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Individuality is the definition of freedom.


Lopburi, Thailand


From the Gallery: Thailand 2010-2009

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Embrace your individuality.

Love what you love without worrying about judgement


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You shouldn't mumble when you speak

But keep your tongue up in your cheek

And if you stumble on to something better

Remember that it's humble that you seek

You got all the skill you need,


You got something

Call it gumption

Call it anything you want

Because when you play the fool now

You're only fooling everyone else

You're learning to love yourself.



I had been planning a different shot for the T189 theme this week, but when I came across this I could not resist, so this one is B is for Beauty :-) also for the photo 91:113 where the theme is frozen.

Nature teaches so many profound lessons in such a way that even the youngest child can understand! We are all part of a family -- and how wonderful that is!!! But, how equally wonderful that each and every one of us has unique talents, abilities, likes, passions, insights, and individuality. We can all learn from each other and collectively we can create amazing beauty!!!!


NOTE: Thanks so much for your many kind comments, faves, and invites. I especially thank you for your friendship! What a special joy you bring into my life each day!!!!

See the man in red. Brand new tunnel passageway by new World Trade Center.

I recently wild camped for the first time near the summit of Haystacks. The weather took a turn for the worst but I did manage to capture this shot of Haystacks summit and the surrounding landscape.


Haystacks was the favourite summit of influential guidebook author Alfred Wainwright and stated that for beauty, variety and interesting detail, for sheer fascination and unique individuality, the summit area of Haystacks is supreme. I'm inclined to agree with Alfred. An amazing place even in gale force winds.


Here is his request:


"All I ask for, at the end, is a last long resting place by the side of Innominate Tarn, on Haystacks, where the water gently laps the gravelly shore and the heather blooms and Pillar and Gable keep unfailing watch. A quiet place, a lonely place. I shall go to it, for the last time, and be carried: someone who knew me in life will take me and empty me out of a little box and leave me there alone. And if you, dear reader, should get a bit of grit in your boot as you are crossing Haystacks in the years to come, please treat it with respect. It might be me"

.........indeed, the beauty we see is not actually the beauty everybody experiences on a daily basis, so we are all individuals, at least this is what I believe, I do not think one dimensional or else, I believe in beauty beyond the usual, I believe in looking around the corner, so our viewpoint maybe goes into diverse directions from others, but the outcome is the same, when we are on the same page.......we all look for beauty and love in photography........and art is one viewpoint, as are many others, we all can discover as it is accessible beauty, but how we look, feel, see at it, this is called individuality......need I say more?

Outdoor Urban Art festival 2014

La Dogana, Via dello Scalo San Lorenzo 10 Roma


Moving forward in primo luogo è un movimento fisico: da uno spazio aperto ad uno chiuso, in un nuovo quartiere e territorio con le sue diversità e caratteristiche. Un movimento conoscitivo dato dalla visita e scoperta di uno spazio inusuale che solo temporaneamente sarà invaso dall'arte e aperto a pubblico.


Thomas Canto traspone su tela la sua visione personale del proprio ambiente urbano con meticolosità e pazienza, offrendo la visione di un'architettura moderna e futuristica che va oltre il tempo e lo spazio. Traspone questi enormi edifici in un universo astratto, assumendo la loro essenza inanimata a beneficio della prospettiva. Queste costruzioni monumentali che creano una bellezza decisamente moderna, lasciano lo spettatore a interrogarsi sulla presenza o assenza di esseri umani.

«Ci si prepari a perdere qualsiasi riferimento spaziale perché “niente è come sembra, niente è come appare, perché niente è reale”. Un’intricata serie di fili e geometrie ci appare all’ improvviso alla fine di un articolato percorso, attraverso diverse stanze, popolate da forme e stilemi artistici diversi: è una visione improvvisa che lascia spiazzati; le abituali conoscenze delle tre dimensioni sembrano saltare. Un’installazione avvolgente che ci colpisce da varie direzioni partendo, una volta entrati nella stanza, dalle nostre spalle per proiettarci in avanti senza però capire dove è la fine. Una serie di schegge, frantumi di materia sembrano attraversarci senza mai colpirci. Lo spazio è trasformato e modificato, la rettangolare stanza ha perso i suoi angoli per fondersi in geometrie altre. Le sperimentazioni sullo spazio chiuso iniziate nella metà del secolo scorso sono state assorbite da Thomas Canto e rilette in chiave del tutto contemporanea. Solo una volta presa coscienza e confidenza con lo spazio si comprende dove finisce e inizia un dato materiale, le differenze e le contingenze, cosa invece è bidimensionale e cosa invece è tridimensionale, ma non sarà mai una conoscenza totale.»

(Antonella di Lullo, curatrice del Festival Outdoor 2014)


Thomas Canto, visual artist

Born in 1979, lives and works in France.

Thomas Canto transposes his personal vision of his environment on canvas; proposing an abstract and duplicate vision to the disorganized entanglement of the mixtures of his urban life. On one hand, the city in sections of walls or blue prints, on the other humanity and its individuality.

For his painting, he draws his inspiration from his memories and his meetings with the city and its inhabitants adding to it his own style, with the greatest accuracy and attention to detail. From walls covered with graffiti and posters to the surreal architectures of his futuristic cities, from the absence of any trace of mankind to his highly meticulous portraits, the artist is all about detail.

Fond of precision work and keen on pure aesthetics, technique holds a prominent place in his production. His gestures, as well as the materials and tools he uses evolve together with his art, and his work continues to gain clarity through experience and time. The patience and meticulousness displayed give an almost industrial aspect to his treatment of modern architecture; the drips and splashes that are specific to graffiti, are organized in a falsely random equilibrium that shapes the faces he portrays.


Baku aged 13 weeks


there may be no finer place


than here right now


to rest a tired body


and a gentle heart


between this green gold meadow


and all that is above


Ya se que no es de gran calidad...pero esta foto....para mi, es especial.


Primero ... por el sentir de libertad y de volar por los cielos!!

Segundo... porque se trata de dos...y yo, aunque fiel creyente de la libertad del alma y del espiritu de cada verdad es que al pasar los años me he dado cuenta que la vida se vive mejor de dos en dos....

Tercero....porque son aves!!! ......y supongo que ya todos ustedes mis amigos lo saben... AMO fotografiar las aves.


Así es que... Misión Cumplida....esta es mi foto del dia...:)

Abrazos a tod@s!




I know this pic is not of great quality but it is special for me...


First ... because the feeling of freedom, the flying birds and how the ability to fly amazes me!

Second ... because these are not one but two ... and I, though a faithful believer in the individuality of each and everyone of us...have come to realize over the years that life is better lived in pairs ....

Third .... because they are birds!!!! ...... and I suppose you already know my friends ... I LOVE photographing birds.


So...mission acomplished...this is my photo of the day :)




Explore Feb25,09 #400

Macro Monday: #Pastel

M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 + Kenko extension tubes (16mm and 10mm)

Size of the frame: 0,6 cm / 0,23 inches


Back at it with the extension tubes :-) This very pastel (in any other week I'd say pale) coloured fluorite has been on my "to-shoot list" for a while. When I read the description for this week's theme, I knew I'd give it another try. I took captures without the extension tubes, with the 16mm tube, and with both extension tubes mounted. The latter yielded the best results, while the others, while beautifully sharp, were a little too busy with all those tiny cubic shapes and forms protruding which, in close up, by no means look as orderly as your typical Borg Cube. More like Borg dreaming of a little more individuality... This one was the most harmonious and most pleasant to look at, so here it is.


As mentioned above, I'd used both extension tubes. Lit from the back, left and right with LEDs, and shot with in-camera focus stacking. Processed in LR and in Luminar 3 (Accent-AI filter; Remove Colour Cast and High Key filter to eliminate the yellow-ish tones from the LED lights; Details small and medium, Microstructure; some HSL tweaks here or there).


A Happy Macro Monday, Everyone! (Btw, there seem to be massive Flickr issues again today, it's horribly slow, many Bad Panda sightings, and I nearly couldn't upload least the app seems to work...)


Wenn Borg träumen...


... sieht die Welt gleich nicht mehr ganz so quadratisch und durchorganisiert aus, denn Borg träumen bestimmt von ein bisschen mehr Individualität ;-)


Hier war ich mithilfe der Zwischenringe ganz nah dran an einem Fluorit (der Ausschnitt hat ungefähr 0,6 cm), der schon seit Längerem auf meiner Makro-Liste steht. Da er sehr hell, oder, passender zum Thema, pastellig gefärbt ist, wollte ich ihn unbedingt für das "Pastel"-Thema ins Visier meines Makro-Objektivs nehmen. Ich habe auch Fotos mit nur einem Zwischenring bzw. ganz ohne gemacht, aber diese sind doch recht unruhig anzuschauen, weil die vielen kleinen eckig geformten, vorstehenden Einzelkristalle in der Nahansicht bei Weitem nicht so ordentlich aussehen wie man es vom handelsüblichen Borg-Kubus kennt ;-). Dann doch besser ganz nah ran und nur ein Detail ganz scharf abbilden, so wie hier mithilfe der Kamera-internen Fokus-Stacking-Funktion.


Beleuchtet habe ich den Fluorit von hinten, rechts und links mit LED-Strahlern. Entwickelt in LR und Luminar 3 (Accent-AI-Filter; High-Key und Farbstich-Entfernen-Filter, um die gelblichen Nuancen des Kunstlichts etwas abzumildern; Details klein und mittel und Microstruktur; HSL).


Ich wünsche Euch eine schöne, endlich wärmere Frühlingswoche, liebe Flickr-Freunde! (Habt Ihr heute auch Probleme mit Flickr? Viele Panda-Sichtungen, unglaublich lahm, ich habe es gerade so geschafft, das Foto hochzuladen...die App scheint immerhin zu funktionieren...)


"The impressions we receive, which often appear merely chaotic, consist of three elements; the impression of the color of the object, its form, and of its combined color and form, i.e., of the object itself. At this point the individuality of the artist comes to the front and disposes, as he wills, these three elements. It is clear, therefore, that the choice of object (i.e., of one of the elements in the harmony of form) must be decided only by a corresponding vibration in the human soul..."

- Wassily Kandinsky




Thanks to all for 11,000.000+ views and kind comments ... !

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"Primates" expressing, vulnerability of the Human specie in his natural environment, showing smallness, beauty, but also symbiosis he has with.

This link that is part of us, a molecular link.

Playing with my body, creating an asexual Human part of those eights landscapes.


"Primates", Human is there no more considerate as individualities part of the stronger specie, but considerate as a basic animal, keeping his entire beauty, drama, symbiosis, or dissociation.

Human specie place at the same level of any other one.


The entire serie on

Blog post

(feel free to follow the blog, it will consist entirely of photography and travel topics)


I found this spot after searching for quite awhile feeling kinda out of it (read the blog to hear more on that).


The flowers are just about in full swing at the Columbia Hills in Washington. I hear Rowena is starting, too.


Update on my E. Oregon project: I have reached $2,300! This is incredibly exciting, as I have now surpassed my goal. I still have many days left so I'll still try funding further, but what this means is that the project will happen now, no matter what!


©Jamey Pyles Photography


In the moment of our creation we receive the stamp of our individuality; and much of life is spent in rubbing off or defacing the impression.

A.W. and J.C. Hare


hbw :)


NEW: "i love your work 14"


the particular character, or aggregate of qualities, that distinguishes one person or thing from others; sole and personal nature


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Certain defects are necessary for the existence of individuality.

[Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]


"we had individuality. we did as we pleased. we stayed up late. we dressed the way we wanted. i used to whiz down sunset boulevard in my open kissel, with several red chow dogs to match my hair. today, they're sensible and end up with better health. but we had more fun."


~ clara bow

Male Muscovy Duck


Blogged here

with a lovely poem about freedom.

Chief: [introducing Harry to the mayor] "Mr. Mayor, Inspector Callahan"

The Mayor: "All right. Let's have it. "

Harry Callahan: "Have what?"

The Mayor: "You report. What have you been doing?"

Harry Callahan: "Well, for the past three-quarters of an hour, I've been sitting on my ass waiting on you."


[Quote borrowed and modified from "Dirty Harry" (1971) with Clint Eastwood]

I thought this ordinary butterfly was striking when backlit by the late afternoon sun.

Explore Nov 3, 2009 #231




Dandelion seeds are carried away by the wind and travel like tiny parachutes. A strong wind can carry the parachutes miles away from the parent plant.


A dandelion is really many tiny flowers bunched together. After a dandelion blooms, each of its tiny flowers produces a seed. Each seed is attached to a stem with white fluffy threads.



Of course, one of the main legitimate functions of thought has always been to help provide security, guaranteeing shelter and food for instance. However, this function went wrong when the principal source of insecurity came to be the operation of thought itself. (- David Bohm)


So here we all are, still in our matrix that we expereince as our "own" life, limited to 3 dimensions, lending parts of the same energy. Are we not the same?

Individuality or Unity? I say there's room for both.

~Brian Celio


Taken in Western Iceland.


The Muslims of Kerala have been keeping a creative identity in social, political and cultural realms. The social interference fashioned by the Kerala Muslims on the platform of Islamic humanitarianism testifies their vigilant religious life and original social existence. The God-fearing life style of the forgone scholars played a major role in creatively employing the cultural possibilities of the Islamic life. The dynamic moral fiber of the Muslim life in Kerala is imprinted by the vibrant social leadership of the awe-inspiring Ulemas. The roots of such Organic Intellectual life can be traced in scholars like Sheikh Zainuddin Maqdooms, Omer Qasi, Sayed Alavi of Mampurom, and Ali Musliyar…etc. The public opinion and communal interests of the Muslims of Kerala has been greatly influenced by the brave social interference of these Ulemas, and of course, Kanthapuram A. P. Aboobacker Musliyar is a real inheritor of this Dharma of the rich and scholastic legacy of the Kerala Muslims.


Kanthapuram would be remembered by the future generation on the very fact that he led forward the contemporary Muslim multitude from a chaotic and apprehensive stage to one with confidence and hope. He guided the Kerala Muslim Society by redefining the sense of duty of the Ulama or the learned, and actively involving in the process of social reformation, and thereby played an incomparable role in linking the Islamic society with the mainstream population. He bequeathed great respite on the anxieties of a society, which had been historically sidelined, by presenting the communal issues on the wider perspective of social justice.


We could distinguish in Kanthapuram, a traditional Islamic scholar, who had been missing from the brilliant past of the Islamic civilization.


The legion which Kanthapuram cultivated through educational and humanitarian services gives a lot of anticipation for a promising Islamic Society. Therefore, the life of Kanthapuram A. P. Aboobacker Musliyar defines and plays an important part of the Muslim community of Kerala. The significance of the revival which Kanthapuram proved lies in the fact that he could form this alternative perspective of a renaissance of the community without deviating from the social mainstream. Further, this progression convinced the modern society that the Islamic knowledge system does not refuse any developmental ideas.


For this reason alone the accomplishments and backdrop of Kanthapuram demand reading and revision. This will help the formation of religious oriented developmental ideas of social progress of the national Muslims in general and Kerala Muslims in particular. Kanthapuram can also provide some creative and innovative lessons to the emerging Islamic political thoughts of national and international scene for the very individuality of shielding the secular modern thinking with the traditional religious approach. This evaluation should be done on a unique perspective of a real scholar, who stood in the interests of social commitments, other than a mere individual.

(english follow)

Wild country fait parie d’une galerie d’images consacrées aux sagesses et croyances anciennes des tribus d’indiens d’Amérique (voir


« Tous les oiseaux, même ceux de la même espèce, ne sont pas identiques, et il en va de même pour les animaux ainsi que pour les êtres humains. La raison pour laquelle Wakantanka (Grand Esprit de la Tribu des Dakotas) n’a pas fait deux oiseaux, deux animaux ou deux humains exactement semblables est que chacun a été placé ici pour être une individualité indépendante et être responsable de lui-même. » (Shooter, Tribu des Dakota (Sioux) 19e siècle)


Wild Country is part of a gallery of images dedicated to ancient wisdoms and beliefs of the Native American tribes. (see )


«All birds, even those of the same species, are not alike, and it is the same wit animals and with human beings. The reason Wakantanka does not make two birds, or two animals, or human beings exactly alike is because each is placed here to be an independent individuality and to rely upon itself » (Shooter, Sioux Dakota Indian Tribe, 19 th century)


Deep, very deep within one's heart (centre of gravity of one's

existence) -it is there-one's soul. It's one's true individuality. But

even one in a million is not aware of its existence. This is the inner

divinity. It's not mind-and can not be known by mind-however great and

brilliant that mind may be.

It can not be reached through religious process.

"That which thinks not by the mind, that by which the mind is thought,

know That to be the Brahman and not this which men follow after here."

Beneath the same white face paint.......Five (Maiko) Geisha with different personality, individuality and life experiences......


I took this picture when I visited Gion, Japan while on Holiday.. It is not easy to meet One Geisha.. to see Five is very lucky indeed. This shows their front view and in another picture in my stream, shows the beauty of their neckline....


With this picture, I was lucky to have won a second prize in a local Open Exhibition Competition.. So I would like to share with you....

For beauty, variety and interesting detail, for sheer fascination and unique individuality, the summit area of Haystacks is supreme. This is in fact the best fell top of them all. A place of great charm and fairyland can leave all troubles behind on Haystacks

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Eiði, Faroe Islands

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