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So far, this has been a mild winter. We've had lots of gray skies and some bitterly cold days; but we've "only" had a little over 73 inches of snowfall this year in comparison to 188 inches of snow by the same date last year! All that being said, I am still missing the sweetness of summer. So, I am posting this sweet summertime memory of a little fawn investigating a pot of impatients. Happily, she just gave them a sniff and walked away.


Thanks to all who visit, fave, comment, and extend invitations. Your support is much appreciated. I will be sure to visit your work, too (as elegant and lyrical as the arrival of Spring)


Spring approaches on winds that flow over us; softly, but relentlessly. The sun rides a little higher in the sky each day. Ice flows piled upon each other over the course of a long winter lay like thick playing cards thrown in a heap; stacked like lumps and bumps, indentations and crusty lesions on a badly pock-marked face.


The last of the rough ice - evidence of winter's power - struggles to remain whole. ~ View On White (Large, if you can)


But wind, current and heat pull at the ice, as warm taffy is pulled in the hands. And, on that wind, just under the sounds of awakening birds and warm southerly breezes coursing through the trees, is carried the sound of ice "in emotional breakup;" moaning and stretching, bending and cracking.


Surrender to Spring is at hand.


It is undeniable and adamant; like the warm and seductive whisper of an impatient lover in your ear, after the last sip of wine.


Jackson Park Outer Harbor, Chicago.

Another shot close to home (OK, REALLY close to home). It's been rainy and I'm still not up to speed. And frankly, this was about as much as Dash was going to cooperate today anyway. He's got a serious case of cabin fever and I think his patience with me being such a slug is about at an end.

I tried something new today - to create a warm filmic look.


I love the filmic look, but i really do not like to shoot with film. I am too impatient for the procedure, so this is my way. Even more i appreciate to see real film photos by my flickr contacts.


Oh, and the smoke is real. Doesn't it look like a half of Ying/Yang?

Autumn is slowly fading away. Weather of this week is one of the coldest and start of upcoming winter. Yesterday i was sitting on the stairs of bus on way home, because it was so crowded of impatient people going to warm place of home. When i looked outside all trees, grass ..whole landscape were covered by ice, it all looked like silent ice kingdom. As time passed, it reminded me muted movie and i was the part of. So i was sitting there and thinking about all this beauty through the misted door glass. Like how much i would love to be part of the trees, standing there alone, frosted inside as i feel like.


arms and sleepers - like a typewriter from a moving train.


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Caminando por Gijón un perro atado a un banco parecía buscar con la mirada al dueño que lo había dejado allí. El perro feliz se vuelve asustadizo frente a la manada de bestias que pasea los extraños valles.

Cảm giác vừa khóc xong thật là... ấy :)))

The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach -- waiting for a gift from the sea.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The seagull awaits an opportunity to steal any fish I catch

American Goldfinch waiting for a turn at the feeder.

The last of the tuna/ cat bokeh pictures. I have another with everything sharp but i'll post it at another time, this is probably the best one,( in my opinion). Thanks for viewing, also for the comments and faves, your feedback means a lot and is always appreciated. Have a great day everyone.


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The color tone was so bad on these star trail shots, I finally decided to just convert it to b&w. Everything was a hideous blue tone due to one nearby camper having a tall 'red, white & blue light beacon' turned on. It lights the whole area up. If I try this again, I'm going to nicely ask him if he would leave it off for one night.


My timer wasn't working right (it's probably just me), so I ended up pressing it for each of the 5 minute exposures. I stopped at 15 because my hands were getting cold and hubby was getting impatient. I hope I get a chance to try this at least once more while we are here.


Update: I got my intervalometer working...or should I say, I figured out what I was doing wrong.

Impatiente des jardins - Balsamine de Balfour

Je vous remercie de votre visite et de vos commentaires dans mon jardin de fleurs.


I told him we could go for a walk. He decided it was time to get going.

Although fall is not here just yet, there were some leaves in Algonquin Park already changing colour in mid August.

Found among the grape vines at Junius Lindsay Vineyard. Lexington, NC.





Every morning we play buggie with Shizandra. It's just our name for playing with the laser light with her. She was waiting for me to shine the light onto the floor.

Woooops, I think Ivy's the new muse around here ! *laugh*

Well, she was the most perfect girl for this idea I had yesterday. So again, I used her to illustrate it !


I'm so happy, I'll get my Luts order this week if everything goes well, so, changes are coming ! I'm impatient to show you what I bought for my girls !


This is for everybody who likes Harry Potter !

Frodo gets his howl on. Getting impatient to move.

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Impatient to see first signs of spring... Wish a sweet weekend to all of you.

8/7/09 EXPLORE #147 Thanks to all of you who visit my photostream--you are very kind and gracious!!

... Fin je journée sous la neige qui tombe presqu'en pluie, un kayakiste était déjà prêt à lancer son embarcation dans les rapides glacés...

Photo prise depuis ma voiture à l'Île des Bates, Ottawa ON...


" Ready to go " ... End of the day and under rainy snow fall, a kayaker was ready to launch its boat in the frozen cold rapids …

Photo taken from my car Bates Island, Ottawa ON


Savannah Sparrow - Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands (a.k.a. Viera Wetlands), Melbourne, Florida


Kinda reminds me of Ratso (from the film "The Midnight Cowboy") shouting, "I'm walkin' here!" as he pounds his fists on an NYC cabbie's hood while crossing against the light.

Only in this instance I was interrupting his meal!

That su la khong chiu dc, khong the chiu dc xx Buc minh qua di,uc che qua, kho chiu trong nguoi qua aaaaa

Then finally it happened...Knock! Knock! Knock!

"What is knocking the egg? A baby bird will be free!" - "Knock knock knock, I want to get out of here. It's much too tight, I hold out no longer."



It's Sunday, have a great week everyone! =)


My favourite song for the day: Listen



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Part of a collab for the Northeast Flickr Meetup.

I may be a bit behind in uploading this, but I had this idea and I knew I wanted to shoot it. This is definitely how I'm feeling right now. Ready to pack my bags and go travel somewhere.


I'm catching up on all my uploads this week, which is also finals week. I'm excited to be done with this semester so I'll have more time for photos and what I want to do.

Avoid being impatient. Remember time brings roses.



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I decided over a year ago that when I upgraded my camera I would go for the best I could afford. I thought that it was going to be the Nikon D400 or whatever the upgrade from the D300s would be. But a year later and still no news that I can find of such a camera coming out soon I broke down and got the D7000. So hopefully they don't go announcing a new one anytime soon. But I can already tell the different between this and the D5000 which is pretty awesome. I felt trying it out for the first time at Steptoe would be appropriate because I have always struggled with getting a decent shot here.


I hand blended 4 shots together for this. Hopefully with more practice I will get some better shots in the field and get better with my post processing. Have a great weekend everyone. My friend and I are off to shoot a wedding tomorrow so I am off to do some more practicing.

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