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A photograph taken at Greenfield Brook in The Saddleworth Moors. Greenfield Brook is a picturesque location with some beautiful waterfalls, some big, some small. The waterfall is a short walk up path from Greenfield Reservoir.


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frozen surface of small lake in Spencer Park ~ the water usually is crystal clear, has bright beautiful emerald color ...

the lake has short sandy shoreline, in the summer when you do not look around but only on the water and sand, you can imagine yourself in tropics ... it is my favorite spot in the park :)

I have recently had the opportunity to visit Colorado and spend some time shooting snowscapes. This is a capture of the wall of ice that many climbers love to climb on. Some of the structures there are too fragile to ascend so are thankfully left untouched. I thought that shooting in the middle of winter would be fun but I realized after 4 days that I still enjoy living in Southern California. Some of the days the temperatures reached 8 degrees and no matter how many layers of clothes you wear you still have to pull your hands out of the gloves and even though those are only momentary exposures to the cold just a few moments out of your gloves requires many minutes back in to warm up. Unfortunately your hands are outside more than they are inside and thats where the problem lays.


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Stitched panorama, samyang 8mm fisheye

I have also posted this photo on facebook. What People there tells me they are seeing is the wings to an angel. What I see is a horse With a bowed head on the right side, Then again somebody told me they so a goat kissing the top of the head of the horse...... Ice is fantasy.... ;-)

Down on the icy rocks to get this POV down along the flowing river ... and ice fenders.

Vestvågøy, Lofoten. The weather changed from a beautiful, calm sunrise to wind and snow as I got down at my knees to find a composition. I feel that the image in a way captured the rapid transformation from a beautiful morning scene to a much more hostile landscape. Thank you for viewing!

Cannot make up its mind here in Maryland ... Spring / Winter ... maybe Summer will be in two weeks.

The Perito Moreno glacier is unusual in that it is advancing, while most glaciers worldwide are retreating. The average height of Perito Moreno glacier is 74 m above the surface of the water of Argentino Lake.


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Eleven Mile Canyon, Colorado

Very cold here again and the wind is piling the ice up along the shoreline. The sun was highlighting these big chunks so nicely.

This image was done with my new workstation of what to supposed to be a budget PC build. Needless to say i went way over the the budget limit :(

But im pretty happy with the snappy performance. Its rocking an Intel Core I7 4770K, 32 GB RAM and a Geforce GTX 760 4GB graphics now.

It was a bit of challenge to find interesting compositions this particular morning. There where several very large pieces of ice lining the shore, most of them huddled together along the edge forming a huge wall of ice. I walked farther away from the inlet to find these three pieces separated from the masses.

Haukilahti, Espoo, Finland


Shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L and Lee GND 0.6 hard filter, processed with Lightroom.

I was photographing icicles the other day and ended up with an unusual tint due to my AWB setting set at fleuorescent

The bokeh was interesting so I thought I would post it

The in focus part was cropped out....mostly as it was really dark blue

Jökulsárlón es impresionante. Da igual las veces que vayas.....siempre está diferente, siempre está magnífico. Una maravilla natural.

Ice climber finished the climb and reaches the top of the canyon. This looks a little deceiving as it appears the ice climber only climbed a few feet to the top, but the waterfall and the rest of the canyon is below the ice climber.

Maridalsvannet (the Maridal Lake), Oslo

air bubbles on a frozen beach

The River Isar, near Dietersheim, Bavaria, Germany

Les Chutes Kempt

Ristigouche Sud-Est (Gaspésie) Québec



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on water frozen in a ditch

XingJiang China 新疆 賽里木湖

Ancient maps would have the world flat and at the brink, a cliff that fell off to the unknown. Seeing this plain of ice terminate, with the plummet below, reminded me of the old time maps. (Press "l" for full enjoyment)

A monochrome re-working of this image - ice blue.

Haukilahti, Espoo, Finland


Shot with Lumia 1020, processed with Lightroom.

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