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Hair: .little bones. Rama

Pants: [Gild] Over all - Shiny Shabby

Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop - Pure Heart

Shoes: -NOeditiON- Unisex Boots - @ The Epiphany



... like you do ♥


Dress: *AGATA* - Erica Dress with Choker belt

Hair: *Barberyumyum*

Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop - Remember forever


Pose: ::SenseS:: - Couple 169


Kmb's lovely version & all other details here ... ♥


.Identity. Body Shop - Remember Me


Luas Claudia Choker @Frou Frou 


Luas Claudia Mask@Frou Frou 


Luas Claudia Corset Maitreya@Frou Frou



ᴵᴰᵀᵀᵞ ⁻ ᴮᵒᶰ ᵛᶤᵛᵃᶰᵗ ᵗᵃᵗᵗᵒᵒ



Her neighbour chickens already have their eggs. It's gonna take the cat a bit longer:-)

Identity Body Shop - The PROPHECY tattoo @MOM

ExalteD - Jugg Vest @Level Event

You watch me bleed until I can't breathe

Shaking, falling onto my knees

And now that I'm without your kisses

I'll be needing stitches

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Have a beautiful time, dear flickr friends 🎉🌞✌️

"We learn very early to wear Masks.

Masks we so often change, that we do not recognize our own Face, when we look in the Mirror. "

Isabel Allende

This former Reading Company XLj boxcar was in its second career for Delaware & Hudson at Binghamton, NY in 1997.

..... I’m an Easterner

I’m a Westerner

I’m from the North

And I’m from the South

I’ve swam in two big oceans

And I’ve loved them both. ....


Duke Redbird


I'm the wind from the BalticSea

And the bird who is free

I'm many things

And they are all precious to me ...


Many thanks to all for your views, faves and comments.

Each pot had a slightly different offering in it

What makes you different is not your common face with same two eyes and with same one nose. What makes you really different is your exclusive " IDENTITY"

Once there was a 3-4cm caterpillar. Came a parasitic wasp and laid eggs into the caterpillar, they hatched and munched the caterpillar from the inside and pupated on the outside and left their cocoons. The caterpillar shrivelled but its hairs are still standing upright, must indeed have been a hair raising experience.....


Oh and that ant is dead, maybe killed by the first wasp to come out...

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.


On one of my walks I noticed this interesting scene :)

HBBBT Have a fun day folks.;0) (Maybe best viewed large)

Choice of various identities. Some having been worn for decades. Not fake, but borrowed. Worn out. Need replacement. A better fit. Fitting. Fitting what?

7Artisans manual lens at F1.2; contre-jour, reflector used.

In the middle of 100's of gulls was this Canada Goose.



I'd love to identify this branching tree with its rather stiff fern like leaves. Very unusual for northwestern CT.

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