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Hadrian's Wall, Peel Crags, Northumberland


Sony Alpha A700, Sigma 10-20mm, F9, 20mm, ISO100, Exp 1/60 Second

No Filters,(didn't know what filters were 2 years ago;), Shot Handheld


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Old Red Brick walls and lots of light. An old structure from Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona in Arizona.


There are more Arizona pictures, from Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon and Grand Canyon, in the Arizona album.

A lizard on our backyard wall. One of many.

The winter white colour of creeping vines slowly takes over the walls of an abandoned hospital. These walls were part of the Mountain Sanatorium built to treat patients with TB in the early 1900s. The Sanatorium began as a simple two tent facility able to treat 8 patients and located on the escarpment overlooking western Hamilton. The tents were soon replaced with cottages and shacks, and finally brick structures to house the thousands that became infected over the first part of the 20th century. The facilities were slowly converted to a general hospital once an antibiotic treatment for TB was discovered. Now closed, the buildings await demolition, and the area is soon to be reshaped by residential development. Hamilton, Ontario

A wall of sunflowers under a striking of the best skies this summer.

Wonderful day...

I have recently had the opportunity to visit Colorado and spend some time shooting snowscapes. This is a capture of the wall of ice that many climbers love to climb on. Some of the structures there are too fragile to ascend so are thankfully left untouched. I thought that shooting in the middle of winter would be fun but I realized after 4 days that I still enjoy living in Southern California. Some of the days the temperatures reached 8 degrees and no matter how many layers of clothes you wear you still have to pull your hands out of the gloves and even though those are only momentary exposures to the cold just a few moments out of your gloves requires many minutes back in to warm up. Unfortunately your hands are outside more than they are inside and thats where the problem lays.


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Between the walls of one of the many abandoned bottle kilns in Stoke, another that I couldn't resist using 11mm.

One of the 1840s slave cabins at Lauras Plantation outside New Orleans, where sugarcane workers lived until 1977

In this shot taken on the fells above Elter Water you can see stone walls and a fence together. It is easy to see why modern farmers use fences instead of walls if replacing a wall costs £270 per metre. Fences take less time to erect, are movable and cheaper. However they fall down more easily and the posts rot. I think that the dry stone walls of the upland pastures have become part of the landscape. Some are centuries old. Look at the mosses and lichens which live on them and the wildlife, mice etc which live in them. They have their own ecology. I am for the walls. What do you think?

In the old part of Los Alcázares you find a lot of wall art painting.

Roman amphiteaher, built between 27 BC – 68 AD

"Put on your Sunday clothes, there's lots of world out there ..."


(' WALL-E' by Thinkway Toys)


Diorama by RK

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LAST SHOOT In his White Butterfly Hotel : In the inner courtyard ... In a recess ... a scaled wall ... like a parchment showing us a map of ancient continents ...


Dans la cour intérieure de cet hôtel : ... Dans un renfoncement ... un mur écaillé ... comme une parchemin nous présentant une carte de continents anciens ...

A wall inside Antelope Canyon. Amazing how the water has carved its likeness into the rock.


EXPLORED! #51, 24 July 2011

A bit of the long curtain wall in Visby, Sweden.

Later on this wall will be green with a different texture.

Enlarge for detail.

Looking down Ullswater from Mossdale bay towards Patterdale with the Wall Holm Island in the middle. Another dawn start alas without the Sun joining me but at least I had the place to myself. A lovely peaceful start to the day

originally abandoned kiosk

Seamer tip ponds, Scarborough. 2017


This is an unusual picture for me, as I generally like my butterflies in a natural setting. This Wall Brown was captured in front of a blue plastic sheeting fence!


At the stone wall,barely three meters high,

grows in a narrow hole

a small number of flowers,

and bloom, as if it were a bouquet of flowers.

They are wait for the wind is blowing their seeds away, for the iternity.

And today flourish everywhere,

the flower children in high number.

Most go, sunk into a conversation, or themselves

past the wallflower. I could not resist and took a photo

with focus on the beauties.

An elderly gentleman came by and said, "Oh, how wonderful, I now steal your motive." I said, "Nature is there for us all, we just have to pay attention to it."

Have all a nice weekend and happy Earth Day!



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