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Still having fun with flower macros, I am fast running out of floral subjects from my garden though (it being winter here) :-))


"On A Brooklyn Street"

Wishing Everyone A Great Evening & A Happy Tuesday!!!! :-)

"On A Brooklyn Street"

Wishing Everyone A Great Evening!!! :-)

Charming little anemone blanda, Always open when there's any amount of sunshine,always closed before dusk or on a gloomy day.

wish you a whispery white wednesday


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Shot take at Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh


hair > tram Hair D206 cork

dress > {B.C.C} Jane Empire Dress

Hair accessories > !Ohmai: Rosie Posies

Return to Innocence

Blog & Credits here

Listen Close..

Location: Deciduous.....


“Don’t be afraid to be weak

Don’t be too proud to be strong

Just look into your heart my friend

That will be the return to yourself

The return to innocence

If you want, then start to laugh

If you must, then start to cry

Be yourself don’t hide

Just believe in destiny

Don’t care what people say

Just follow your own way

Don’t give up and miss the chance

To return to innocence

That’s not the beginning of the end

That’s the return to yourself

The return to innocence

Don’t care what people say

Just follow your own way

Don’t give up and miss the chance

to return to innocence”

~ Enigma~


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Self Portrait

Taken by Aaisling Resident

Pose by Aaisling Resident


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Thank youu! Hope you like it ♥

Thank you for visiting.

It is my busiest week now.

I'm gonna visit your photstream later.

Thanks :-)




My favourite anonymous model. Posted by permission.

Cat, what cat?


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Madison in our back garden

For my contacts who miss seeing our darling pup, here he is...snuggled in his favorite blanket. Actually, yellow is his favorite color - - he always picks the yellow or beige toys when we go shopping!!


As a child i spoke like a child and I playing like a child,

but as I grow older I put away childish things.

Material: SL character Nympheas Nogha, DAZ & Brushes


I'm having a small exhibition at an old established Second Life shop called Bare Rose, which Nympheas is the manager of its art gallery. I think it is one of the first shops i went to shop. Through organising this Nym came asking for a mermaid kind of picture. So this is what came out.

My exhibition at BareRose will be for october. So if you are interested, have a look.

Taken at Luane's World


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