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i am uploading this one ahead, it's pretty old but i redited it and i quite like it

anyway i am going back to my hometown for a week or so :)

i am super excited

have a great week guys :)

There's a new squirrel in town and his name is Iggy. Squiggy hasn't been around for awhile...I sure hope she's o.k. Meanwhile, Iggy's pretty relaxed about me standing close by. When I took this picture I was standing right next to him on the back deck, taking pictures of an eagle in a nearby tree.

Spotted this detailed Iguana during the vacation with the kids. Very willing poser too :) Almost forgot to post this one for HBW.

Hope you like details... again :)


Cheers!!!! Have a great week ahead....


Check Me Out!!!!!

i can't get enough of that clock :P


I ended up photographing Riot Fest and the other photographer took Iggy Pop but I shot a little from the side as crowdsurfers fell into the photopit rammed into me. Anyways, this montage of photos from a distance still shows Iggy's personality in his body I hope. He has a very expressive sense of body language in my opinion.


Oh, and I also crossed one of my favorite bands off my bands to photograph before I die list...Jesus and Mary Chain!


**All photos are copyrighted. Don't steal them!**



1+ in comments explaining how i did it :P ( i think i like the one in the comments better)

i feel abstract these days


thank you all for support lately

my photos are meh at the moment but i promise you as soon as the summer starts i will blow your mind :P

Iggy Pop in L.A. on FYF FEST

Camera: Olympus Stylus Epic

Film: Ilford HP5+ 400

Developer: Ilford ID11 12 min @ 20C

Scan: Epson V800


april fools :P

my lens isn't actually broken XD i just didn't feel like taking a photo yesterday


last light leak for a while i promise

Maintaining your transport is an important but often underestimated part of the bounty hunting business.


skip, iggy week, whoop!

...honestly. opening the packet of snaps at the lab to find him wee like this again was such a treat. best reason to leave film in a camera for over eight months EVER. sigh :)

Live / Rock in Idrho 2011 @ Milano

Altre foto su:

Jumping on the bed naked. Not an ounce of fat on my kid, never has been.

The sequel to this one, a good friend of mine just rescued him. Setup here.


B800 through white umbrella on right and left

ABR800 on camera

B1600 with 20 degree grid on backdrop


Let me know what you think!

Italian Greyhound





Bella Iggy

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