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This new Flickr version, while good in parts, in others is dreadful. Getting rid of Pro accounts is terrible. Will Flickr listen and adapt according to the negative feedback? I doubt it. I love Flickr. For me it is my favourite thing on the net, but they have messed it up. If you want to add your voice to the thousands who have voiced their displeasure, you can do so here - You cannot see my extra photo in the comments today (or any day in the future, so please click here to see new iPhone photo -

Please Flickr, listen to your customers (that won't last for long) and your users!


This petition is probably a waste of time - but you never know - sign if you want it to change back -

Thời gian bấn loạn :)) :))) ...

Mình quá hp vì điểm IELTS of mình, hahaha chắc k ngủ được luôn quá :))))


Cm và fav nếu bạn thích :x


Đang ngồi onl uncle chụp=)) nỗi hứng chụp luôn:P đồ ngũ đó:"> cbị đi mua nguyên bộ ra gối mền kitty=)) tui bị đean loạn vì kitty r:))


dnay bị nhí nhảnh nha:|:)) nhí nha nhí nhảnh như con cá cảnh:P

mai sẽ đi đóng tiền lấy library card:-< mng thi hkì còn W cbị stuck ôn thi IELTS luôn:((:(( mà sang noel là mng free r, còn W thì ngày càng cực khỗ:( hnay đi làm passport, càng nghĩ càng buồn:-<

16/12 này sẽ có 1 contest:( k biết mình có nên đi diễn k:(( hồi hộp quá:-<

anni này k biết có đi chơi k?==

why bad things just keep happened, try to push me out~.~

Dnay heo quay bận thi cử, gà tre bơ vơ như cây cơ:((


K biết sống phải ác bnhiu mới lấy đc cái byên nhỉ:))

Dear friends,


Thanks for your kind messages of my previous posts taken on a downpour day but actually they were taken from a taxi window and I only made the contrast stronger. Here the above image was taken by SJ using my camera. It was a spontaneous shot, so it was kinda grainy. But I like his shot a lot because it looks like a Gaudi's!

water molecule, my passion :P here, the cohesion force of water molecule is greater than the adhesion.. that's why it sticks together as a sphere .. and also because of the surface tension as well.. which facilitate the attraction of water...


btw.. guys i'm kind of busy these days.. i'm re-taking the ielts exam on 20th & 27th of Aug and 3rd of Sept... i'm not feeling up to taking it anymore.. but i reckon that it's required to give it another shot.. in order to pass my foundation year in weill cornell medical keep your fingers crossed for me <3 *hugs* :*

Nguyên ngày hôm qua ở trường học IELTS . hết Tuấn rồi tới JC . hết JC rồi tới Tuấn =)) . chán quá chịu không nổi . nên lấy máy ra chụp hình =)) . dễ thương không ? nhân vật chính chỉ có cái kẹp và cuốn sách thôi . nhưng chụp ở nhiều góc độ . hôm nào rảnh sẽ bonus :D<

P/S : cảm ơn bạn Jus đã chọn hình giúp mình ^^ .


• 20.02.2011 •



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Well, because the IELTS test, i had about 5 months not make any photomanipulation.


At first, i want to make a scene that many droppod striking from sky, but it is too difficult. So i change them to meteors.

It looks like judgemet day....


the guy in picture is me, thanks to my girlfriend helps set up the lighting and camera.


Strobe info:

Canon 50D + EF17-40

one 430EXII on subject's left with 60x60 softbox.

one YN560 on camera right with umbrella.


Well that is it, i not good at pose guide, so i look too calm to the 'terrible' scene.









model: me :)


other things are my stock photos or paintings.


Thanks for watching!

Nikon D700 + 85mm f1.4

iso 3200

shot at f1.4



I love the bokeh from this lens. And I love the smoke. I just had my IELTS test today. It was disastrous, especially the speaking test


On the last question i was asked, what kind of tradition do you think you will celebrate in the future, which isn't yet existed today? I was like "what the hell". 20 seconds of humming and silence. I was about to say, there will alien invasion and we wipe them out and we celebrate that day.


But then I said "I am sorry, i have nothing in mind" and he said "ok, it's the end of our speaking test". And for the 2nd time I was like "what the hell"

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:) Stress :( cant live like dis =.= ill off til im okie ..... ima die >< idk wat tah do ~~ nlm fuk subs no is ~~ so hard w IELTS :(( bored at all ~~ disapointed at all =='

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Hi my flickr friends. :-)


I know I am absente for a long time.

I am busy with the English test called IELTS to attend the university in Holland.

For me, I have a bad/good habit that I know I was/am too addicted to flickr more than two years. So I try to pay more attention on the English test.

I still make photos now and then, and some are very nice.

I will show you soon.



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