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Professional graphic for the ebook - Blog Marketing Rules by Todd Watson.

Blogging: the act of writing in one’s weblog. To blog something is to write about something in one’s weblog. This usually involves linking to something the author finds interesting on the internet.

A weblog is a public web site where users post informal journals of their thoughts,...

In this model, we see that blogs become connectors of ideas and people, but also of conversations that flow between them. Blogs of this sort have an audience potentially as big as the numbers actively engaged in the conversation. New people who get involved in the conversation, or who discover a node of it, may very well follow contextualised links, visit other sites in the chain, and become regular audience members of those sites. Bloggers who create blogs like this tend to engage with the comments on their blogs and link out heavily, using tools like RSS readers and technorati to follow the "buzz". Some also use social bookmarking or social recommendation tools to save, order and share links.


This is highly evolved blogging as both use of technology and technique. More at

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This is a closed blog which is at the centre of an audience that resembles a closed network. Blogs of this type include baby blogs and wedding planning blogs. Characteristically they have a:


* small but extremely passionate and engaged audience

* audience unlikely to grow

* audience potentially super-served - they all have a very strong personal connection, usually running both ways.


See, for example, the Aitken's wedding blog


More at


How you can Set up WordPress Theme


So you have hunted high and reduced and found the perfect WordPress theme. Now you'll want to know how to set up WordPress theme or it's going to just be a rather file collecting dust on your hard drive.


Installing a WordPress theme just isn't as complicated as many men and women believe it truly is. The issue that tends to confuse individuals is the fact that you will find two distinct approaches you are able to use when attempting to determine the way to set up WordPress theme.


Manually set up WordPress theme


Very first I'll go more than how you can install WordPress theme manually to assist you get familiar with the WordPress structure.


1. To install a WordPress theme manually you'll need to download the theme, which I am assuming you might have accomplished by now.

2. You'll also need to have to unzip the WordPress theme to a folder on your challenging drive (attempt not to forget where you put it).

three. Now you will require to fire up your FTP plan and FTP for your web site.

4. At this point you'll desire to navigate to the themes folder by going to the 'wp-content' folder after which the 'themes' folder.

five. As soon as you will be in the themes folder in your web site, you may want to navigate to the theme you unzipped in your difficult drive (you did keep in mind where you put it, did not you?).

6. You are going to then require to upload the theme in your hard drive (folder and all) for the themes folder on your website.

7. After your all FTP'd out you'll want to go back for your browser and log into your WordPress blog on your web site.

8. You are going to then go to the 'Appearance' choice on the left side menu and select the 'Themes' alternative.

9. At this point you ought to have the ability to see your theme listed as an alternative. If not then you definitely almost certainly uploaded it as a folder inside of a folder and will want to double check it.

ten. You should now be capable of preview and then activate your theme by choosing the suitable choices listed under your theme.


Instantly install WordPress theme


In case you are lazy like me you may desire to let WordPress do every one of the perform for you. So now we will discover how to set up WordPress theme by letting WordPress get down and dirty.


1. To place WordPress to work you are going to want to initial log into your weblog.

2. You may navigate for the 'Appearance' choice around the left side in the menu.

3. Subsequent you're going to click around the 'Themes' option located underneath the 'Appearance' tab.

four. The moment you might be underneath the 'Themes' section, you may see 'Manage Themes' on the prime in the page. Next towards the 'Manage Themes' tab you are going to see the 'Install Themes' tab which will probably be grayed out. You will want to click around the 'Install Themes' tab to make it the active tab.

5. Now you might have a couple alternatives here.

* Alternative 1 is the fact that you do not have a theme in thoughts yet and need to search for 1. In this case you'll decide on the alternatives you are seeking and click Search. Once you have the results up on screen you'll be able to scroll by means of until you find one that you just like and want to use. At this point it really is only a matter of previewing the theme to create sure it's what you're seeking and if it really is, then you can click Install and let WordPress do its magic.

* Choice two assumes which you have currently downloaded the theme you desire to utilize. In this situation you will wish to decide on the Upload selection that you just will locate offered under the 'Install Themes' tab. When you might have chosen the Upload choice you are going to wish to browse to the theme file you downloaded and select it. (Yes WordPress will even unzip the file for you personally. How's that for service!) Then it truly is just a matter of clicking 'Install Now' and let WordPress visit town.


I prefer to let WordPress do the dirty perform and install the themes for me. But it is actually a excellent concept to obtain acquainted with FTP'ing for your internet site and taking a look at how issues are structured inside WordPress. That way in case you have to edit, alter or repair your WordPress theme you may understand how to find your way around the WordPress world.

Get Success in Blogging: A great milestone for fourblogger. Not only I am, If you are a blogger, You can also be proud about launching of Fourblogger Labs. The first lab, dedicated to bloggers. Come. Let us experiment the secrets of blogging success. A recent study about blogging tells that almost 500000 bloggers making income through blogging all over the world. We will add more value to blogging field. This labs might be ignored or become controversial but I would like win those hard times and share the blogging success.


Fourblogger Blogging Labs structured as three parts.

1. Success Reports

2. Failure Reports

3. Ongoing Researches


1. Blogging Success

This is not our own traffic stats or income reports. If it is all fourblogger numbers, then no use of these reports for you. This reports will be delivered for you. You can learn a lot and implement in your blogging career.


2. Our failures are lessons. Don't waste your time to fail and learn. We are here to fail :) You can learn from us.


3. We will publish the ongoing experiments and the approximate date of reports publishing. So you can trace our reports in time.


Share your failures, success and ideas about this lab.

It is hard not to at least notice the word “blog” or “blogging”, with the frequency it seems to pop up in subjects ranging from politics to pornstars. Odds are that you have noticed it unless you have been living in a cave for the last four years. But even with that kind of familiarity of the wor...

Blog marketing header to the website for the latest release by Todd Watson. Blog Marketing Rules will help you become more profitable faster with your blog.

The best way to Weblog From your Own Website


In the event you understand how to weblog out of your own site then you definitely may have numerous alternatives open to you within the style and performance of the weblog that are not offered on a hosted blog.


You can use Blogger from or Wordpress from Each has its personal peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages, this kind of because the lack of trackback and categories on Blogger, and the relatively poor raw html editing facility on Wordpress. Nevertheless, every single has its fans and adherents, and those employed to one particular or the other are usually loathe to modifying. Neither, however, gives the wide array of choices open to those which have selected to run Wordpress or any other blogging software package from their very own webspace.


Those who use the hosted versions most likely do so either since they have no need from the choices that the uploaded computer software delivers, and are content operating a blog using the array of options provided by the blog host. Other folks might not have a web site, and have no intentions of obtaining a single because they have no need for their very own internet site. A lot of bloggers will not be involved in internet marketing, and usually are not using their blogs to make cash - not even Adsense income.


They take pleasure in blogging in regards to the political troubles with the day, the latest movies and even just their everyday lives. Other folks, even so, use blogs professionally as part of their company, and a blog is a superb medium for marketing a enterprise or even a product. It's a perfect way of linking many websites which have been intended to sell different products, as well as cover different niches. This is not straightforward to do with no a blog, given that search engines like google such as Google frown on adverts on one particular internet site for anther site offering info on a absolutely various subject.


What is regarded as a lack of relevance inside a internet site is diversity in a weblog. So how do you go about operating your blog out of your very own site? delivers cost-free software program which you can upload to your own internet space. The top method to do this is by use of an ftp client. This really is software package that permits you transfer files and folders out of your difficult drive to your website. It can also be utilized to transfer files from one particular website to yet another.


Upload facilities on internet sites enable you only to upload files, not folders or directories. Without an ftp client, you would have to create folders identical to those containing the Wordpress files. You'd then have to upload every single file individually, whilst preserving the authentic directory structure. This could take some time to do, and errors are effortless to make. Your very first measures, then, are to download the blogging software package to your tough disk, then ftp it for your website. When performing this, your ftp computer software will also permit you to transform file permissions as detailed within the weblog set up directions. You will also must use a text editor to adjust the contents of some files, but that is fairly simple to accomplish.


You then should create a MySQL database for the weblog. MySQL can be a powerful Open Source Software package database management system that uses SQL (structured query language) that most typical net hosting services supply free in your web area. The database is simple to setup by following the instructions which will most likely be provided by your web host.


After which you are all set. You can use the default page template that comes with Wordpress, but you now have full flexibility inside the look and really feel of the blog. You are able to upload any in the thousands of totally free or paid templates offered on the internet, and also any of the plugins that you desire to use. You are able to edit all of the template elements you would like to entirely customize them, such as the stylesheet for the complete page, the header, footer, sidebars and so on. It is possible to add graphics, Adsense blocks, affiliate links and also supply your own personal goods for sale.


Plugins are computer software elements that offer particular sources to your blog. Examples are calendars, anti-spam filters, RSS feeds, sitemap generators, tag systems and so on. You will find thousands of them that can be utilised to absolutely customize your blog.


For those who have your own personal site and business, then a weblog could be a very hazardous thing. It can turn into so addictive that you simply can uncover your self neglecting your internet site and organization and spending all of your time blogging and attempting out several plugins, templates and themes.

Back in September 2005, BBC News Online asked people on the street if they knew what blogging was. 7/10 thought they meant dogging...


From Content that converts, a presentation for the ADMA Forum 2009.


For more of this sort of stuff:

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This is a logo I made for a hubpages post that I posted today.


I like the way blue, white and black looks together.

A post on NoodlePie that very clearly demonstrates how a post can be written in such a way as to give a quick hit of content for those who want one, but where the links provided add a wealth of richness for those with time to browse or a deeper interest in the subject.


The post is at

Building an acceptable use policy for blogging can be one of the tougher jobs for a company’s human resources and internal security divisions to develop. Blogging is a rapidly growing mode of communication that provides readers with material on everything from the day-to-day comments of authors, ...

There are many various multimedia advances happening to the good old blog. Although the blog is only a few years old, technology has kept right up there with it. Now, you have the ability to do a number of fascinating things with it. As the blog owner, this can mean huge potential dollars in...

The Washington Post makes it easy for bloggers to link to their content, then rewards them for doing so by displaying links (provided by Technorati) back to them.


The method seems to have paid off with the Washington Post reporting that they receive more than 1/3 of referrals from blogs:


Screenshot from:

You’ve finally created a blog and you’ve made your first post. Now how do you get people to actually read what you’re blogging about?

Here are some tips on promoting your blog

1) Quality Content – Interesting content will keep your readership returning. Update your blog...

10 Secret Moves from the Ultimate Blogger's Ultimate Blogging Playbook for Crazy Success (a homage to the headlines you can find at


* Disclaimer: we take no responsibility for the ridiculous success that will come your way with these amazing blogging tips.


Written as part of an expose on strategic blogging tactics, a tongue-in-cheek article that breaks down the blogging strategy of Julian Cole.


Companion image - collect the set! A diagram proving the power of diagrams


> Read the original article here An incredibly cynical take on 10 strategic blogging tactics.


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Computer hands by Mari Kane From blog post, Learn WordPress and How to Blog at blogsitestudio/2011/12/learn-wordpress-and-how-t...

Blogs are just websites yet they are so different from the regular websites.

Complete video is under 5 minutes and to watch it please click the link:

Online Marketing HQ Beginner's Guide to Successful Blogging will show you how to start a Blog in Step-by-step and guide you to build a Money making blog.


How to Create a Blog - You might have 2 Selections


Ahead of you understand how you can generate a weblog you should be quite clear about specific aspects.


You've two choices - you can do it by yourself or pay an individual to do it for you personally.


However beforehand you will need to consider what it really is purpose is for i.e. individual or commercial, what 'platform' you will use and whether or not you want to 'pay' to obtain it create or develop it your self.


Let's just make an assumption which you are going to create a blog to your business but that you need to produce the weblog by yourself as possessing a single developed can expense any in which from $250 to $25,000 ( depending on complexity and earnings generation potential)!


The primary point which you will require is access to an world wide web connection preferably a DSL connection.


The subsequent alternative you'll have to make is what blogging platform you may use. For instance B2Evolution or If you're going down the Wordpress route keep in mind that beneath's terms and conditions you can not create a commercial blog from it so stick for the '.org'


The two B2Evolution and are cost-free platforms - that is certainly the weblog engine computer software is totally free and is 'open source' consequently becoming continually updated. Even so if you are looking at undertaking this your self is much less complicated to set up and administer than B2Evolution. The two these blogs has to be self hosted i.e you will need a hosting account!


Let's just presume that you have opted to create a Wordpress weblog. You will have made a sensible option. Firstly it's essentially the most popular blogging platform chosen by D.I.Y. bloggers and sector specialists.


There are literally 1000's of themes (skins - what the blog looks like) and plugins (the functional addons) and most are totally free.


Additionally if you need something that looks fully various you can have custom made themes designed for as tiny as $20.


Plugins are just a little different even though. Based on what you desire the plugin in to to complete and if it really is offered - it may not be free. Getting stated that even though - unless of course your requirement is very distinct it's unlikely that 99% of you may ever must pay something!


Ok so now you might have produced the initial selection and it's going to be Wordpress. You will need to decide on a few issues prior to you commence.


Firstly you'll need to download and activate the blog. This can be the tricky bit for 'newbies' (inexperienced laptop or computer users) but as soon as you get the hang of it - it becomes really straightforward.


Soon after you've uploaded the weblog employing an FTP Client (like FileZip or FileZilla - both totally free). You then need to setup the MySQL database.


You are able to automate this procedure using cPanels Fantastico which is the simplest way on how to produce a weblog or you'll be able to try out this manually. That is in which it gets complicated!

Blogging is one of the most efficient ways to increase your website rankings on search sites like Google and Yahoo. Blogging refers to posting your website links to blog sites in order to increase your website rankings. Blogging work best for the SEO as it is the one of the most effective tools...

50 Blogging Tips from the Experts – The Best – Infographic

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