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Projection: Rectilinear

Software: Hugin, Darktable

Fujifilm X100S


Another from a recent shoot with Sam and Matt. The skyline of Melbourne, Australia, during twilight


15 photos: 5 portrait panels of a 3 bracketed exposures (-2 0 +2); mid exposure 4 seconds 51mm; F11; ISO 200; blended and stitched in Hugin


Please don't share or use this image on websites, blogs or in other media without my explicit prior permission. © All rights reserved Mark Elliott 2014.

Seven images stitched together using Hugin.

Gare TGV à Liège

TGV-Bahnhof in Lüttich


panorama issu de 14 photos (fish-eye), Hugin (logiciel), projection fish-eye 360 dégrées dans une manière de une sphère.

Walking by these buildings before night fell, it was too great not to capture.


Fujifilm X-Pro1

Voigtlander 40mm f/1.4

9 piece stitched panorama

Wanted to catch the sun on this green building for a while, a 4 shot pano, stitched together with Hugin...


Great free software and way better than PS for panos as i tried both...


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Arizona's Petrified Forest National Park contains some of the most unique landscapes in the world. In the park, the Blue Mesa trail showcases rock formations with their multicolored layers shaped by millions of years of erosion and geological activity.


Technical info

Panorama of 10 frames, each frame consisting of a 3-image exposure bracket -1/0/+1 EV, 50mm, f/9.0. Stitched in Hugin using Miller Cylindrical projection.

5 sets of 5 shot 1EV step exposure brackets at ISO200, f/7.1 and max exposure of 15sec stitched and exposure fused in Hugin. Overlayed with a Luminance Fattal HDR layer at reduced opacity in GIMP and finally tuned in Lightroom. Initial RAW conversion and white balance done in CaptureNX.

On permanent display on the cliff top at Pegwell Bay is a replica of the Viking ship 'Hugin' which sailed from Denmark to Thanet in 1949 to celebrate the 1500th anniversary of the invasion of Britain. Brothers Hengist and Horsa were the legendary leaders of the first Anglo-Saxon-Jutish settlers in Britain around 450 A.D said to have landed in Ebbsfleet just outside Ramsgate in Kent.

Cabrespine, near of Carcassonne. France.


Best viewed in 1600px size:

Panoramic made with Hugin from 3 RAW. No post-production.

Wonderful Panorama from the mountain over St Pierre d'allevard in the french alps - Hugin Software with 5 Photos - Panorama sur St Pierre d'allevard en isère - France.

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A 5 shot stitch of Cabot Circus on a recent shopping trip, now they have lifted restrictions on photography. Reminds me of the British Museum roof.


Cabot Circus, Bristol.

D40 / Nikon 18-55mm / 1/80th at f8 / ISO200 / Hoya Polarizer / 5 portrait shots using Hugin

(@ around Bernex, France)


[stitched from 3 pictures, with hugin as usual]

Vertical stitch, two images stitched together with hugin, one on top of the other.

Taken at Papago Park.


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Starting to get Hugin to work, so I have gone back to an older photo to see how it would stitch from a pan shot with out a nodal set up.

Captured above Freiburg Germany this morning. Fuji X100s + TCL-X100. Panorama edit with Hugin and LR5.6

Hugin panoramic mount of views of "Plage de la Garonne" at sunset, repainted. Le Pradet (Var), France.

Dry Falls

Nantahala National Forest

Near Highlands, NC


6 images stitched together with Hugin. Better viewed large.


On the morning that I took this shot, I rose very, very early to make the long trip to the southwest corner of NC. I got to Dry Falls at the day's first light, but when I made my way down the trail to shoot, I found that another photographer was already shooting. He looked familiar, and I soon recognized him as a FLICKR contact, Mark Van Dyke. A short while later, another FLICKR user, fniguy68 arrived. It was nice to meet them both, and I've enjoyed seeing the images that they took home from that morning.


As for my version of this lovely waterfall, I settled on this composition and crop because I really liked the balance of the scene.


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This image is copyrighted. Please do not reproduce any of my photographs without my permission.

Assemblage de 8 photos verticales avec Hugin le logiciel libre de droit.

This raven was sitting on our boathouse.



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O céu sobre a Baía de Guanabara, 6a-feira passada. Panorâmica vertical com 4 fotos batidas com a supergrande angular Sigma 10-20mm, emendadas com o software Hugin.


Ver Grande em Fundo Preto.


The sky over Guanabara Bay last Friday. This is a vertical panorama stitched using Hugin from 4 originals taken with an ultrawide Sigma 10-20mm.


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in the middle of january and no snow at all.....


taken with my lumix F1.7/20mm, 3 shots, stiched with hugin, tonemapped.



Qtpfsgui 1.9.3 tonemapping parameters:

Operator: Mantiuk


Contrast Mapping factor: 0.15

Saturation Factor: 0

Detail Factor: 4.2


PreGamma: 0.424


Panorama made in Hugin from 41 photos reduced to 1200 x 675 px.

It was intended to be a 360º x 180º panorama, but i shoot the photos handheld, and i got lots of parallelax errors, so now it's just a 360º x 62º (i don't remember exactly if it is 62 :P i'll check it later) Final panorma 6022 x 1462 pixels


This waterfall is in El Salto Jalisco, and as you can see it is very polluted, i've seen old photos and it was really beautifull :S


I used photoshop after hugin for the color correccion and for some clonage for the null zones.


For the group against the pollution Limpiemos el Salto.

If you want, take a look at my photos for the project.


El wee planet se ve muy chido =D solo que tengo que corregir el piso para subirlo =) aunque creo que va a estar un poco dificil. Jeje siempre olvido si el piso es zenit o nadir :P


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View the wee planet please =D

Stuwmeren Kaprun: Wasserfallboden en Mooserboden.


Gelegen tussen de adembenemende bergen van de Hohe Tauern, op een hoogte van circa 2.000m, bevinden zich de stuwmeren Wasserfallboden en Mooserboden. .


Hugin panorama stitch met 3 foto's in landschap formaat (fisheye lens). Mercator projectie.

Lucca, Piazza dell'Anfiteatro

Stuwmeren Kaprun: Wasserfallboden en Mooserboden.


Gelegen tussen de adembenemende bergen van de Hohe Tauern, op een hoogte van circa 2.000m, bevinden zich de stuwmeren Wasserfallboden en Mooserboden.


Hugin panorama stitch met 14 foto's in portret formaat.

Equirectangulaire projectie met beeldhoek 234x74 graden.

Panorama of Cape Kiwanda. Stitched using Hugin. Five shots on Kodak Ektar 100

This sunset was really quite special since it happened immediately following some intense rain showers. Plus the combination of old urban, new urban, suburban and rural in this part of Dortmund continues to be a fascination for me.


Stiched in Hugin with 5 photos.

An other rice field panorama, sorry for the not too smart title ;-) This is a panorama of 6 images, stitched together using Hugin.


I have a few more shots from these wonderful rice field landscapes that I will upload soon ;-)


Have a great Friday and week-end, my friends !

Rainy day...

32 pics stitched with Hugin

Walking by these buildings before night fell, it was too great not to capture.


Fujifilm X-Pro1

Voigtlander 40mm f/1.4

9 piece stitched panorama

3 handheld shots enfused using Hugin

Panorama of the Aurora Borealis near Tromsø


5 vertical shots, stitched with hugin

Panorama creato con lunione di 5 fotografie con software Hugin e ritoccata con GIMP

8 images stitched together with Hugin.

Fujifilm X-Pro1

Voigtlander 40mm f/1.4




hugin seems to be barfing on me. all sorts of lighting artifacts. oh well.


I'm sick of this one though, so here it is!


I think it's still an intersting comparison to the wide angle lens version of this same shot.

360° Panorama - zusammengestellt mit Hugin und anschließend Vivid Red and Orange Crash - Preset

Not a perfect panorama but 180°

Just trying to get around with my new 10-24mm

Well, do I need to say it.. this needs looking at full size and panning across. The stitch consists of 13 photo's, I used Hugin's free software to do the stitching.

I took the photo as we was leaving Scarbough, I went via Oliver's Mount to avoid the town's traffic and stopped off for the view. A sea fret ( fog) was just beginning to roll in.

Hugin panorama ; 2 photos

Filtre ND1000 et polarisant

16mm / 30s / f10 / iso100


Programvara / Software: Hugin Panorama Creator

Antal bilder / Number of images: 6

Kamera / Camera: Canon EOS 6D

Objektiv / Lens: Canon EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM

La carne cubre el hueso

y dentro le ponen

un cerebro y

a veces un alma,

y las mujeres arrojan

jarrones contra las paredes

y los hombres beben


y nadie encuentra al


pero siguen


de cama

en cama.

La carne cubre

el hueso y la

carne busca

algo más que



No hay ninguna


estamos todos atrapados

por un destino


Nadie encuentra jamás

al otro.


Los tugurios se llenan

los vertederos se llenan

los manicomios se llenan

los hospitales se llenan

las tumbas se llenan


nada más

se llena.




Alone With Everybody


the flesh covers the bone

and they put a mind

in there and

sometimes a soul,

and the women break

vases against the walls

and the men drink too


and nobody finds the


but keep


crawling in and out

of beds.

flesh covers

the bone and the

flesh searches

for more than



there's no chance

at all:

we are all trapped

by a singular


nobody ever finds

the one.


the city dumps fill

the junkyards fill

the madhouses fill

the hospitals fill

the graveyards fill


nothing else



C. Bukowski


(5 tomas unidas con Hugin)


Samyang 8mm, Enfuse, Hugin ja kolme aukkoa haarukointia.


Immersive view @

Virtuaalikierros blögissa.

HDR Panorama obtained by 6*3 exposures, fused with Hugin, tonemapped with Luminance HDR (Fattal and Mantiuk2006) and finally merged with GIMP.

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