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I went to the third annual Homespun Yarn Party at Savage Mill on Sunday. It's really grown since its first year, in that tiny little room at the Takoma Park Community Center! It's such a great event, and I love supporting our fantastic local dyers, spinners, soapmakers and other crafters. Savage Mill is a great venue for it, but it just might outgrow it soon!


I believe this was Wild Hare Fibers' booth.

We're not lost. The Rangers will come find us!

The lone kitten, attacking the evil bucket. Go get 'em, kitten.

"Boy, that was some good grass. I grabbed ALL of it."

It's all grandma's fault. I was nowhere near him.

And goes right back to grass grabbing.

"Come oooooooooooon, guuuuuuys!!"

Done with the slide, Max runs for the willow maze.