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I love just dreaming on the banks of Jökulsarlon Glacial Lagoon in the south eastern Iceland.

Aqui os dejo otra del viaje que estoy haciendo por Islandia.

Gracias a todos por los comentarios y faves.

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Thank you for all your comments and favs

Iceland October 2014 at sunset


I shot 90 minutes of pictures from just before sunset till about an hour after the Sun went down and I am still working on them. This one is my favourite so far, a beautiful place that is worth a visit if you are in the area.

Shot from Stokksnes in South East Iceland

Eldgjá is the larges volcanic canyon in the world. Ofærufoss was once the most photographed waterfall on Iceland, due to a basalt bridge above the lower part of the falls, but it collapsed sometimes during the winter 1993-1994.


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Laki, or Lakagigar ("Laki craters"), produced the earth's largest basalt lava eruption in historical times in the 1780'ies. The fluorine gases that followed killed 75% of Iceland's livestock and led to a famine that cost the life of 20.000 people - a significant fraction of the Iceland population at that time.


Large areas are covered with black ashes, where a yellow moss is the dominant vegetation. The whole scenery is almost monochromatic black/yellow.


A must-see on Iceland, but unfortunately not very easy to reach. The position for this shot is unfortunately very inaccurate.


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La Strada n. 1 Hringvegur, consente di fare il periplo dell'Islanda, è la strada più importante del paese e non è totalmente asfaltata. E' impossibile percorrerla senza femarsi ogni pochi chilometri per ammirare la selvaggia maestosità della natura islandese.

Qui una lingua del principale ghiacciaio del Paese, il Vatnajokull, arriva fino a valle a lambire la strada...

Un sogno nel vento!!!!!!

Captured on May 5, 2004, our first trip to Iceland.


Was a sunny day on the other side of those mountains but we drove into an approaching storm. Which seems to happen a lot in Iceland. The wind was fierce, but onward we went and in about 10 or so mins it was sunny again.


Captured with an Olympus 2100 super zoom bridge camera.


The original image is very noisy due to the darkness and contrast of the light at the time. I kept it around because it reminded me of the visit and the forces of nature that one experiences there. I think It works pretty ok with this treatment.


Edited on the desk top in Photoshop and Viveza and converted to back and white with Alien Skin Exposure.

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An Icelandic beach view at sunset - the large boulder lead us towards grand mountains covered in snow and a golden tone of the setting sun.


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Con una especial dedicación a mi mama, Lilia Vaca :) Espero te guste!


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The sun rises over Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon on Iceland's east coast. As chunks of ice break off the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier (background), they float through the lagoon on their way to the Atlantic Ocean. The tremendous sound of ice cracking and plunging into the frigid water is as captivating as the view, while the seals swimming between the icebergs soften up the stark landscape.


Jökulsárlón is featured in 007 movies A View to a Kill and Die Another Day, as well as Tomb Raider, Batman Begins and an episode of the Amazing Race.

Islandia… la gran isla moldeada por las grandes fuerzas de la Naturaleza, el agua, el fuego y el hielo en su máxima expresión. (Foto tomada en los meandros y llanuras de Husavik)


Iceland ... the large island shaped by the great forces of nature, water, fire and ice at its best. (Photo taken in the meanders and plains of Husavik)

Iceland's famous iceberg lagoon on the south coast

La chute des dieux, pas intérêt à glisser avec ses 12m de haut...


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Atardecer en una pequeña iglesia de un Valle de Islandia…


Sunset at the little church in a valley of Iceland ...

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I only found out about this gorgeous Icelandic waterfall when grabbing lunch at a quiet restaurant, and talking to the owner's son about the sights in the area. He gave me some detailed directions down a few old farm roads, and sure enough, there was this awesome, and fairly large, waterfall spewing out of the Earth in the middle of what looked to be just a farm field. This country never ceases to amaze.

Esplendid couple of waterfalls

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