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stitched with hugin <- this is metedata attached to my image. I actually stitch by hand, just use Hugin to align the images and write indevidual Tiffs (8 tiffs for this)

About 9 nine years ago when I got my first DSLR, I thought "Ok let's go play with this new toy in some famous places of my city". So I ended up at Notre-Dame.


I immediately thought that it was much too crowded and that I needed to find a way to make a long exposure in order to get all these people blurry (I had no idea big-stopper ND filters existed at that time).


So here it is, 9 years later ! It's a panorama of three 70 second long shots, stitched together using Hugin.


Have a great week everyone !

Il versante settentrionale del massiccio della Concarena che si affaccia sulla valle di Scalve, appare così agli escursionisti, nel cuore della stagione invernale.


Le rocce calcaree hanno fatto guadagnare a questo gruppo montuoso condiviso tra la provincie di Bergamo e Brescia, l'appellativo di "piccole Dolomiti".


Stitching di due immagini in sequenza realizzato con Hugin


:copyright: All rights reserved


6 x 16mm images stitched in Hugin the Milky Way Galaxy. Faint Aurora to the North (Left) and bright galaxy to the South (right) and Brett's van (180 degreesO+. 2 meteorites for sure see if you can find more!

At the scenic point top of Koh Samet. There's a swing under a tree where the sunlight shining through just perfect. Please do zoom in. This is a 9497x2204 panorama stitch.

Assemblage de 6 images avec hugin - Premier panoramique d'une série que j'espère longue

the first shot of a small series I took on the river isar in munich. As you can see - no snow at all.... just water...

- will show you the others in loose followups


3 shots freehand, +2/0/-2EV, aligned with hugin.

Qtpfsgui 1.9.3 tonemapping parameters:

Operator: Mantiuk


Contrast Mapping factor: 0.05

Saturation Factor: 1

Detail Factor: 2


PreGamma: 0.8


taken in südtirol during a skiing holiday in january.

this is a pano, made from 6 shots, stiched with hugin.




Qtpfsgui 1.9.3 tonemapping parameters:

Operator: Mantiuk


Contrast Equalization factor: 0.9

Saturation Factor: 1

Detail Factor: 3


PreGamma: 1


In Norse mythology, Hugin and Munin travel the world bearing news and information they have collected to Odin.

Hugin is thought and Munin is memory.

They are sent out at dawn to gather information and return in the evening. They perch on the god's shoulders and whisper the news from the world into his ears.


Its written Huginn and Muninn in Icelandic.

I cought these two guys flying around were i was working today

Panorama of the Melbourne skyline looking north-east from Southbank outside Crown Casino - early evening 18 June 2014


Taken during a shoot with Sam Lynch (Squark66) and Claude Bolzan (Iris Media) after dusk on Wednesday 18 June 2014


Please don't share or use this image on websites, blogs or in other media without my explicit prior permission. © All rights reserved Mark Elliott 2014.


24 exposures - 8 panels of 0 -2 +2, 28mm with shutter speed in the middle exposure varied between 5 & 10 seconds from one shot to the next, in order to keep exposure constant.


Stitched and exposure fused in Hugin,


taken in Vercelli, Piedmont. Italy -

a city 40 km from our house with a lot of beautiful ancient churches and historical buildings


In Vercelli the world's first University funded by public money was established in year 1228


This is a vertical pano of two different shots assembled with Hugin, a powerful pano program.


Darkr Gallery of my photos

A new photo from 'La Table-Col de Champ Laurent' in Savoie, Located in the south-est of France just above the city of Chambery (France) - 4 Photos added with Hugin software. In front of us, the "Massif des Bauges".

Sunrise at Cabo Tiñoso, Cartagena (Spain).


Made without tripod from a boat. Assembly made with Hugin and without any other postprocessing or color adjust.

A Chinook Arch with a little extra! 5 frame panorama stitched with Hugin 100km at the horizon!

2 images stitched with Hugin

© All Rights Reserved, Krebs Sebastien



Best viewed LARGE!





It's been some hard work here but that's probably the one photo I'm the most happy about... So far :)


I'm also quite excited because I'm going to display some of my work @ The Station in Hove!


I quite like the big cloud in the middle. It's like a cloud factory :)


The little planet is the next photo!


Here is how it's done:


Update 3rd June: I've sold my very first photo and it's this one!!! Yayay!!!


- 17 portrait photos @ 10mm stitched in Hugin

- 3xp HDR (+2,0,-2) tone mapped in DPHDR

- Post-processing in Photoshop


Programvara / Software: Hugin Panorama Creator

Antal bilder / Number of images: 15

Kamera / Camera: Canon EOS 6D

Objektiv / Lens: Canon EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM

Please do not reproduce, publish or otherwise use this image in any way without my prior written permission. © All rights reserved


HDR Panorama: originally 9 panels taken in portrait mode. Each panel is three exposures (0, +2, -2 – middle shot 38mm, f11, 6 seconds, iso200). Stitched and tonemapped in Hugin.


We think the detail is ok in the larger sizes

Panoramique par assemblage de 6 images avec le logiciel Hugin.

Ilta vielä, Rautavaaran valot näkyvät aika kirkkaina.

Sunset Series

Mainufer in Erlenbach


Camera: Canon EOS 650D

Lens: Sigma 17-70mm

Focal length: 17mm

Aperture: 2,8

Shutter: 1/125-1/640

4 Frames

stitching software: Hugin

Redoing some recent panoramas using a 16Bit Tif pipeline in Hugin. RAW > TIF 16Bit > Final JPG. It appears to help keep a bit more detail and colour in the extremes compared to RAW > JPG > JPG.

- Canon 5D Mark III

- 16-35mm F2,8 L


4 HDR pics of 7 Raws. Added with Hugin.


Color graded with Lightroom (Nik Software).


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Please do not reproduce, publish or otherwise use this image in any way without my prior written permission. © All rights reserved


HDR Panorama: originally 11 panels taken in portrait mode (left hand side has been cropped so now it is equivalent to about 9 shots wide) Each panel is three exposures (0, +2, -2 – middle shot 28mm, f13, 5 seconds, iso200). Stitched and tonemapped in Hugin.


Other than the boat (wind is the enemy), think the detail is ok in the larger sizes


A Solitary Willow on the St Lawrence River


Pris avec un fisheye Samyang 8mm et "redressé" avec Hugin et Hugin.


Taken with a 8mm Samyang fisheye and "rectified" with Hugin and Gimp.

A view from one of the "supertree" structures in the Gardens by the Bay towards Marina Bay Sands and the Singapur Flyer.


This panorama has been composed of 19 individual images using hugin.


A panoramic of the Trent Building in the snow, found on Nottingham University campus.


A total of 18 exposures (6 x 3) merged to give a panoramic using Hugin. The resulting image was tonemapped using Photomatix with final touch up in Adobe Lightroom. Best viewed large on black.

Last day of my annual pass; only made 7 trips, but it breaks even at 2.5 trips. Just before closing time the last coach had left so took this shot on my way out. Three shots stitched together with Hugin. Humid and dull day leant itself for a dramatic picture.

took this at my short skiing holiday in january in südtirol.

the rock on the right is the langkofel, which dominates the whole skiing resort, the sellaronda.

As you may notice the weather wasn't always clear and sunny....

Made from 4 shots, aligned with hugin.




Sunrise near the entrance to Monument Valley. A 180 degree panorama taken with 45 separate exposures (15 bracketed shots), stitched with Hugin and then hand blended in Photoshop (No HDR!)


View more of my photos on my website:


- since it is raining here and spring took a break, I decided to use the time for some experiments in photography.


This shot is in reality 45shots. Taken at munich underground-station marienplatz during a period of about 90 seconds. The camera is not the fastest one... During this period, the train rushed in, people unloaded and loaded, doors closed, train rushed out. Took them freehand, no tripod, as always ;))


Next I took a little time. First I aligned the shots with Hugin automatically. In Gimp I reduced the 45 initial layers to 15 layers by adding 3shots to one layer with "add" function. This also compensated my slight underexposure of the single shots.


The resulting 15 layers were then alternately added and subtracted. This preserved the impression of the moving people. To get 3 Exposures I varied the parameters of adding and subtracting.


Next step was to make an HDR from the 3 Exposures with luminance and tone-map the result back to LDR.

Finally some tweaking on color and contrast with RawTherapee.


And thats it. Killed 3 hours and the result is ... hmmmmm.... at least interesting.

I think I wouldn't do this very often... too time consuming..... so don't worry if you don't like it.


Apreciate your comments and critics - so feel free to tell me what you think.




Luminance HDR 2.2.1 tonemapping parameters:

Operator: Mantiuk06


Contrast Mapping factor: 1

Saturation Factor: 1.4

Detail Factor: 12


PreGamma: 0.82



Programvara / Software: Hugin Panorama Creator

Antal bilder / Number of images: 6

Kamera / Camera: Canon EOS 6D

Objektiv / Lens: Canon EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM

Three photos were stitched with Hugin, edited further with Photoshop


Location: Coronado Island, Coronado, CA

Panorama från "Kungens utsikt" i Norge. Utsiktsplatsen är belägen 484 m över Tyrifjorden & Steinsfjorden med utsikt över Hole & Ringerike.


Panorama from "The King's View" in Norway. Viewpoint is located 484 m above Tyrifjorden & Steinsfjorden overlooking Hole and Ringerike.


Programvara / Software; Hugin

Antal bilder / Number of images: 5

Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved


We think the detail in this one is ok in original size


Melbourne city skyline- Panorama (portrait orientation - 8 panel hdr (+1, 0, -1) stitched and tonemapped in hugin: thanks heaps to the sourceforge crew)

New version of Hugin finally works on Mac!


Interested in digital photography? Visit my blog:

Back from my small trip to Lapland! I could see the aurora borealis all four nights that I stayed there, but the best one was the first, the other ones auroras appeared much more quiet.


It was an amazing trip in any case, I'll probably post more photos of this same place (Kaunispaa Huippu hill) because it's where we did all the aurora photos.


This one is a panorama of two photos created with Hugin and some processing with Lightroom, thanks for viewing!


This is a view from the Heigelkopf near Bad Tölz to south.


as time will show, I will update from time to time...

if you like, visit me at my new home over at ipernity:


this shot is made from 3 single shots, aligned and stiched with hugin. the resulting pano was treated as a hdr with luminance.


Luminance HDR 2.3.1 tonemapping parameters:

Operator: Mantiuk06


Contrast Mapping factor: 0.2

Saturation Factor: 0.8

Detail Factor: 5.9


PreGamma: 1


the entrance of a small chapel in gräfelfing, kreuzlinger forst. the low light made beautiful shadows.... just right to play with.


took 3 shots freehand +2/0/-2EV, aligned with hugin, used qtpfsgui for tonemapping. parameters below.


Qtpfsgui 1.9.3 tonemapping parameters:

Operator: Mantiuk


Contrast Equalization factor: 0.001

Saturation Factor: 0.8

Detail Factor: 1

PreGamma: 0.84


... just a dream... or....reality?


A miracle often denotes an event attributed to divine intervention. Alternatively, it may be an event attributed to a miracle worker, saint, or religious leader. A miracle is sometimes thought of as a perceptible interruption of the laws of nature. Others suggest that a god may work with the laws of nature to perform what people perceive as miracles.[1] Theologians say that, with divine providence, God regularly works through created nature yet is free to work without, above, or against it as well.[2]


taken from


the more technical aspect from my book of miracles:

3 shots, 0/+2/-2EV, freehand. aligned with hugin, tonemapping with qtpfsgui, parameters below.

overall adjustment of saturation, color and contrast.


Qtpfsgui 1.9.3 tonemapping parameters:

Operator: Mantiuk


Contrast Equalization factor: 0.1

Saturation Factor: 0.907

Detail Factor: 1

PreGamma: 0.727

one of my first panorama, made with hugin under Linux


View LARGE On Black

Wow! My first Flickr Explore!!!

Priviledged as I am, coming by the nicest places, the least I can do is share it with you!

21 Images were used to get this result. I made 7 HDR images using Photomatix Pro and these were processed into a Panorama image using Hugin Software

Explore Jan 7th 2011


96 shot pano shot at three exposures.

Stitched with Hugin.


Shot with a standard kit lens. Three panoramas stiched at three exposures and then HDR'd.


This one stitched pretty well to be honest.

Thanks for looking...............


You can see the inverted projection here:


Explored Jan 7th 2011

Some of you wanted to see more on the left of the arch in my previous shot of the arch where I framed the arch on the extreme left of the frame. I had a set of shots just to the left, so I essentially stitched those to make a panorama. This is made from 6 shots, 3 for the left side and 3 for the right, separately merged into HDR in photoshop, then exposure corrected and stitched in Hugin. Final editing was done in photoshop on the stitched photo. Would like to hear what you think about this in comparison with the previous shot. Because of its panoramic aspect ratio, it looks much better in lightbox -- press L. One thing I would say is that at this time of the day, it is next to impossible to get a cleaner panoramic shot here. This was in January, and there were quite a few people. I can't imagine how many more there would be in summer.

Looking across to the Burn's Monument.


3 shot panorama, stitched in Hugin/enblend, with a bit of touching up in PSE6. Pre & Post-processing in Lightroom

6 vertical shots pano with Pentax DA 21mm ltd stitched in Hugin with cylindrical projection.

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