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The Hungarian Parliament Building, also known as the Parliament of Budapest for being located in that city, is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary, one of Europe's oldest legislative buildings, a notable landmark of Hungary and a popular tourist destination of Budapest. It lies in Lajos Kossuth Square, on the bank of the Danube. It is currently the largest building in Hungary and still the tallest building in Budapest.

Una aliquota rilevante dei traffici ferroviari, specie privati, tedeschi è da ricondursi al settore automobilistico che fra semilavorati, componenti, consegna di auto nuove e rientri delle composizioni ogni giorno comporta la movimentazione di centinaia di convogli da e per la galassia di stabilimenti del settore sparsi su tutto il territorio nazionale.

Come se ciò non fosse sufficiente sono in aumento anche i transiti sulla rete nazionale di treni destinati a collegare stabilimenti e mercati esteri, specie fra l'Est Europa, i porti olandesi o i mercati italiano e francese.

Proprio dal confine franco-tedesco di Saarbrucke proviene questa muta scarica di bisarche Gefco in viaggio verso Est lungo la Maintal al traino di una delle nuove "Taurus" noleggiate presso la MRCE dall'ungherese GySEV per andare a rimpiazzare le Rh1116 austriache restituite negli ultimi mesi alle OeBB. (30/9/15)


Tata is located in the valley between the Gerecse Mountains and Vértes Mountains, some 70 km (43 mi) from Budapest, the Hungarian capital city. By virtue of its location, it is a railway and road junction

2019.04 21 Hungary

Hungarian House of Parliment as seen from boat at night on the Danube, Budapest, Hungary.

Our cruise ship docked here, giving us this amazing view of this amazing building. Built—like almost everything else—in 1896 to celebrate the 1000 year anniversary of Budapest, it housed the Parliament of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and is now much bigger than Hungary needs.

Honestly, I had vastly more time and got many more and better photos on the previous visit:

I’ll mostly aim to post non-redundant photos. Mostly.

Lake Balaton, Hungary 🇭🇺


A várhegy déli sziklanyelvén állott évszázadokon át az Árpád-kori királyi palota, amelynek a török időkben rombadőlt és ágyúállás céljára földdel betemetett épületeit 1934-38-ban tárták fel.

Géza fejedelem és Szent István palotája fölé III. Béla király díszes és jóval tágasabb palotát épített. A XIII. század elején az érsek tulajdonába került palotán a legjelentősebb építkezéseket Vitéz János végeztette a XV. században, reneszánsz stílusban. A török uralom alatt és a XVIII században elpusztult palota megmaradt helységeiből Magyarország legrégibb lakószobája is látható, amelyről azt tartja a hagyomány, hogy itt született Szent István király. Valamint Mátyás király feleségének Beatrixnak a szobája, ezenkívül Vitéz János reneszánsz freskókkal díszített dolgozószobája, s nem utolsósorban a XII. századi királyi kápolna, faragott díszeivel és freskómaradványaival.


A view of Buda Castle on a rainy day…….


Quote of the Day:

"Congress is continually appointing fact-finding committees, when what we really need are some fact-facing committees." (Roger Allen)

This area of about 2,000 hectares is protected by the Ramsar Convention as an extremely important habitat for aquatic birds. Currently are 10 ponds. In this image you can see the birds inhabiting the site. Hortobágy National Park Hortobágyi Nemzeti Park

UNESCO World Heritage Site

I know I've posted a lot of images of this building. I was enamored with it. We were spending only 1 night in Budapest and I wanted to get out shooting.


Literally 24 hours after the alarm went off - we arrived in Budapest - maybe a couple hours of sleep on one of flights, then we spent the day in Budapest. 3 of us went out to see the night lights in the evening. At some point I said, I want to shoot the front of the Parliament, but this was a little bit of a walk from where we were and even further from where we were staying. The other 2 were tired and headed back.


I was so glad I stayed out, After I took this shot I was able to shoot (among others) these 2 previously posted shots which I don't think I would have taken had I returned... Chain Bridge, Liberty Bridge. The shots would have been different had there been crowds.


About 43 hours after I got up I finally got to bed. It is amazing the effect adrenaline can have on your body.

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