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I was going through my old images of Charlie you may remember to others of her looking through this gate and this was one of the last shots that I took of her before she passed away almost two years ago now, that was our old back gate and she always used to look through to be let in, this had to be posted as a tribute!


Taken @sunnys

- pose Sapa.

illuminated Sint-Annatunnel, Antwerp


Thank (in advance) to you all, very much my friends!

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the more you look the more you see

the more you look the more you see

The falkirk wheel


Hi there everyone.

I don't know about you but I feel dizzy when I stare for some time at this plant in the above photo. Is it a kind of hypnosis?


Do you believe in hypnosis?


Hypnosis: fact or fiction?


Now let us try some hypnosis .. shall we?


Full screen, stare at the screen and have fun


The British Museum, London


Please sit down. Stretch your legs and be comfortable. Think of nothing but deeeeep rest. Look at this rose. Seeeee the lines how they go round and round inside of it..... Round and round..... Round and round. Follow these lines with your eyes. Go deeeeeep to the center of the rose. You are tired. You are soooo tired .. You are sleeeeeepy .. You are so sleeeepy .. You are sleeeeeeping .. You are hypnotized.

Place Jules Ferry, Salies-du-Salat, Haute-Garonne, France


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Bubo bubo

Búho real

Eurasian Eagle-Owl


Mascarell (Castelló/ Spain)


The Virus is a mindless nano robot. Its advance cannot be stopped by prayer or panic buying. The Virus is part of the scheme of evolution - it is not "Chinese". Coronavirus will stop only if there is nothing to advance upon (three scenarios, independently or in combination: people developing immunity by surviving the pandemic - not everybody would; vaccination - not yet available; social distancing and self-isolation - at huge social costs). Self-hypnosis or the "keep calm and carry on" attitude are fantastically irrelevant when you deal with a brainless robot.

You are in my power you hear my voice ... give me faves

"Macromondays" "Circles"

An old kaleidoscope design...and as if that wasn't hard enough on the eyes I gave it neon colors :)

Im etwas abgelegenen MAXX Hotel im Süden Jenas.

Der Betrachter kann hier das Gefühl bekommen, von seiner Katze hypnotisiert zu werden....:-)

The viewer can get the feeling to be mesmerized by his cat .... :-)

Passionflower is well known for its anxiolytic properties, but this photo can also be hypnotic.


Vertical and horizontal symmetry have been applied.


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Macro Monday: Abstract in macro

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See all sizes better

Heidi's technique is flawless.

Под гипнозом

Sometimes the weather takes a time out and the cold is replaced by a warming. It's snowing with rain. Local people are already accustomed to surprises and ready for anything.

...del tempo immobile....

(Scatto tratto dal workshop del mio splendido weekend livornese,in compagnia di persone squisite....grazie Bimbi,sono stato troppo bene!!!)

© Giova Tibaldi Photography


Model: Alessandra Barbieri

"Picture taken during The Imaginarium's workshop with Alessio Albi "




The Halloween Fair - Blow-Up - Hypnotic Eyes

October 24th - November 7th


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