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الفكره انو زي حبل الافكار

بس ماعرفت احط لها عنوان :$


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Italy is always a great idea…Wherever & whenever… I was very lucky to randomly pass by this little village that nobody knows… Nereye, ne zaman olursa olsun, İtalya’da olmak her zaman muhteşem…Tesadüfen uğradığımız, kimsenin bilmediği bu küçücük kasabada bile harika zaman geçirme şansımız oldu… BeNowMeHere, Pont-Saint-Martin, Italy, 2015 via 500px

لو في احد منكم يتابعني على التويتر

في تويتة كتبتها انو لازم الواحد يسوي دفتر يخلي دفتر الافكار حقتو ويكتب فيها افكارو ^^

فجبتلي دفتر وزبطتو بنفسي وخليتو دفتر الافكار

رايكم يهمني ^^!/Mesa_wayyani

Idea Leuconoe : Grand planeur en français et Papper kite ou Mangrove Tree Nymph en Anglais

En Philippines, Thaïlande, Malaisie, Java

Le Grand Planeur (Idea leuconoe) est une espèce de papillons de la famille des Nymphalidae, de la sous-famille des Danainae et du genre Idea.

Idea leuconoe se nomme Grand planeur en français et Papper kite ou Mangrove Tree Nymph en anglais

Idea leuconoe est un grand papillon d'une envergure de 95 mm à 110 mm4. Idea leuconoe est blanc veiné et orné de noir dont les marques marginales et submarginales sont confluentes et forment deux bandes irrégulières.

La chrysalide est de couleur jaune.


Found myself inspired after watching V For Vendetta again.

(If you haven't seen it before, watch it!!)


V For Vendetta Soundtrack - 08 - Evey Reborn - Dario Marianelli


... don't always go the way I think they should, or would like them too...

however in the end, this one turned out ok.

lol. Better


Day 18

Outtakes 1 & 2 below.

Thinking of some new shots



(L) لمشاهده افضل


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El sol y sus mil colores...

" Rice Paper butterflies, also known as Paper Kites or Tree Nymphs, are found in Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines. They are a common species found in lowland rainforests and coastal mangrove forests. These large, striking butterflies have translucent white wings patterned with black streaks and spots. Their patterns serve to warn predators that they are poisonous. Their flight is slow and graceful, and they may rest with wings open or closed...."




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オオゴマダラ(大胡麻斑・学名 Idea leuconoe)は、チョウ目(鱗翅目)タテハチョウ科オオゴマダラ属に分類されるチョウの一種。

...a volte si trovano strane cose in spiaggia...

I know we are half way through January but here’s wishing you all a very happy new year. Wishing the idea of light (read wisdom) keeps lit for us all throughout the year and way beyond it… forever…

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..desiderio di rinnovamento.

Ook wel papiervlinder genoemd .....On Explore........#95

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