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Makeup Idea 2017/ 2018


SPRING – Makeup Geek Spring Inspiration #SpringVoxBox @Influenster


Discovred by : It’s All About Makeups



@soyjoyus #soyjoy

Influenster Spring VoxBox: SOYJOY bar

Retail Price: $.99 to $1.29


I’ve had my fair share of “health” bars, the lot of which were filled with G-d knows what, a number which were pretty darn fattening and candy bars in disguise. Now the market is bigger than ever. Enter SOYJOY!


It’s a great snack for on the go, at work or before the gym, and it’s pretty tasty! 6 grams of fat (less than a candy bar) and 140 calories (less than most candy bars). As a matter of fact, SOYJOY could even work as breakfast or a treat—a great accompaniment to a hot cup of coffee or tea!


The blueberry was mine to try and I have to say, I definitely tasted realblueberry!

Thank you #Influenster #influenstervox I won #contest #sallyhansen #nailcolor 💅#nailpolish #salonmanicure #lucky #winning #Phonto

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