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The hummer activity is ramping up a bit lately. So there's one place that they will stop and perch so they can watch the feeders and keep others away and it was just an ugly metal plant stand. I cut some branches off our flowering trees and stuck them in there and now they have a pretty place to perch.


makes for nicer photos :-))

Happy Day....week.....Life all you wonderful creative and supportive friends....Your the best! Hugs ...... Group Hug ya'll!

My first Explored, Way cool!

Yes! Another Hummingbird in the garden! This is the Mama to the babies in the nest who fledged a couple of days ago. I dont know the name of the flower but I think it is a Costas Female Hummingbird. The Costas Male lives in our front yard and only ventures to the back for the feeders.

No sun = very little shine.

In the sun he is blazing orange.


Los Angeles County Arboretum:


Anna's Hummingbird

Los Angeles County Arboretum:


Allen's Hummingbird, Female


All images and textures are my own.



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So hard to catch these little guys, it was near the end of the day and the light was fading, so had to do a LOT of sliding on this one! HSS!

They should be heading out in the next 2 weeks.

Yesterday was my first attempt at photographing hummingbirds. I have a lot of admiration for photographers that get those great images, like my friend Sue Gary (SusanGary*GloriousNature*) who takes phenomenal shots. These little birds are so, so fast! I don't know what kind of hummer this is. Maybe someone can ID it for me. I live in the western mountains of North Carolina.


When I first starting to photograph this little guy, he'd fly away as soon as he heard my camera "click". But as the minutes passed, he got braver and braver. Finally he flew between the feeder and me... within 18 inches of my face and hovered there. We looked at each other eye to eye. I should have been snapping pictures, but instead I stood there in awe. What a thrilling moment for me!


I can't wait to get back out on my front porch again this morning and get more shots. I might increase the speed on my camera so I won't get as much wing blur... but I kind of like it in this shot with the backlighting. He looks like an angel.

This is my third try at one of these little things. This one I actually like.


Later note. When I was working at the computer today I looked out the window and saw one working the cedar tree outside. I will try and get a shot there to add.

Los Angeles County Arboretum


Trying a new technique.


Female hummer in the pink bee balm. I like the long tracer lines behind her. The male almost never comes around.......strange.

What can I say? There's just something about hummingbirds. I made a little hummingbird movie of a hummer I call Twitchy...check it out if you have a couple of minutes to spare. It isn't perfect, but I'm just figuring things out on the new camera. Enjoy your weekend!


Lots more hummingbird photos here.

No invites, please.


I almost caught the hummingbird moth in this frame.

Seen several times today at today's Flickr meetup at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve. It was great to meet all of you! If we occasionally wandered away from the group, well, you saw my partner in crime. Suffice it to say I'm pretty sure we were the only group members who wrapped up the photo stroll with a dig in the sand.

Wishing everyone to have a great Monday and the rest of the week. We are to have nice weather for the whole week! YAY! Thanks you guys for the visits and comments.

A spring image from the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. Taking this image was a stretch for me as I took this with my left eye when I temporarily lost the vision in my right eye due to iritis. It was a challenge training my left eye while using the manual focus setting on my camera. It's good to be challenged and stretch our wings sometimes (:

Not the best focus, but with hummingbirds, I'm just happy if you can see their wings! I loved all the colors in this shot.

taken just a little while ago


he was moving so fast, his wing and tail are blurred



Hope everyone has a Terrific Tuesday!

digital photo/painting montage enhanced for viewing with ChormaDepth 3D glasses

One of the busy feeders at the Sipe Wildlife Area near Eagar. The hummers stop here on their migration path.

No invites, please!


Still hot and dry out. Not many decent photo-ops.

My tribute to hummingbirds everywhere. ONE DAY I WILL get a really good photo of my own! Thank you my dear angel (anon friend) for the loan of your hummers!


Seals and Crofts sing Hummingbird on YOUTUBE: @

I hung around this Century Plant at Stow Lake and managed to grab a few shots of the Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna) sipping at the flowers; when I got this image on the computer, I saw I'd caught a bee as well!

Spent the whole weekend watching the humming birds at the feeder.

I love watching hummingbirds, hope you do, too! Have a great day and thank you for stopping by.

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