacha ~ Feb 2017


The Atisa set offers 10 commons, 5 headpiece/brow packs, 5 collar/pasties/bottoms packs as well as the full colour change rare which includes HUD with 30 colour choices for ruffles, fronds and beads.


please view at full size!



Self Portrait

Taken by Aaisling Resident

Pose by Aaisling Resident


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It is my busiest week now.

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Thanks :-)


Madison in our back garden

Cat, what cat?


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My favourite anonymous model. Posted by permission.

Models: Marta Alegre & Olaf.

Make-up, Hair & Flower crown: Syanes Photography



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