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The east side would have been used by Athenians as they entered this most iconic building to pray to Athena.

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Kirkjufell Mountain and waterfall in long exposure.

One more time this iconic view that I love so much. I regretted here not having with me an ultra wide lens and being forced to make the sacrifices on the framing. I hope to have it next time.


I have been told, both in Tanzania and Kenya, that the cloud cover surrounding Kilimanjaro lifts only in the early morning hours, if at all. I was lucky on one of the days I was staying in Amboseli National Park that the mountain stood, in all of its glory, cloud-free, for most of the morning. This "sighting" made the long miles I travelled all worth the effort!

Monarch [Danaus plexippus]

Sipping from echinacea


Many monarchs around in this part of Toronto. Such a joy to see! I love these amazing little creatures.


A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to have a conversation with the Santee Oglala Sioux artist, Ioyan Mani (Maxine Noel), about the plight of the Monarch - habitat loss and climate change being the main concerns for their welfare. Since then, many First Nations communities are giving over land to support the monarchs, by planting and cultivating milkweed (the only source of food for the caterpillars). Other communities are raising them in butterfly gardens.


One day, I hope to see some of their migration from Canada to Mexico - autumn.


In my niece’s garden,





26 July, 2019

ICONIC ( Neveah Niu ) NICOLLET hairs for January Hairology event.


face by remy&rowe Tasia Mann


Catwa Catya <3


Eyes for Catwa by ZORA


cutest babyboy ever by [Black Bantam]

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The Flying Scotsman and the Ribblehead Viaduct - an iconic combination.


A peaceful time in the Yorkshire Dales with this sight as a bonus.


Iconic Location NYC From the film Once Upon a Time in America.


Large billowing clouds fill a blue sky above a range of steep mountains that climb from a large field of green where hundreds of sheep can be found feeding... an iconic scene on South Island New Zealand.

I thought it was time for a Kookaburra shot :)

A spectacular sunset view of the Coronado Bay Bridge from Grant Hill Park with the neighborhood of Barrio Logan seen in the foreground.


It may not be majestic as the Golden Gate Bridge or historic as the Brooklyn Bridge, but the Coronado Bay Bridge shines brightly as an iconic San Diego landmark!


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Tell me I'm no good and I'll be great

Say I have to fight and I can't wait

Standing in the wings

A butterfly that stings

I will rise above cause it's my fate




Iconic: Giada Hairstyle

MVD: Kimora Gown

Vitaleta, Val d'Orcia, Tuscany.

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.


Hagia Sophia is a former Christian patriarchal basilica, which later became an imperial mosque and now a museum. One of the world's most iconic buildings.

Iconic or not, the building needs maintaining and cleaning. And this may be easier said than done.

Probably the most photographed boat in the UK... but it had to be done.


This a story for the youth ❤️

I am not an icon

You are.


What happens when we run out of oil, and the soil goes dry, and we can't turn the lights on? Then who gon' be an icon? Not me. It gotta be you, cause if we don't work together for the better then we all just through. I just saw little Johnny tying a noose. We can bring all gangs together and buy us a truce.

It don't matter who is who, if you know them from that crew 'cause we all lose. If we don't choose or do someway new, and the fact is: it all comes back to you. I am not an icon livin, I'm just a young kid tryna speak to the children damn.


Illuminati capital for villains when I walk around town

Man I see all their victims, damn

Imma keep speakin' truth till these jokers try to kill us

It's the plan I'm the realest if you feel us get up on your feet and make a difference

You could talk but they don't wanna listen, God damn


25 lives every 5 minutes

And the higher ups know but they'll never will admit it

I know too much man I seen it in my visions

Homie Nibiru is coming, use your weight on the collision

Till then I'mma handle business

I'm a Calabasas menace

But I need you all to step up

Cause one day we gon be finished, God damn


I am not an icon, you are

This is a story for the youth

This is a story for you

This is about the one world vision

This is about the world coming together

This is about the future of humanity



VoluptasVirtualis - Rana Outfit

Foxy /Fake Icon Hair

Plants - Keke

Tattoo Mine - [Suicidal Thots] Divine Feminine

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Iconic view of Hamnoy village in Lofoten archipelago, Norway.


It was a very windy and cloudy day, difficult to do the long exposure shot. I was satisfied to make just a simple shot of this iconic place from the famous bridge of Hamnoy.

Iconic barn with Bear Butte in the background. Sturgis, SD

Cannot upload something new these days. Here’s an old pic of the classic view of Manarola, Liguria, Italy. Another attempt to present this incredible and cute town in the twilight of the spring evening. Zenith MC Zenitar-C Canon 16 mm F/2.8 Fisheye


Thank you for all the comments and faves, my friends.

ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands and the Double Helix bridge of Singapore

September on the Southern Outer Banks.

18/06 Iconic Budapest panorama


Budapest, Hungary


San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge, as seen from nearby Sea Cliff.


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Icon Siam, Khlong San District, Bangkok, Thailand

This is probably the most iconic and known ship of my Country's Navy.


Cheers everyone.




Portugal - Oeiras - Rio Tejo


Navio Escola Sagres




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A shot from my food cupboard:-) Bull Brand corned meat is one of the most iconic food items in South Africa. We just call it Bullybeef. It's nice fried together with eggs. Or as sandwich filling. Or in savory tarts. Or fried with onions, tomato and diced potatoes, as a cheap stew. If you add baked beans to the mix, its what we call "Cowboy food".



Recreating Andy Warhol (1928-1987) Challenge - July / August 2020

Yosemite's Iconic Vista.

Yosemite National Park




Tunnel View but with a a much more narrowed focus.


Thanks for the support.


Mike D.

Atlas @ the Rockefeller center, New York city

Beautiful San Diego sunset at La Jolla Shores with the iconic Scripps Pier.


Makeup: Blade Makeup by This is Wrong

Shirt; Durden Shirt Icon by Sum Stuf (at The Mens Dept )

Hand Accessories: Essentia Hand Accessories by L'Emporio (at The Men Jail open October 7th)

Pants: Spectre Pants by GRIMA (at <a href=" The Darkness )

The wonderful iconic Wellington Cable Car. The sky was a fabulous colour but I decided to try and do selective colour process to show off the car.

Vintage, rustic-style entrance sign on Highway 61 at Gooseberry Falls State Park. This sign is one of my earliest memories of the North Shore.


The park is located in Castle Danger, about ten miles north of Two Harbors, Minnesota on the North Shore of Lake Superior. It is one of Minnesota's most popular and treasured state parks.


It was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the late 1930's/early 1940's as part of the New Deal getting men back to work during the Great Depression. There are several awesome historic buildings here along with lots of trails, many feet of rocky Lake Superior shoreline, a campground (book a year ahead of time for summer camping!), an awesome picnic area with CCC-built tables still in place and lots more.


It's a "must stop" place if you are going anywhere on the North Shore.

28/08 One of Budapest's many iconic views - the Royal Palace of Buda as seen from the Liberty bridge


Budapest, Hungary

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Thought I'd process one of the test shots I did for my 'icon' image back in January.

Another view of the icon of Stourhead the Palladian bridge and The Pantheon (Temple of Hercules). Wander around these lovely National Trust owned grounds at any time of the year but for me the autumn colours make for a splendid walk and photo opportunity of course.


Widely regarded as New Zealand's national flower, the Kowhai (Ko-fai) is native to this country and enjoys iconic status amongst Kiwis. Trees all over the country are currently covered with these small bright yellow flowers. It is a welcome harbinger of spring in this part of the world.

I photographed this iconic tree last December on a trip to Benacre but when we revisited the area a month or so ago we found that the tree had toppled over because of coastal erosion and was becoming steadily covered in sand. A sad ending. If you look closely you can see Southwold pier way off in the distance to the left.


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