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Just playing around in Photoshop:)


Texture 37 and 168 by Anna Lenabem: and


All other images and textures used are my own.

While photographing Hummingbirds in my yard yesterday, I saw what I thought was a Bee and decided to try and get a shot. It turned out to be a Hummingbird Moth. I have only seen one of these once before. I took a couple of shots and then went to get my macro lens, It was gone when I returned. Unfortunately, due to the minimum focus distance of my lens, I had to do a 100% crop.

White-Striped Sphinx Moth...such very fast wings. And such flitting from blossom to blossom. Here's one...stopped in flight.



Nikon D7100. Nikkor 105mm Micro. 1/8000th @ wide open. ISO 1250. EV = - 2/3. Hand held.

A favorite scene of summertime.

Macroglossum stellatarum


Kamera Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Belichtung 1/5000 sec

Blende f/6.3

Brennweite 180 mm

ISO-Empfindlichkeit 4000

Was I thrilled to see this; I drove in the drive and thought OMG what is that, grabbed a camera pretty sharp. A first for me, never seen one of these before and in my own garden too!!!

Playing around with some PS, Pixel Bender and Topaz Clean features to get a watercolor effect. It's not a dragonfly but I'm happy and they do hover for a bit.


Texture by Lenabem-Anna


1000+ Views!

I decided to post one more shot today. This one is for my friend ChipM2008. I'd like to thank him for being such a faithful friend! You can view his fine work at


I had my camera set for a shot of a bee, and I suddenly felt movement to my left. I only got two lucky shots of this hummingbird moth. Amazing sight to see. I wish they were more frequent visitors in my garden. We had them stop by twice this year, and then only briefly.

Flickr Explore #221 July 21, 2011


Thanks everybody!

Macroglossum stellatarum

in the garden on the Buddleja

Macroglossum stellatarum


Just been talking about these with my friend Ian, and lo and behold he spotted one in my garden! Thanks Ian!!


Macroglossum stellatarum

A hummingbird moth hovers near a butterfly bush at Washington Irving’s Sunnyside (Tarrytown, New York)—July 16, 2011

StadtKind- Style :wink:


The hummingbird hawk-moth is a small, day-flying hawk-moth. Hummingbird hawk-moths are summer visitors, migrating here from Southern Europe in variable numbers each year. In some years, they can be common and may frequently be seen in gardens hovering like hummingbirds to feed on the nectar of honeysuckle, red valerian and many other flowers. They can also be found in woodland edge, heath and shrubby habitats. The caterpillar feeds on various species of bedstraw, so the female adult moth lays her eggs on the buds or flowers of these plants.

Looks like I still have that special touch:-)

Yesterday took over 100 photos of this Hummingbird Moth

couple butterflies and some bees,

Just as I was about to kneel down and pull weeds I saw this sweet Moth in front of me.

A large bodied insect that can be mistaken for a small hummingbird. They seem to be in constant motion.....and fast.

dance in a good new week with sunshine


look at the

Dance of Hummingbird Hawk-moth


on this day I can make many shots from the hummingbird hawkmoth , with a a little bit of luck


Haven't seen one of these for a couple of years. Only stayed for a minute but enough time to get a few shots.

Kamera Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Belichtung 1/4000 sec

Blende f/6.3

Brennweite 180 mm

ISO-Empfindlichkeit 3200

Sometimes called a Hawk Moth. This one clearly needs a larger "straw"!

South Coast Botanic Garden

Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA


Though somewhat similar in appearance to a hummingbird, this is actually a White-lined Sphinx Moth and even more challenging to photograph.

It's a a hummingbird!

Fort Indiantown Gap, PA, 7/8/17.

Hummingbird hawk moth collecting nectar from a flower.

I was delighted to see this hummingbird moth happily feeding on the bergamot in our friends yard in Cotter, Ar.

Hummingbird Hawk-moth captured in a rare stationary pose.The fastest of them all.The perfect flying machine, it zooms like a jet fighter and stops at mid-air like a chopper(SOOC).Another shot(captured with DSLR and cropped) is posted in the comment column below.

Macroglossum stellatarum


TGIF and I'll be missing another passion which is fishing( fav. way to spend Saturdays when in Shillong). Instead, spare a moment and have fun, watching and listening to this song on fishing


Have an enjoyable weekend, friends


(P.S. Correct ID-Oriental bee hawkmoth(Cephonodes hylas virescens-05/07/2012)

Best: View On Black


One of the clearwing moths in North America. This little guy was visiting all the plants in search for food. Image from Mizell Farms near Folsom, Louisiana. The abdomen of this moth reminds me of a nearly black crawfish! :-)


On Sept. 11th Mizell Farms wiil have a Hummungbird Festival. The birds will live trapped, ID'd, weighed and tagged and turned loose. I believe LSU is doing the bird handling. They do this each year and normally catch about 50 to 70 birds. They are not harmed and it is done for science and hummingbird studies.


See (for more info):


Not the best shot but no time for adjustments. It was in and out in a second. I am just tickled to finally capture one!

All images and textures used are my own.

This is a White-Lined Sphinx Hawk Hummingbird Moth. Spotted this working the flowers on a vine. Madera Canyon Arizona

This beauty has been a daily visitor to my butterfly bushes in my garden. He moves so quickly, it is difficult to get a clear crisp shot of him. This was my best attempt to date.

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