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The vegan hummus sandwich from Ike's Place with avocado instead of sprouts (they ran out of sprouts that day).


Article on SF Curbed Fortunately for Ike's they moved to a new welcoming spot!

Ike's 目前搬到晚上是club的Lime,這樣可好,到現場點還可以坐在裡面等&吃,不用再排隊排到腳酸

Menage A Trois sandwich w/ lollypops

Veg meatballs, sauce, soy cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, peppers and dirty sauce. From Ike's Place. Our favorite sandwich so far!

½ Pound of Angus Beef, Dirty Sauce, Cheese

Someday soon, hopefully, I'll have my own branded sandwich at Ike's Place. This art will eventually work it's way on to the sign in the shop.

that's the name of this sandwich. what's going to change?



Okay, gonna stop with the food and drink #latergram pix, but this one ("The Pilgrim") is my current favorite because it has cranberries and sriracha on it. It's definitely making fetch a thing.


I love #IkesPlace and all, but the sandwich wrappers now have Ike's pleasant cartoon visage on them, and that doesn't photograph well as food. So enjoy this one, it's really the best.



Went to Photoworks together to drop off some rolls we've been working on for months. Excited.

ham, turkey, brie, lettuce, tomatoes, Ike's dirty sauce, pesto

Thinly Sliced RibEye Steak, Mushrooms, Provolone


Ike's Place @

Definitely the coolest place to eat I've ever been.

Check it.

Chicken, marinara, and, wait for it, mozzarella sticks

which is not really necessary :-P




This is the vegetarian menu at Ike's, but really there is another whole menu that has tons more sandwiches on it.

Be the first kid on your block to eat a Doctor Popular sandwich at Ike's Place in San Francisco.


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