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Not sure which one of these I like... In fact I'm pretty sure I don't actually like either of them, but decided I had to post "something" new, so my motivational speaker convinced me to go out to catch a sunset (that didn't play ball)... So this I'm afraid will have to do... :)

a leak....


But apparently Sunday is supposed to be nice.... We'll see... lol...


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I'm determined to try as many things as possible with the new camera, so I've been playing with a bit of strobist lighting, and this is the first attempt. Taken with the flash behind and below the "splash", set at 1/4 power against a black backdrop.


Have to give credit to ICT_Photo for the inspiration in going strobist for this one...


All I have to do know is think of some other ways to make a mess... :))

Harbour Street and Sea Street to be precise..

And the little pink one is my daughter... wondering why the heck Dad is standing in the middle of the road... ;)

Yup, another frosty one from the early morning sunrise expedition to the sub arctic outer reaches of The Swale.

As in the Common Blue butterfly that is..


I've also been spending some time setting up a website to use on a more professional basis, and wouldn't mind peoples opinions if anyone gets a few minutes..


FS Photography


Any suggestions or criticisms would be most welcome..

Had to dig a bit again... Even though today has been an awesome day to get out with the camera, unfortunately I've been living in a house full of extra's from "Night of the Living Dead" for the past few weeks, and finally I've succumbed to their snotty rotten germs.. And on a perfect day... AND on the weekend... Grrrr... AaaaaahhhChooooo... Sorry 'bout that... ;)

I don't normally do the "before and after" thing, but just for a change I decided to offer a glimpse of the original... so here you go...

A rework of my very first HDR, now I've had a bit of practice.

Another from Portland Bill, I promise not to bore you with too many though, but I do have plenty.... lol...

Can't think of a suitable title for this one... It's been a long week and my brain no longer appears to be functioning... Fortunately I have a whole week off now to attempt to reassemble my scrambled brain... Yeah I know it's unlikely, but I can live in hope... Have a great weekend all... :)


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So this is one of the icelandic volcanic sunset we had last night, and very nice it was too... There's a couple more over on FS Photography should anyone be interested... :)

Decided to try a different take on the typical crop circle shot...


FS Photography

Another from the cloudy weekend........ have to make the most of them when the oppertunity arrises.

.. for a title that is...


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I'm afraid I've been rummaging yet again.. Sometimes it just can't be helped... Especially as that's all I've got... lol...

Another from the archives... Really must drag my sorry backside out somewhere soon, as soon as the weather clears up that is... lol... ;)

Still got loads more of Scotney, but this will probably be the last one I post of the castle itself. Don't want to bore you all.

Just after the sun crested the hill, one of very few on the broads.

Well there's two thank you's on this shot. The first thank you is from a certain person for all the good wishes on our last shot... She's happy to still be remembered...


The second thank you is from me for all your support... I have had this old shot shortlisted as an editors choice for the Digital Photographer of the Year competition in the Man Made section... I think it's fair to say I'm quite pleased to have reached the final stages from 100,000 entries.. :)

Yeah OK, maybe not quite the bridge for a Troll to reside under, but hey, this was pretty close to the purple elephant and his dog, so you never know... :)

Yeah ok ok, I know this breaks the rule of thirds and all that... Never have the horizon in the centre... etc etc.... but I honestly couldn't choose which I preferred between the sky or the foreground... and rules are there to be broken... So there ya go... ;))


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