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Inaugural Fail Whale by Steelopus
From Steelopus

Presidential Limo by rm996s
From rm996s

Barack Obama by mang M
From mang M

Got my invitation last week by Phillustrations
From Phillustrations

obama speaks by Lon Seidman
From Lon Seidman

Barack Obama Inauguration Logo Cookies by Whipped Bakeshop
From Whipped Bakeshop

~It is a beautiful Today~ January 20 2009 by imagepeace
From imagepeace

How we will overcome what ails us now by zachstern
From zachstern

Inauguration Day:  Obama Taking the Oath by guessica
From guessica

20/365: Inauguration by Sarah Coggins
From Sarah Coggins

Over (51/365) by Wondermonkey2k
From Wondermonkey2k

Obama is sworn in as Michelle holds the Bible for him - US Presidential Inauguration - Screencap by Scorpions and Centaurs
From Scorpions and Centaurs

Yay! by Zsaj
From Zsaj

Inauguration 2009 (#74284) by mark sebastian
From mark sebastian

Bye George, it's Obama! by Wexxie
From Wexxie

America changes before our eyes by onelinecross
From onelinecross

Inaugural Seal by acaben
From acaben

Obama Inaugural Poster... by MyEyeSees
From MyEyeSees

2009_365020 - Great Expectations by touchingthelight
From touchingthelight

Hope by Telzey
From Telzey

Obama Inauguration by scifilullabies
From scifilullabies

01.20.09 : It's Official, Barack Obama is on the White House Homepage by PJ Taylor Photo
From PJ Taylor Photo

Welcome To The Inaugural Frenzy by patti_heck
From patti_heck

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