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This re-posting #3. Sorry that I couldn't show you new shots at the moment. Hope that I could leave hospital in 2 weeks and can make a few new photos for flickr. Thanks for all your comments and mails.

So this time I show you a photo I've made in Doel. Remembers me on a fantastic vacation.


My photos on FLUIDR



We´ll be ready when the curtain might fall

Feel my heart beating when the crowd calls

Gotta read between the lines

In the script of my life

We all got a part to play

I've done it but I've done it my way

Gotta read between the lines

In the script of my life



Another surreal shot from urbex tour at Doel.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Color Efex Pro



Blue - Curtain Fall - Steve Roach


I must admit, had you asked me at 50, would I, at age 61, still have such passions and desires for this life as well as such doubts and questions, I would have said, “possible, but not probable.”


View On Black


“Would you, Bob, have a growing sense of the continuing newness of life? Would you have so many questions remaining, and be aware of what you’ve yet to learn, yet to know?”


Actually, based upon the adults around me as I grew up, I would have thought I’d have all the answers by this age.


I am so, so, so glad I don’t. Having questions that might never get answered - as frustrating as that can be - still feels to be more right than having all the answers to everything.


I am still able to get butterflies in my stomach, still able to be nervous and unsure, still capable of having doubts about my place in this world, to still get anxious and fumble-tongued in the presence of a woman I like, and I’ve continuing passions and desires galore. It feels good.


I thought that was the stuff of teenagers. Apparently it is not, or I must now count myself among the oldest and least mature of teenagers ever.


In January, 2010, a life long friend and mentor, committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, down by the River near where we fish. He was responsible for me bcoming, "Bob, The Fishin' Guy!". He left no note. He was 60, as was I. He was one of those “last people on earth you’d expect to…” kind of people. Yeah, it was distressing. I’ve not recovered my equilibrium.


I thought I knew what life, especially mine, was all about. I was wrong. I must admit that now, at this age, outside of my photo/art, and it seems my writing, I’ve lost a good deal of what I KNEW was my purpose in life. Imagine my surprise to find myself so adrift on a raft at sea, far from sight of any land, at 61. I thought that was the stuff of movies.


Well, movies have gotta’ be based on something, right?


I’m not suicidal. I’m not major depressed, either. I still don’t understand such thoughts as suicide.




I’ve more questions now, I’m more open to consider things, a bit more thinking of life’s changes and my changing with it, (to what…I dunno’), to think of the major and minor “who, what, where, when, why and how’s” of my next years, than I was at 50.


I was still feeling kinda’ invulnerable way back then; those short, eleven years ago.


This is all a bit scary for me (I’ve taken more tranquilizers and breathing classes in the last year than all previous years combined). And, yeah, it is also quite a bit exciting too. True, I don’t bounce back up when I fall down like I used to; but I still get up in a timely and lively fashion, dammit!


I didn’t really imagine, I’d have this much “life” left in me by now and a question: What am I to do with it?


Is this all about loves lost and about one’s dying? Does everything in us humans eventually come down to love and dying?


OK, so you few guys reading this are the only ones who know anything about this and me. Keep it under your hat for awhile; on the Q.T., the Downlow, OK? I’m still Capt. Kirk, Superman and Mr. Spock (the unflappable) to everyone around me. (Although I now need glasses and I know “traipsing about the Universe is a young man’s game,” my cape is a bit worn and color faded, and I tend to be a bit more flappable than I was in my youth – I try to keep these things undercover).


But, I still think that trying anything, everything, and whatever comes my way, is still a pretty good sounding way to approach life. I wonder if that is getting to be foolish?


If you have any thoughts, I’m all ears.


textures courtesy: Artbychrysti


and.... - Lonnie Liston Smith


(Looks kinda' good on black)


Yeah, it's Thanksgiving 2012. These holidays come up on us so quickly and then - it seems - last but a minute. And, at this age, I'm no longer concerned with buying and buying, shopping and shopping, acquiring and having - as I've pretty much everything I need to live comfortably. So, now it's the spirit of these seasonal days of observance I feel more than I did for all those years of measuring life by my "ooo-gotta'-have it..." collection of things acquired and possessed.


I am 62 - will be 63 come December 4. It is said, over and over again, as though repeating it will make it so, that age is just a number. No. No, I'm afraid that is not true. Age - days, weeks, years lived and accumulated - has its sweet and sour realities; not imagined, nor dismissed, but real.


63 is a number I could not have imagined nor understood at age 10, 20, 30 or even 49. It was....some distant solar system of existence, in a galaxy far, far and many light years away.


But, I am here. Wow! (Many are not.) I made it. Wow! (Many did not.) And as one of my heroes, James Brown exclaimed in that gravelly, primal, soulful yell of his that I can still imitate, "I FEEL GOOD!" (And I can still move my feet like James too.)


No, this "Pappa don't have a Brand New Bag," but I don't need one. The one I have is all broken in - it's comfy, and workin', and still lookin' pretty good. I ain't lookin' to trade it in, swap it out, or update it with cosmetically stitched-up coverings and bindings. It's the upholstery I came with, I'm thinking, and I guess I'll ride out with it too.


Bad days, bad moments, bad times? Like, duh, yeah, sure. But not that many all in all, and not that often. And, you've just gotta' accept that they come with the package called "being alive."


Yeah, I've managed to stay on my "Good Foot" - cross whatever you like, knock on whatever you like, say a prayer to whomever you worship. I've learned to graciously accept all blessings - in all of their guises - and refuse none.


I was asked: "Why do you not feature joyous thoughts with joyous (bright, colorful, high-key, lively) images? Why the darkness?"


I guess it is because I don't see the darker times of day, or night, as connected to emotional darkness. Those times of day are the other side of one coin (life) and any time of day can hold ghastly horror and/or incredible joy and succor. I see as much exquisite beauty in the coming of dark as I do in celebrating the coming of the dawn.


And, for that and all of the joys, wisdom, experiences, insights, understandings, knowledge, patience, appreciation, loves, friendships - and so much more - that comes with being alive and simply getting up in pretty-damned good health ("all-in-all," and "all-things-considered") in the morning....


I am so deeply, deeply, deeply thankful.




Can you dig that?


Yeah...I know some of you can. LOL


The beach and the tip of the nature area, South Shore Cultural Center, Chicago. No bird brushes here. They were there. :-)


Textures by Flypaper Textures - - Summer Painterly group,

"Balthamos Blue and Evening Veil"

It's late summer, and the sun is going down for the night. Sometimes, wind, clouds, humidity and dust, get mixed up in the atmosphere in just the right amounts, and we get treated to a long, languid, blood red and orange descent into the deep purple and midnight blue of night's darkness. - Endless Summer, Chieli Minucci.


Most times I fish until it is too dark to see. But when I get teased with the possibility of a sunset such as this, I pack it in early on the fishing, go straight to the car, and start driving west. I can't catch up to a sunset - not without warp drive - but I can drive straight into it, trying to chase it down like a cheetah on a gazelle. Perhaps I can make one minute of fading light and changing color last for two minutes, maybe even three. What should take the sun and the curve of the earth 20 minutes to do, I hope to drag out to 40 by flat out hauling ass and driving straight into it.


Eventually though, sunset outruns me and a dark shroud cloaks the landscape. It is usually a good chase, but, as we've been told many times, "you gotta' know when to fold 'em." Take my foot off the gas, slow down, breathe. Looking at the odometer, I can see my westbound, sunset rundown put me an extra hour away from home. But time spent wanderin' on the road, camera and fishin' gear at hand, always beats gettin' home early. I'll get there when I get there. If not, well that's what credit cards and lonely, out-of-the-way, off-the-beaten-track motels are for. Such a gift it is, to have such feelings of freedom open to one. Not everyone does.


As you dig into the back-roads of Illinois, the land changes over from city to 'burbs to farm country. In summer, you can drive with the windows down, hot air blowin’ in, and mini-dust devils forming on the dash. Sometimes, I like to sing when I'm drivin' around like this. Loudly. It's cool as animals have neither hands to cover their ears nor thumbs to turn down on you. They can't roll their eyes at my fractured notes either, although a few have been known to hiss, growl and howl at my efforts.


There are big `ole bugs on these back roads - bigger than anything we have in the City. You catch them briefly in your headlights, just moments before they go “thunk - splat - and - spread” across the windshield. They'll do this on your forehead as well should you be silly enough stick it out the window while you're driving 60. Dogs and kids love to stick their heads out the windows of moving cars, mouths and noses open to inhale the wind. Secretly, so do many men (especially if we're driving alone or seriously soused). I've eaten more than a few bugs this way. I call them "throat-ticklers."


Come dusk the air gets thick with clouds of gnats, dragonflies and damselflies, mayflies and caddisflies, fireflies and ladybugs; apparently, houseflies have some company out here. Animals - big, untethered ones - wander about in darkening fields. It seems that our urban leash-laws haven't a place out here. (It's amazing that 400-pound beasts in the country are more amenable to human orders than city-bred 20-pound, yip-yapping, ankle-biting dogs back in town who desperately run amok when lucky enough to get out the damn house.)


It smells different out here, on these two lane, blacktop roads. It smells like earth (quite different than our city dirt) It smells like animals too...and like heaven. "Aaaah," you think, "it's the smells of the City that are actually odd...foreign...not these." As you drive past the occasional home or through small towns, if people are out and about, they’ll watch you drive by - their gazes a mix of curious and suspicious - but if you wave, they’ll usually wave back.


Sometimes I hear the drone of aircraft. Up in the sky, I might catch sight of one of those little single-engine, bi-wing, crop dusters. Whether fishing or driving I always hope they are still working the skies as the sun goes down. I am captivated by them. With their engines droning and groaning, they writhe about the sky, twisting, turning, swooping, diving and climbing with what looks to be reckless, joyous abandon, I think to myself, "now THAT is flying. Although I have a fear of heights and don't like big commercial airplanes, in those little machines, I feel like what I imagine birds might feel (or Angels on-the-wing being giddy after a few sips of wine too many).


I was only 52 miles south and west of home, cruising through a patchwork quilt of mature corn, soybean and sugar beet farmland, just south and west of the Kankakee River State Park. Felt like I was farther away than that.


Sometimes I pretend I'm lost and can't find my way back home (its fun to play mind games like that with myself - and I feel no need to justify why I do it). But being lost means I gotta' stay in some small town, get a meal at a local diner, buy a malt at the ice cream parlor, and then catch a late-evening softball game under night lights swarming with bugs at the town's baseball field.


I can pick up the trail to home again in the morning.


Yeah, sometimes, you just gotta’ get out of the city, and find something else to look at; something else to smell; something else to hear; something else to feel.


Sometimes, that feels....pretty damn good.


Inspired by "Need a little suNshine" by AugustaNa.. <3<3<3<3


"Hold on, watch your step

You gotta take a breath

No it ain't easy to fly

Get back, lose yourself

Got you and no one else

There ain't no reason to cry

Cause in my life and times

She is paradise, I know you and I

Gotta little bit of faith in the hard times, oh oh oh

Gotta little bit of shade in the moonlight, oh oh oh

Gotta little bit of right at the wrong time, oh oh oh

Got you and I'm feeling alright

Babe I just need a little sunshine

Lay back, feel the beat

You got a hold on me

It's never easy to change

Try hard not to move

Let me get my hands on you

Don't want you feeling this way

No one's gonna break us

No one's gonna bring us down... "

I haven't been photographing sunsets for ages, here's one from yesterday evening. This was shot in a place you know too well - our little lake (once again). Not a good place for proper compositions but a nice place for colors.


I sometimes feel so bad for Finland not having any shipwrecks etc. on the shorelines. They would make a nice subject for dusk/dawn photography. Maybe I should wreck our rowing boat for that purpose.. Hah, what a joke. Tide would also be nice, but I gotta live without that one too.


If everything goes well, I will be heading seaside to shoot sunset tonight with a good friend. I'm excited already. Keep your fingers crossed.


June 21st, 2010

Espoo, Finland.

Willa Cather


Day 341

spent the day trying to finish the holiday decorating. I didn't feel the need to capture that. but the leaf, he needed to be captured. lol

"...and therein was set as a crown the Gorgon, grim of aspect, glaring terribly, and about her were Terror and Rout." - Homer, the Iliad


A purpose-built urban anti-armor platform, the Gorgon is the latest in NATO's next-gen mecha design.


Directly based on FlyingDebris design, 'Rotary cannons for some'



Gonna take more photos tomorrow since this batch turned out grainier than I'd expected. I really gotta build a light tent.

It is Christmas break for me too. I am home, no money after Christmas (who has?), lazing about, seriously starting to think and work towards getting my images into brick-and-mortar and online galleries in 2013 (gotta' start making this shit pay some of its own way - and I wish a new D800 Nikon :-)))).


I've been on Flickr less than usual and that is kinda' ok too. I admit to being a bit sluggish and uninspired towards the act of creating and working on images this winter season. I have brain-drain or a "flat-lined creative mind" after a year of heat, work and personal challenges, I think. - Flypaper Textures - Sarah Vaughn, "Key Largo"


So with little inspiration from within, I must seek from without.


I ran across one of Paul Grand's tutorials. It is from at least five years ago I think. - Paul too, has been a long time texture and creative inspiration to me.


I shot a series of beach scenes one "trying-to-be rainy" day in early December 2012 (it has been warm and dry here, and thus no snow). It was still a nippy 35 degrees out, and my uncovered ears and clean bean felt every degree of it. These clouds looked wet, but as they descended they turned out to be quite foggy and misty, but they held no rain.


As I shot the scene I had vague thoughts of doing something texturely with them, but I had no concrete idea as to what that might be.


This image seemed to be good to use for one of his texture suggestion lessons. I didn't have his image as a visual guide, so I just the followed his printed text recipe. He lists the name of the texture, the blending mode and opacity adjustments. I laid these out and then tweaked afterward, adding burning, dodging, and a gradient layer. But the basic order, and overall flavor of the work is his inspiration.


All textures are from Flypaper Texture


Apple Blush - Overlay 66%

Caramel Soft - Hard Light 22%

Base Layer copy - Soft Light 15%

Raw Linen - Color Burn 19%

Icarus Haze - Soft Light 35%

Black-to-Clear gradient layer - Hard Light 20% (for the sky)

Base Layer copy - Soft Light 35%

Base Layer


The beach just behind the building where I work: the South Shore Cultural Center. And as with many such gifts that stare us right in the face in our lives, the people who work here barely use it. In a city of 2.8 or 2.9 million, there was - as there often is here - only me.


There are two, ringed, stone, fire pits just before the trees end (under the last clump trees on the left). You are sheltered under a canopy of branches and leaves - some what of a cathedral of green effect - but you have a 270 degree view of the Lake. I shall celebrate the Vernal Equinox, March 20, 2013 with an evening fire ceremony.

I spent a large portion of my weekend attempting to get out and create some new images. When you’ve been in a photo drought it can seem like forever from the last time you had a good day of shooting. It almost feels, at times, like you’ll never get another good day ever again.


I was feeling that way BIG time.


Six days travelling to and in and from the southwest with barely a cloud to be seen.


Then coming home to miss a few doozie sunsets, and trying to make up for it with a trip to Crater Lake which failed HARD, then an attempt the following week two trips through Lassen NP neither of which was productive.


I was on a serious o-fer.


This past weekend I went out Saturday morning with my friend Adam to try and capture something memorable at Lassen NP. I had to return a radio to them…so it made the choice of where to shoot quite easy.


We left early and arrived at the Kings Creek meadow area with time enough to spare, so we could assess the situation and then make a decision whether we wanted to shoot the peak and meadow, or make the hike down to the cascades and falls area.

It became apparent quite early that the light and color was going to show up. We had bright spots of pink near the horizon a full 45 minutes before the sun rose, and clouds were in all the right places.


I was giddy.


The clouds and conditions looked favorable in the meadow, so rather than make a hike in the dark, we opted to stay in the meadow and shoot the creek and peak.


“I think this is going to be one of the best sunrises I’ve ever seen in this area!” I shouted at Adam as we were setting up our various compositions in the field.


I should’ve kept my mouth shut. I know better than to comment on a sunrise or sunset until it is over.


Within in minutes the pinks and purples faded and we were left with nothing but cold feet and a drab mountain. A plane even flew through the scene and left a fat contrail as the middle finger exclamation point to the morning.


Even though we had a brief moment of light to the east with which to shoot the meadow…It was still a bit disappointing, and the morning was chalked up as another day in the o-fer category.


I got home and all day the clouds continued to look promising.


They taunted me.


I made a decision in the evening to load up the older child and make another go at getting something decent at Lassen NP.


By the time we’d loaded up and set off the sky was looking less like something spectacular would happen, and more like I would end up with being shut out twice in the same day. There was only a small window of free sky near the horizon, that would need to hold out if there was going to be any chance of a sunset happening.


I like my kids, and generally enjoy them….but when they’re both in the car with me it takes about 3 minutes before I seriously wonder why I had any to begin with. Then I’m fortunate enough to take them out individually and I remember why I like them. We have good conversations, talk about life, goals, and dreams…the ride is fun, and something I put away in the good memory folder. To be opened after the first 3 minutes of a car ride with both kids together.


When we got to Lassen it was looking really sweet. The mountain was lit up with soft evening light. Blue sky and white streaky clouds were in all the right places. Manzanita Lake was a perfect mirror. Which is rare….it’s hard to get both clouds and reflection here.


Brenden and I made the short hike out to the area I like to shoot from. I put on the waders and set off into the lake while Brenden sat on the shore, played with sticks, and had conversations with the birds.


By conversations I mean he screamed bird noises at the top of his lungs. Hey it made a cool echo…I’d have done it too.


I think he chased off every other hiker in the area. I saw at least 2 sets of people get up from their peaceful picnic spots and walk away. Hey, sometimes you just gotta talk with birds.


The whole time I was in the lake I was just praying that the little patch of clear space was still along the horizon, and that I’d have even two minutes of good mountain glow and light.


Finally, it happened. I got a bit of a break with some nice conditions….


While this is not anything groundbreaking or off the charts cool…it’s so much better than what I’d dealt with the previous three weeks. The composition is something a bit new too from the stuff you normally see from this lake.


Enjoy, and here’s to better skies in the weeks to come.


Conditions are looking prime for Yosemite the weekend…and Stephen won’t be there to jinx it either. Two spots left.


Brave, brave the water's all around you,

I'll stay, I'll keep you from sinking down,

Love is on your side,

It's stronger than you'll ever know,

So many years of quiet,

Building up like a fire inside,

You're feeling like you gotta let it out now,

Just let it out,

Your heart's tangled up in silence,

It's time to let go,

Feel the light


I still haven't seen anything

That amazes me quite like you do...


* Too bad... I'm getting so addicted to Pet Society these days T.T I know a newbie shouldn't get addicted but I just have no choice lol =)) My boss caught me playing pet society last week, that was really embracing hiahia ( but who cares :P ) Anw, I have been racing like crazy in the stadium every day, and clean my every single friends pet, but still not earn enough money to buy stuffs for myself. It makes me wonder all the time how can many guy buy all things in the luxury shop like that +__+ Lol gotta stop now before I'm getting deeper and deeper into that game XD


Oops, have a great new week my friends ^_^


On Explore Feb 22, 2009 #104

Explore #191


Anthemis tinctoria 'E.C Buxton.'


For best results, please View On Black


This little beauty is a new addition to our plot after Lynne, brought her home from Beth Chatto's stunning gardens near Colchester, Essex, England, at the weekend. Lynne was thrilled when she met the renowned garden designer and author. They chatted for ten minutes about their common love of horticulture.


This clump-forming, free-flowering perennial features branching stems bearing masses of 2.5cm (1 inch) lemon-yellow daisy blooms which smother the compact plants all summer - it's like having permanent sunshine in your borders. So be careful where you place your feet. After all, you don't want to be walking on sunshine which is today's Mupic (Music and Picture combination)...


Please right click on the following blue link and select "Open Link in New Tab."


♪ ♫ Walking On Sunshne ♪ ♫ ~~ by Katrina & The Waves.


Oh! Ohhhh yeeeh

I used to think maybe you loved me now baby I'm sure

And I just cant wait till the day when you knock on my door

Now everytime I go for the mailbox , gotta hold myself down

Cos I just wait till you write me your coming around


I'm walking on sunshine , wooah

I'm walking on sunshine, woooah

I'm walking on sunshine, woooah

and don't it feel good!!


Hey , alright now

and dont it feel good!!

hey yeh


I used to think maybe you loved me, now I know that its true

and I don't want to spend all my life , just in waiting for you

now I don't want u back for the weekend

not back for a day , no no no

I said baby I just want you back and I want you to stay


woah yeh!

I'm walking on sunshine , wooah

I'm walking on sunshine, woooah

I'm walking on sunshine, woooah

and don't it feel good!!


Hey , alright now

and don't it feel good!!

hey yeh ,oh yeh

and don't it feel good!!


walking on sunshine

walking on sunshine


I feel the love,I feel the love, I feel the love that's really real

I feel the love, I feel the love, I feel the love that's really real


I'm on sunshine baby oh

I'm on sunshine baby oh


I'm walking on sunshine wooah

I'm walking on sunshine wooah

I'm walking on sunshine wooah


and don't it feel good!!

I'll say it again now

and don't it feel good!!




Oh, I've been so many places

I've seen some things

I know, love is the answer

Keeps holding this world together

Ain't nothing better

Ain't nothing better

And all the answers to our prayers

Hell , it's the same everywheres, baby

Nothing ever breaks up the heart

Only tears give you away...



Oh oh oh oh, I want to breathe the air that's free

Oh oh oh oh, I want to feel the warm sand beneath my feet

And the sun on my face, yeah

Oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh

[ The Hollies - "My Island" ]


think I gotta wait a couple of months to get THAT feeling back, though..

Anyway, have a lovely Mother's || Spring time jump || Sliders Sunday!


oliver@br-creative | @facebook | @500px | @Getty & Flickr Market

My first attempt with a 10 Stop ND. I've been sitting on this picture for awhile as I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's not particularly beautiful but has kind of a different look in the gloomy light.



You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,

love like you'll never be hurt,

sing like there's nobody listening,

and live like it's heaven on earth!

--William W. Purkey


Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

The Roozengaarde Display

Mt Vernon, Washington



:copyright: Copyright 2015 MEA Images, Merle E. Arbeen, All Rights Reserved. if you would like a copy of this, please feel free to contact me through my FlickrMail, Facebook, or Yahoo email account. Thank you.

I was going through my shots from Montana a few years back. I gotta admit I was hung up on HDRs back then and hence I shot a lot of bracketed images. But pretty soon, I gave up on big post processing and instead started playing around with my filters and exposures. So even though I loved this shot to bits, I never uploaded on here because I felt it was a bit anachronistic to my work. I think I had done an exposure fusion on this one as it does not look like an HDR but I quite frankly do not remember.


But that does not take away the sheer beauty of the Glacier National Park. Given a chance, if there is one place I would want to visit again, it would be this. The St. Mary lake with the Wild Goose Island (right in the middle) is a sight to behold. The water here is pretty cold and I am told is a haven for trouts. During winter, the lake can freeze and make a sheet of ice to walk on.


I also have a few waterfall shots that I am going to post in the coming days hopefully. I still remember this evening where there were so many mosquitoes and there was a lovely couple who offered me the repellent as I was struggling to get my shots. I did a lot of traveling alone back then. Something I am struggling to do these days. I am not sure why!


Thanks for viewing and have a great day everyone!


While the shot I posted yesterday may have been highly saturated due to the light, the filters and the saturation on the camera... this shot was taken with Auto White Balance and just a polarizer. However, this was still taken with the saturation turned up as far as it will go and still the saturation of what was seen is understated.


The light on the foreground boulders, while evident, is definitely not as pronounced. At some point I will do some post-processing on this and hopefully bring that out again and post it instead of just this jpeg. The light at this point was not as dramatic as the shot yesterday but was still amazing... and ya always gotta love that "alpenglow"


Finding an original composition at this spot can be trying at times and perhaps even more difficult when one enjoys using wide-angle lenses. I think I did manage to find an original composition though so feel vindicated;)


Anyone else find themselves trying to look "around" those boulders?


Large is best in my humble opinion.

for the Pretty Pink Tuesday Theme - Pretty Pinktopia


i feel like i'm a bad contact in the past days, promise i will catchup, i'm just overwhelmed with a lot of things lately and so busy...


i will see you guys later...gotta practice coz i have an exam tomorrow. xo~




feeling a bit off so i stacked a few stones.

with no set color to shoot today i feel a bit lost in what to shoot. coming off the color week high i guess.

good things: split an order of nachos for lunch with my mom. they were gooood. casey had the choc chip "pampakes." gotta love pampakes. :-)

today it is -20 celcius with the windchill its supposed to feel like -29c

translated into Fahrenheit that is -2 f but it feels like -20

Now I know that it gets colder elsewhere but for us this is cold and this is too cold !!


Have a wonderful Saturday !!


Reflections is one of my favorite subjects of photography


They are days when I think a lot about life, death and people who have become important to me. They are days when I can laugh in one moment and cry in the other. I do not know why, it's just like that. This picture came to my mind where you can see the impressive reflection of this beautiful tree so powerful and spectacular. A tree full of life and radiance. What remains of our lives when we have to leave? A beautiful reflection that our dear friends like to remember, or just a blink of the eye or shadow of what we were? I would like to remain in a good memory of all those who have loved me in my life. I want to leave them all a beautiful and powerful memory that gives them new strength and a reflection of what I was in my life. A man who has done good to his dearest and gives them such a reflection for their life, which is colorful, powerful and full of joy of life.

I wish this to all my dear friends with all my heart.


This one picture I dedicate to this very friend who has given me so much in my life. The most important of these is true love.


I Want To Know What Love Is

I gotta take a little time, a little time to think things over

I better read between the lines, in case I need it when I'm older

Now this mountain I must climb, feels like the world upon my shoulders

Through the clouds I see love shine, it keeps me warm as life grows colder

In my life there's been heartache and pain

I don't know if I can face it again

Can't stop now, I've traveled so far, to change this lonely life

I want to know what love is, I want you to show me

I want to feel what love is, I know you can show me

Let's talk about love, I want to know what love is

The love that you feel inside, I want you to show me

And I'm feeling so much love, I want to feel what love is

No, you just can't hide, I know you can show me.

(Lyrics by Foreigner)


Ready To Fly Video


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I've been here grounded far too long

I'm ready to see the open wide

Ready to sing a different song

I've seen my troubles 'long the way

I want to sail towards the sun

I want to turn another page

I'm on my way


I'm ready to fly,

I'm ready to soar

I'm ready to leave this world behind.

I'm ready to open up the door

I'm ready to fly,

I'm ready to spread my wings across the sky

I think it's time

I'm ready to go

I'm ready to fly.


You've told me I could rise above

Like an eagle on the wind

I can glide upon Your love

But I feel the pull of gravity

And it's a weight upon my shoulders

i can't stay here any longer

I've gotta be free


And it's been so long

Since i've seen the bright morning sun

Through the early morning horizon

And it's been so long

Since i've felt the air under my wings

And seen all of these things from above


North Carolina Zoo


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I think its time for a few random images this week from the processed file, or in this case, over processed. I gotta say, if I ever saw a sky look like this, I think I would be running for shelter!


This is one of those images that you have to ask it photography, is it art, or is it just a piece of garbage. Either way, it was a great place to be that evening....and this is what I felt.


Have a great week!


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Tune <3


"I woke up pissed off today,

And lately everyone feels fake

Somewhere, I lost a piece of me smoking cigarettes on balconies"

Thank you all so much. I came home about 5:30 on Monday evening not feeling too spiffy. Had to go to the doctor again yesterday to have something done and still wasn't too spiffy, but, I gotta say, that pain medicine he gave did make it much, much better!! I am still not up to par so may be on and off flickr. Again, thank you all so much.


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It's the magic that’s in your touch; it makes everything mean so much...

The poetry in you eyes is enough in itself to take me to a high...

Whooo... (Take me to a high)

You Gotta Cheer Me Up... Oh you...



Highest position: 11 on Saturday, August 2, 2008

It'll come in your sweet time, Lord

I just gotta let you in

The blind leading the blind, Lord

Getting underneath your skin

I can feel you in the silence

Saying let forever be

Love, only love, will set you free


Prepare to be inundated with posts about The Skin Fair because there is so much to pack into such a short space of time! I can’t even begin to tell you the excitement when I saw the new Catwa head. I gotta admit I love my friends looks with the previous releases but I could never get them to feel like I could be comfortable with them and then came Lona! It’s a new release Catwa Bento mesh head at The Skin Fair which opens on the 10th March and I am completely feeling at home with it.


Read more and get all the info on the look, location and pose at The Glamour Sauce


You know I'd fall apart without you

I don't know how you do what you do

'Cause everything that don't make sense about me

Makes sense when I'm with you


Like everything that's green, girl, I need you

But it's more than one and one makes two

Put aside the math and the logic of it

You gotta know you're wanted too


'Cause I wanna wrap you up

Wanna kiss your lips

I wanna make you feel wanted

And I wanna call you mine

Wanna hold your hand forever

And never let you forget it

Yeah, I, I wanna make you feel wanted


Anyone can tell you you're pretty, yeah

And you get that all the time, I know you do

But your beauty's deeper than the make-up

And I wanna show you what I see tonight...


When I wrap you up

When I kiss your lips.

I wanna make you feel wanted

And I wanna call you mine

Wanna hold your hand forever

And never let you forget it

'Cause, baby, I, I wanna make you feel wanted


As good as you make me feel

I wanna make you feel better

Better than your fairy tales

Better than your best dreams

You're more than everything I need

You're all I ever wanted

All I ever wanted


And I just wanna wrap you up

Wanna kiss your lips

I wanna make you feel wanted

And I wanna call you mine

Wanna hold your hand forever

And never let you forget it

Yeah, I wanna make you feel wanted

Baby, I wanna make you feel wanted


You'll always be wanted


ROCKSTAR 101 by Rihana


I told ya

I told ya

I told ya



Uh, uh

I told ya, baby


I told ya, baby


I told ya, baby


I told ya, baby


I told ya, baby


I told ya


Got up in the club

Posted in the back

Feeling so good

Looking so bad


Rocking this skirt

Rocking this club

Got my middle finger up

I don't really give a fuck


Rocking these diamonds

I'm rocking this chain

Make sure you get a picture

I'm rocking my fame


To be what you is

You gotta be what you are

The only thing I'm missing

Is a black guitar


I'm a rockstar

Hey baby

I'm a rockstar

Hey baby


Big city

Bright lights

Sleep all day

Up all night


Hey baby

I'm a rockstar

Hey baby

I'm a rockstar


Hey baby its,

Big cities

And bright lights

Sleep all day

Up all nights


Baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a

Hey, hey, hey


Six inch walker

Big shit talker

I never play the victim

Id rather be a stalker


So baby take me in

I'll disobey the law

Make sure you frisk me good

Check my panties and my bra


Wild 'n' out

A crazy house

With my white jacket on

Won't you come

And sign me out


To be what you is

You gotta be what you are

The only thing I'm missing

Is a black guitar


I'm a rockstar

Hey baby

I'm a rockstar

Hey baby


Big city

Bright lights

Sleep all day

Up all night


Hey baby

I'm a rockstar

Hey baby

I'm a rockstar


Hey baby its,

Big cities

And bright lights

Sleep all day

Up all nights


Baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a

Hey, hey, hey



I'm rocking out tonight

Cause I cant wait till tomorrow

I'm a live my whole life

In the night

Cause I ain't got time to borrow

I'm rocking out tonight

Why wait till tomorrow

I'm a live my whole life

In the night


I'm a rockstar

Hey baby

I'm a rockstar

Hey baby


Big city

Bright lights

Sleep all day

Up all night


Hey baby

I'm a rockstar

Hey baby

I'm a rockstar


Hey baby its,

Big cities

And bright lights

Sleep all day

Up all nights


Baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a

Oh, baby I'm a..


“There are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast.”


Charles Dickens


Soundtrack :



Hello everyone; do you all remember me?

I'm Kitty from da Hood's little cat, they call me l'il Billy

It's a sunny day today; I'm feeling lazy;

don't wanna climb a tree

The word out on the street is that it's a sunny Saturday

so I says to Mum, “Hey, don't forget 'bout Caturday!”

I really don't mind posing for a picture in a hat today

but I'd rather sniff the table;

catch the sunlight and be shadowy

I'm just chilling out; I'm a part of the garden statuary

I stand so still and let nature be a part of me

it comes in handy when I see the local constabulary

I'm like the Neighbourhood Watch reporting back on all I see

if you see a twitching curtain

and a glimpse of fur, you'll guess it's me

as I clamber up the back of the ancient antique big settee

and I play peek through the curtain,

pulling threads of cotton recklessly

but Mum never tells me off, because you see she is my Family

I run around behind her; she says I'm like a little dog

but what she doesn't realise is

I'm protecting her from the seaside fog

ok, I know it's sunny now, but it creeps up on you suddenly

and she has no sense of direction,

so she might get swept out far to sea

oh yes, I hear you laughing and you think that I'm so very silly

but I have an important job to do … gotta go …

Mum just called “Where you at Billy?!!


- AP - Copyright :copyright: remains with and is the intellectual property of the author


Copyright :copyright: protected image please do not reproduce without permission


Sorry I am away now until late tomorrow and will have no internet connection : 0( I will catch up with you all then. Thank you so much for your kind comments and visits. I really do appreciate each and every one. Take care and have a wonderful weekend. In England the clocks go forward by one hour which means longer lighter evenings and more chance for picture taking!! Lots of love, Poppy xo

Music Series - Part 3


I might as well be in a garden

I said, ah a smell in the air is a dripping rose (you could be the one for me)

Another soul to meet my void then

Of anything bare that's made of gold

A physical kiss is nothing without it

And you close your eyes to see what it's done

The body that lies is built up on looking

'Cause all that remains before it's begun

You gotta know, I'm feeling love

Made of gold, I never loved her

Another one, another you

It's gotta be love, I said it

You gotta know, I'm feeling love

Made of gold, I never loved her

Another one, another you

It's gotta be love, I said it


Feel so close and yet so far,

Feel so deep and yet shallow...

Feels like right in front of me, and yet

Couldn't see anything


This soul is dancing on the fire of emptiness,

when there is a sound "gotta go",

trying to have a word but no chance,

the clock seems stop clicking for a moment,

and heart stops pumping...

would love to cry but no tears,

would love to scream but no voice,

just a weakening breath,

hours had gone, passed the mountains, hills and oceans

and the only thing left just "a weakening breath"





I used to think maybe you loved me now baby I'm sure

And I just cant wait till the day when you knock on my door

Now everytime I go for the mailbox , gotta hold myself down

Cos I just wait till you write me your coming around


I'm walking on sunshine

I'm walking on sunshine,

and don't it feel good!!


Hey , alright now

and dont it feel good!!


“I am never bored. Being bored is an insult to oneself.” ~ attributed to many, but I don’t know to whom for sure. ~ View On Black


But I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment. I make mine own fun. Always have. Made my parents a wee bit nervous to hear all of that laughter coming from behind my closed bedroom door – and they knew I was alone. 


Snoop Dogg – “Vapors” ~

Yeah; Snoop - a guilty pleasure if ever I had one. Sure glad I ain’t young, ‘cause I’d sho’ ‘nuff be susceptible (and this is what I listened to this "strange choice" as I processed this image).


But, it’s a belief that has helped me to never feel bored. Or lonely. Or to ever feel as if there is nothing to photograph. There is ALWAYS something to photograph. It ain’t gotta’ be great, or earth-shaking – but, damn, how can one open one’s eyes in the morning, noon or night and not find something to see?


Walked out the house one morning. Sun was laying on these quite-dead, last year’s plants. Saw it; stopped; pulled out the camera; took about 10-12 shots. I anticipated it was going to give me a reason to play some more with Distressed Jewell’s textures (1st set). Even though I shot it, i was anticipating it was going to need help, and though it isn’t a world class image, it actually turned out better than I expected when I first saw it.


(Aahh, yes, the old lack of Faith. I must be very careful of such thoughts: self-fulfilling prophecy. Low expectations usually bring forth half-hearted effort with mediocre results. If it is worth shooting it is worth your best efforts. Or, at least one should always think that unless you've examined your feelings carefully and know why you think so poorly of your subject. And if you've a poor opinion of the subject, either CHANGE your op, or DON'T shoot it! I got lucky spite of myself, I exceeded my "less-than-lofty" expectations).


Yes, there is always something to see, always something shoot, always something to appreciate, always a moment to give oneself over to; always a reason to play and find some joy.


Many of us really don't have to strain to find some joy; just open up the door, and let it in. Don’t act like you don’t see it too, ‘cause I sure as heck see it in your works. 


Textures by the incomparable Distressed Jewell:




To... YOU ♡


Untouchable like a distant diamond sky

I'm reaching out and I just can't tell you why

I'm caught up in you, I'm caught up in you


Untouchable, burning brighter than the sun

And when you're close, I feel like coming undone


In the middle of the night when I'm in this dream

It's like a million little stars spelling out your name

You gotta come on, come on, say that we'll be together

iCome on, come on, little taste of heaven


It's half full and I won't wait here all day

I know you're saying that you'd be here anyway

But you're untouchable, burning brighter than the sun

Now that you're close, I feel like coming undone


In the middle of the night when I'm in this dream

It's like a million little stars spelling out your name

You gotta come on, come on, say that we'll be together

Come on, come on, oh


In the middle of the night waking from this dream

I wanna feel you by my side, standing next to me

You gotta come on, come on, say that we'll be together ♡ ♪♫♪



Ô ησм ∂є ℓα яσѕє ~♡

you gotta fight your own battles

gotta fight them ’till it’s done

you gotta beat your own demons

gotta beat ’em till you’ve won

and i’ll tell you now that

i won’t be the one to hold the gun

but i for sure will be your baby,

and i’ll kiss you when it’s done

well, i can tell you got an att*tude

don’t miss them when they go

but, i can tell you got a problem

with the way things been before

and when you’re walking down the street,

you got your head hung real low

why don’t you take a look around?

you paid the ticket to the show…

just ride the wave and come home

you’ve got to save your own soul

there you go f*cking things right up again

but babe, that’s how it goes

you know i know it all too well,

i feel the ebbs and i feel the flows

but in sweet time you’ll learn to tame the beast

before too much it grows

or at least you’ll learn to hide it

just before too much it shows

i feel the ebbs and i feel the flows

you’ve got to save your own soul

just ride the wave, just ride the wave and come home

you’ve got to save your own soul

and you know how it goes

there’ll be highs and there’ll be lows

you can’t control the world

just gotta keep going…

just the ride the wave and come home

you’ve got to save your own soul

you’ve got to save your own soul

"Flowers, more fleeting, more ethereal, and more delicate than the plants out of which they emerged, would become like messengers from another realm, like a bridge between the world of physical forms and the formless."


Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth.


(this book has been brought to my attention twice in the past week so i am going to read it.)


and forgive me, i succumbed to the "naturey crap" movement. i know my first effort sucks somewhat, but gotta start somewhere!!


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It feels like


Is passin' me by

Every now and then

It feels like

My ship has gone and sailed away

But I

I gonna be strong

Gotta hold on

It won't be too long


*By Frank Ocean*

"....Bring me all your love!!

'Cause you can save my world...

your light is what it feeds the Sun,

and warms the dawn...

You ́re always on my mind


I feel the rain on me

the whispers on the wind...

I only need to think that I'm your kind.

I gotta break the wall,

to reach the skies above,

and fall into your arms to live and die..."




Blogpost: To keep me safe and need you by my side



So I got a little overly inspired today and that also means terribly side-tracked but sometimes when the feeling hits ya, you gotta run with it. This is the beginning of a little story I'll be sharing in the next few days.... Really minor editing on this, just played around with some artsy filters in PS wanting to give this a bit of a children's storybook illustration feel. Hope you enjoy! <3

have fun with that title, pervies.... :P


this picture made me crazy. I tried to edit out the shadows on the background....what a pain in the tookus. I'll probably see it tomorrow and delete it.


Today, I tripped and fell super hard while carrying the peanut. My hand was behind his back, but his head hit the floor....and it scared the bejeebus out of me. I called my mom in tears; she told me to call his doctor. They had me come in where they gave little peanut the all-clear. I, on the other hand, chipped a bone in my elbow and messed my back all up. I'm feeling like I'm about 350 years old tonight....bleh. I'm just glad he's ok, though. I don't mind taking a beating for him.


Tomorrow will be better. It's just gotta' be.


Nom nom BAM--week 18/52

If you want candy on your arm

If you wanna pretty lucky charm

If you wanna trophy on your shelf

You better find somebody else


If you want a girl that don't speak her mind

All smiles, all yes, all of the time

I ain't made for these four walls

Let 'em fall


I don't want no fences around me

Nobody boxing me in

Can't saddle me up

'Cause I'm the kind of

Girl that needs the wind

Ridin' with the fire in my eyes

Flyin' straight through the open wide


'Cause baby I'm a wild horse, wild horse

Don't try to tame me, baby

I'm a wild horse, wild horse

Ain't gonna break me


If you wanna love me, understand

You gotta be down with the way I am

All my flaws and all my quirks

All my glitter, all my dirt


I gotta think about feeling free

This restless heart it just won't breathe

And these four walls, they're too small

So let 'em fall


Baby, I'm a wild horse

You can't tame a wild horse

You can't change a wild horse

Nothing like a wild horse



"It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness."

Thomas Jefferson


I've gotta tell ya, Tom really knew how to cut to the chase and tell it like it is! Pretty sure he stepped on a number of toes along the way. :)

I chose that Jefferson quote partly because of the tranquil feel of this farm but also because of my respect for those who work the land. I've never met a farmer/rancher that wasn't hard working, friendly and...happy(most of the time).


This is a little farm, here in Loudoun County, that always seems to be photogenic. It had a particularly strong pull on my camera last weekend.


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