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When I read about the silent paint remover being the green alternative to chemical stripping and safer than a heat gun, I just had to try it out. After scoring one on e-bay (for nearly the same price as new) I found that it lived up to the rep. I was able to strip about four layers of old paint from the old cabinets I salvaged earlier this year. The paint bubbles right up and pulls off in rubbery strips. A pull scraper is the preferred tool.


Here I am using it to remove varnish from a kitchen cabinet door from one of our rental houses. I have the handle of the tool clamped in my bike repair stand weighted with my anvil. I just hold the door up to it for 6 seconds or so then scrape away on the step there. The heat from the two infrared lamps are nice on a cold day. It's not so satisfying to scrape off varnish so I just did one where the varnish flaked off raggedly and sanded the rest.

Our new tool. A M A Z I N G, doesn't begin to cover it. Infrared bulbs + heat...brilliant.

What was once my bedroom is now the room least needing work but most likely the first to get it because it'll be so easy.


Right after I talk Jeff into buying and then letting me borrow an infrared paint remover thingie.

A perfectly good quartz heater donated it's body to the science of paint stripping. This picture was taken only a few hours of labor before my homemade infrared paint remover (IPR) made it maiden voyage across our home's woodwork.