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hacking our network printer. :D

A few days back on Digg there was a link describing how to change the printer status message on an HP printer. So... I work for eBay and I thought this one would be cute.

And my breath, too. Changing printer messages FTW!

This April Fools Day, I had fun with the printer at work.

The date of the pic is not actual because I didn't have time to set it in the camera.

I set it up thanks to Yaakov

This is not a permanent hack! Power-cycle it and the usual "READY" message will be back :).


If you have a HP printer take your time and upload photos of the creation on flickr with the hpinsertcoin tag :).

Hjelp! Er fanget i printeren!


English translation: "Help! Trapped in the printer!"

The printer is guarded by an emeritus professor of physics.


He wasn't happy he couldn't see the ink levels!

What I accomplished at work today

First image of an animation played every 30 sec.

Fun with Perl and an HP printer

Spanish version of "replace white tonner" at work...

on this model, the text is longer than the display so it gets scrolled

My old HP LaserJet 4 Plus adjusted to read a traditional message.


Fun with Perl and an HP printer

My contribution to April Fool's Day at the office.

A veces un tóner no es suficiente.

Sin fake, sólo con perl y una IP.

If Morpheus where a REAL hacker...

Toner high, too much weed!

They're nickel and diming us here.


I changed the display on the printer at work to say "INSERT COIN"... then realized later the printing dialog on every computer said the same thing!


See others at:


Our local printer displays the best (and worst) weather of some of the company's many sites.


There's also a live feed to the printer's display.


There's a lot more information over at the FAQ page.

I'm bored, and Laserjets are fun to hack.




Code is here.


Hacking HP LaserJet 3800 printer

HP 3005 display fun using Perl

(means good day on Croatian)