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most probably a geometrid member caught from silent valley natioanl park, palghat, kerala, India


Chalciope mygdon . Noctuidae, Catocalinae


Thank you Ryan Brooks for the ID

Owl moth caught from Silent Valley National Park, Palghat, Kerala, Southern India


Glad that this is ID'd by Ryan Brooks as Spirama retorta (Clerck, 1759)

Noctuidae, Catocalinae. Thank you Ryan!!


Aambyvalley Rd.,OFF Lonavala,Mah.,India


caught from deciduous forests of Trichur, Kerala, southern India





Thank you Roger for de ID

Antheraea mylitta (Drury, 1773)


Collection spot- Chandwad, Nashik.

Aambyvalley Rd.,OFF Lonavala,Mah.,India


=Antheraea mylitta(invalid)


Aambyvalley Rd.,upper Lonavala,Mah.,India

possibly L.contigaria or hypaphanes


see another individual (photo taken same time)


Aambyvalley Rd.,upper Lonavala,Mah.,India

PS:I have named it as dagger moth


Type species:Melanographia tympanistis

Loepa sp. | Loepa sikkima?

from deciduous forests of Trichur, Kerala, southern India

Crimson-speckled Flunkey (Utethesia pulchella)

Aambyvalley Rd., Off Lonavala,Mah.,India

Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Mah.,India


feed on fruit juice.

Artona sp (Artona hainana species complex)

(Thanks to Dr. Roger Kendrick for the ID)

Near Kaziranga National Park in Assam I found a moth hiding in very colourful surroundings. I'm a true dodo at identifying moths, so any help will be gratefully accepted. This is probably the same as one I've seen in Mumbai.

Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Mah.,India

Thanks Ryan Brookes for id.

Aambyvalley Rd.,upper Lonavala,Mah.,India

=Pyrausta celatalis

Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Mah.,India

Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Mah.,India


considered as morph of S. retorta by some.

Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Mah.,India


Thanks to Ryan Brookes for species Id.


Strange beast; all I can say is that it has a mouth and a tail. It moves mouth forward. I have no idea which butterfly or moth it grows into. Do you? I saw this in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India in January.


Sam2cents: elephant hawkmoth? Thanks for the lead. The colouring is different, though the mouth does look a bit like an elephant's trunk, and it does have coloured patches which mimic a pair of eyes. I read that other species also have false eyes, so this is not a clincher.

Rosa Gamboias, thanks for confirmation that it is a moth caterpillar.

Aambyvalley Rd.,Off Lonavala,Mah.,India


close to Comostolodes dialitha

Aambyvalley Rd.,Off Lonavala,Mah.,India


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