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While doing a self refurbish, during the last week, I've thinking about how to prepare the next dedication to a friend on Flickr. This time, she is Sonia.


She feeds a more than interesting stream. Intense, sometimes bizarre, photos full of feelings. A bit of darkness and desperation, a quest for beauty as well, define her work.


A very personal view that I specially like.


Please, do not miss her stream:

[ Explored No. 139 on 1 July 2017. Thank you all so much ! ]


In Medieval dwellings, floors were carpeted with rushes, reeds or straw, for insulation and to provide bedding for members of the lower household. These floor coverings were only cleaned out and replaced once or twice a year, so to counteract the accumulated odours, fragrant herbs were scattered (strewn) on top of them, releasing their scents when they were walked upon. Some of these herbs also acted as insect and pest repellants.

With regards to Meadowsweet, John Gerard said that Queen Elizabeth 1st “did more desire it than any other herb to strew her chambers withal.”

Meadowsweet has continued to be used for medicinal purposes - for headaches (it contains aspirin), rheumatism, acid reflux, and poor digestion (as it sooths the mucous membranes in the intestines).

There ! And you thought it was just a weed growing in the countryside meadows, didn't you !


This is from a wild area in our local park and now stands looking lovely and smelling delicious in the kitchen. Taken with a 4x magnifying filter on my lens - I'm quite pleased with it for a first attempt :o) The flowers are tiny - about 1 millimetre across. Hope you like it too !


Thanks, as always, for your support and for just looking and reading ... you are all so appreciated. Please don't eat meadowsweet without checking out whether it's safe for you ... I don't know the dosage or how to prepare it !

Life is like sun and rain , you never know , how to prepare


Dornoch beach , scotland

Mooncakes are as important to festivities as turkey is to Thanksgiving and latkes are to Hanuka. The Mid-Autumn Festival -- when the moon is at its fullest and brightest -- became an official celebration in China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD).

The term "mooncake" was first found in 1274 AD in author Wu Zimu's "Book of Dreams," and the first cookbook on how to prepare mooncakes was published in 1792. While there are many variations of mooncakes, a soft pastry filled with sweet lotus seed or red bean paste and savory salted duck egg yolk is mostly faved.


衷心祝福我的好友們~ 中秋佳節月圓人圓闔家慶團圓~


The followings are some of the songs for the holiday.


月亮代表我的心 台灣驚喜合唱 快閃表演The Moon Represents My Heart, Flash Mob at 北京


鄧麗君 月亮代表我的心

The Moon Represents My Heart - Teresa Teng


李玟 月光愛人 Coco Lee - A Love Before Time from Ang Lee's film ' Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"[MV]


Kenny G 月亮代表我的心


Have you been frustrated by not being able to capture beautiful light before it disappeared again? I am excited to share with you my article "Chasing the Light", which describes how to prepare for and capture beautiful light, especially in the natural surroundings you are familiar with. To view the article please visit this link: I hope you enjoy!


This image: A beautiful, moody morning in South Africa's Cape Point Nature Reserve. Humid air, blown inland by gale force winds, climbed the abruptly ending coastal mountains and formed fast moving clouds racing over Cape Point's plains. The rising sun broke through the clouds, painting the landscape in spectacular and rapidly changing light.

It's the longest bridge in New England.


Tried a shot from the left side of the bridge, but there was a crane on a floating platform that kept on moving around, creating motion blur in long exposure, so crawled under the bridge to the other side to get this nice perspective. The curve in the road worked well, too.


At some point I'd like to go back when it's overcast and when the lighting isn't so harsh. Also a POV from the other side of the water might be cool. Oh the possibilities :-)


Hassie interpretation coming up shortly.


Explored, May 17th, 2010: Thanks!


Used here:

Pufferfish are often said to be the second most venomous poisonous vertebrates in the world but this is not a problem as long as you don't intend to eat them. (However in Japan pufferfish are considered a delicacy and the chefs who cook them presumably know how to prepare it and which parts can be eaten.)


The toxic character of pufferfish is I guess the reason why pufferfish can be approached fairly easily. If you are poisonous then not too many other sea dwellers will want to make a meal out of you. And if being toxic isn't enough then an alarmed puffer can swallow water and puff out like a balloon.


I think this is a dogfaced or blackspotted puffer though he seems a bit spottier than usual. This type of puffer can vary a lot in colour ... grey, blue, brown are common, very bright yellow is another possibility.


'65 Sting Ray Big Block Roadster. Not for the feint of heart, and not an NCRS 'trailer queen,' this monster midyear Corvette is the perfect example of how to prepare a classic to drive every day, turn heads and tear up pavement. Thanks to friend and owner Nick for asking us to document this awesome dream machine!

This masala bread upma can be prepared within flat 15 minutes also it turns as a quick breakfast or perfect teatime evening snack. How to make Bread Upma with step by step pics is given in the below recipe


Recipe Link:

....I know how to prepare coffee :-)


for a change completely unglamorous, wearing just a discreet gray suit...


Hope this business look is not too boring?






Here are some amazing food hacks and tricks just for you!

Find out how to peel and cut fruits and vegetables in the quickest way possible and how to prepare food for the cooking correctly! Learn the ways to store different kinds of products...

Thanks very much for all the comments on my last posting , and the enquiry,s about exposure time,s .


For a really smooth glassy sea like this one I expose up to thirty minuets generally . The problem is i might need a two or three some times more shot,s to get it right which means an awful long time hanging around for only one picture . What i have just started to do is use two cameras if i have the room in the comp , i start one about ten minuets before the second have a look after a while and judge if i need to add time to the second camera . this way i can reduce the time considerably on each composition . the only draw back is i need two of every thing , two cameras tripods and filters .


I have just started running group workshop,s on LE work due to people asking , i will be covering all aspects of how to use grads & ND filters to increase the exposure time , how to prepare a file for printing and the best way to achieve a high quality print from a professional large formate printer . At the end of the workshop i will print your best or favourite shot to 40x30 inches in black & white then frame it for you .


My Web Site .

First tomato of the season!! I don't know if I can wait to cut it up.... I may just stuff it in my mouth right now :P Gotta love home grown veggies!


And a big BIG thank you to Tee who inspired my shot tonight!! I had no ideas, then I saw her shot and thought... "hey, we just picked our first tomato too!!" So voila!!!


exactly how to prepare it, is the big question...


Highest position in Explore: 157 on Thursday, August 7, 2008 Thanks so much!!!


Along with 29.4 per-cent of all deadly personal injuries in 2008/9 derivable to the development market, building collisions create the best disastrous personal injuries of all the principal market teams. visit


I do love the movie devil's advocate (that's where the title quote came from).


"In a successful negotiation, everyone wins. The objective should be agreement, not victory."


Here's an interesting article.. "guideline to negotiate for couple".


These guidelines will help you avoid the three most common negotiating mistakes couples make:


1. Failure to prepare before the negotiation with your partner;

2. Caving in too quickly to avoid tension or to keep the peace; and

3. Stubbornly pushing too hard for your own solution.


Conflict is inevitable for growth in your relationship. Many people are frightened of conflict because they can't negotiate. Once you learn to negotiate you won't be so afraid of conflict. Good negotiation leads to acceptable solutions that work for both of you and will strengthen your relationship. Your communication skills automatically improve as you develop good negotiating skills.


The Difference Between Negotiation For Couples and Other Negotiations

Negotiation with your partner can feel especially risky, because the amount of emotional self disclosure required is much higher for couples than in business. Also, the result may have life-altering consequences (like negotiating where to live).


Effective negotiation for complex problems requires lots of openness about yourself, curiosity about your partner's issues and emotional risk. It also takes listening really well!


Some Things Cannot Be Negotiated

Core values, integrity, spirituality, feelings, attitudes and trust can not be negotiated. Do your best to separate interests and concerns from values. You can negotiate your interests but not your core values or integrity. For example, it doesn't work to say, "I'll give up my spiritual beliefs for you."


The Only Things You Can Really Negotiate Are Behavior And Decisions

You can negotiate what action someone will take and when they will do it, or you can negotiate a solution to a problem of disagreement.


How To Prepare To Negotiate

Ask yourself how you aspire to be during the negotiation. For example, calm, open, flexible, honest, understanding, curious. By following the guidelines you set for yourself, you will more easily focus on a successful outcome. This is an often overlooked aspect of negotiation. Staying conscious of your own guidelines will help keep you centered and focused. Write your guidelines on a piece of paper and keep glancing at them during the negotiation. You will come across like an experienced negotiator simply by staying consistent with your own guidelines.


Before you start the negotiation, quietly reflect on the following questions:


* What do I want? Why do I want it and why is it important?

* How important is this to me?

* To get what I want, what will I need to do and what will my partner need to do?

* If I get most of what I want what is the positive and negative effect on my partner?

* How can I make it easier for my partner to say yes?

* However, it may be difficult for my partner to give me most of what I want because ________.

* I may be able to increase the benefits to my partner by ________.

* I may be able to decrease the downside to my partner by ________.

* Add other relevant information that has not been suggested here.


You don't need to answer every question and complete every statement sequentially in a dialogue with your partner. But as you get mentally clear about these issues it will make it easier to conversationally express your concerns and desires.


It is important to describe the issue as disagreement instead of as a problem. It is very difficult to say

"The problem is ________"

without blaming your partner or yourself. This actual or implied blame leads to a defensive reaction from one or both parties. The negotiation then begins to slip like a house built on loose gravel.


"We seem to disagree about __________."

Then take turns expressing what your concerns and desires are about the disagreement.


Describe Concerns About the Subject

One person goes first and expresses all their concerns while the other listens without rebutting or defending anything. The response is simply to recap and check for understanding. It may also be necessary to ask questions for clarity.

Avoid leading questions that sound like Perry Mason, "Did it ever occur to you that...?"


Brainstorm Solutions

After each person has expressed all their concerns and desires, and each of you feels understood, then it is time for brainstorming solutions. Think of several possible solutions.


One partner proposes a solution

Make the suggested proposal in the following format:


* Honey, what I suggest is ________.

* This suggestion works for me because ________.

* This suggestion might work for you because ________.


The Rationale For This "Formula"

It encourages being a good self advocate. Simultaneously it forces you to consider your partner's perspective and helps prevent the possibility of only stubbornly pushing your own desires.


The Other Partner Responds

If the partner agrees with the whole suggestion, then recap why it works.

If the partner does not agree then start with recapping the part that does work.


* The part that does work is ________.

* The part that doesn't work is ________.

* So my alternative suggestion is ________.

* This suggestion works for me because ________.

* And it might work for you because ________.


Add value to your offers. Keep finding ways to make it easier for your partner to say yes.


Remember - this negotiation is only an experiment. Nobody is locked into a permanent solution. It is only for a period of time to see what if anything needs adjusting.


Repeat suggestions until agreement is reached.


Take Action

If action is appropriate, decide who will do what by when.

Decide for how long you will try this solution.



After the action phase come back and evaluate the results.

If things are fine, continue for another block of time.


Round Two, Three, Etc.

If it didn't work out as well as hoped, each person begins by saying, "Honey, it didn't work the way I hoped, but here is what I could have done differently." Don't start by stating what your partner should have done differently.


Then repeat appropriate steps above.


Don't be discouraged if your first attempts at this new negotiation strategy are awkward. This is challenging territory for most couples. Keep trying, and you'll improve. Consider attending a workshop to learn this approach along with a lot of other practical, innovative material for couples. It's definitely easier to learn when you see demonstrations and role-plays. You'd even get to practice with a therapist helping you stay on track.


Good luck, and may all your disagreements lead you to more lively collaboration." - article by Dr. Ellyn Bader




Sounds pretty good and logical huh, but i wonder in a real world situation when emotion of both parties runs high logic might just fly out the door and you forget everything you read here. Actually most of the mistake we did is when emotion runs in high gear. The world would be a nicer place with a calmer state of mind.


- About the shot. This was taken with self timer.. trying very hard to hold a straight face (but couldn't) cuz i'm usually behind the camera. No photoshop on the color, it came from lighting through the wooden blind. i like this blind, a bit of adjustment changes the color tone significantly. As you can see the color difference between left and right.


| Feminine & Emotion | Popular | Back Light |


Thank you everyone, for taking this picture to #2 on explore!

Here's a background about this shot.

.... [Explored #53]

It was one of the best experiences I ever had in photography!!!

I have a lot of lightening photos like this one, but I chose this one because of the many lines of lightening in the sky :D

Weeeee !! I likeeeee !! :D


I was going to participate with one of the lightening photos in a contest but unfortunately the resolution wasn't enough : / , at least now I know how to prepare my photos :P

The Milky Way and the Constellation Scorpius rise over an Undisclosed Location.


Elitist or Entitled? which am I? I’m not sure where I fall…Hum let me see what the dictionary says:


Entitled- Definition….believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

"his pompous, entitled attitude"


Elitist- Definition……..demonstrating a superior attitude or behavior associated with an elite.

"some that say he is a spoiled, elitist snob"


Neither sounds like a camp that I’d want to be in.


The motives for withholding locations are far ranging from “save the location”, to “save the animals” to “save the unprepared from themselves” undisclosed locations…….secret places, are we elitists or are we entitled? Those that cherish the outdoors have seen the ramifications of location over saturation, and they “are” concerned. Of course, it’s because these are the most beautiful places on Earth and they would like to see that future generations can enjoy them as well. Doesn’t sound bad to me? The problem than lies within the human spirit, the spirit to set out and seek what’s out there, to see and feel and smell it with our own senses and take in the scene in all it’s natural glory. If your an inhabitant of this planet than it’s you’re right to see it, of course it is!! The real problem is the person that just purchased a camera and has never been outside the city in his or her life, do i want to give out a location that I shot in the backcountry of the Grand Tetons? If I want to eliminate them than Yes, they would be grizzly scat by morning. But If I’m concerned for their safety or the preservation of the location than NO. How am I to decide who gets a location or not, by deciding am I than elitist? Man and his devices have traveled into the far reaches of this galaxy and beyond and found no solid evidence of life, and the fact that we have been on this planet for just the blink of an eye makes me think that this planet is a gift more than it is a privilege.

IMHO, This planet belongs to every human being but it is a gift and not a privilege!!! does that makes me elitist or just concerned? If you have no outdoor experience than please prepare yourself to see it safely and responsibly. :-)


For more information on how to prepare and behave in the wilds see the link below.


For more information about the LLL technique(LowLevelLighting) you can visit


Thanks for taking the time to take a look at my photos, I am always thankful for your views, comments, faves, and support, they are greatly appreciated!! Have a great day my friends!! :)


Always Respect Mother Nature And Your Fellow Man, So:

****TreadLightly>LeaveNoTrace> PackItIn/PackItOut****


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Wanna feel like a pro in the kitchen? Cook your favorite meal in no time? Then I highly recommend to watch this video! Find out how to peel and cut fruits and vegetables in the quickest way possible and how to prepare food for the cooking correctly! : )


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The post How to Prepare Yourself for the 2020 Job Boom appeared first on – Official Blog.


How to Prepare Yourself for the 2020 Job Boom published first on


Select the best time of the year, dress up nicely and use amazing props for your Paris engagement photo shoot. Visit us and check out how to prepare for your Paris engagement photos:






Wanna feel like a pro in the kitchen? Cook your favorite meal in no time? Then I highly recommend to watch this video! Find out how to peel and cut fruits and vegetables in the quickest way possible and how to prepare food for the cooking...

Simin, purple artichokes! I asked Franco how to prepare them and he ended up buying the class a bunch.

Psalm 34: 4

"I sought the LORD, and he heard me...."


Psalm 34:7

"The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them."


These aren't just verses but an inspired living words of God. I don't believe God just because people or my family said it or as doctrine of a church. I believe because I have experienced the faithfulness of God in His words personally. " Signs follow to those that believe ."


If you are serving God truly and has relationship with Jesus, you are protected. The word of God says so. Angels are at your disposal for protection ( Psalm 34:7 ). There are so many of them and many types of them. Some are massive warriors and like giants they said. In spiritual warfare angels will protect you, they fight for your cause. However, you don't worship angels. Praises be only for God. Even contacting angels isn't encouraged. Sometimes we may entertain Angels unaware. They appear like human beings. So be good to strangers. I have few experiences which I have no doubt were Angelic visitations for help and even just to say hello to me simply at bizarre moment and quickly gone. It's very long story to state here and I'm tired now, that reserve for later.

You have to declare and decree your start of day and whatever you do, and request Angelic protections in the name of Jesus. The name of Jesus is your only guarantee .

With so many demonic manifestations all around nowadys, you need protection and cover , for your children , your properties, your relationships, your pets, your jobs etc. I am not always citing witchcraft involve , but if people use witchcraft against you, if you don't have protection by the blood of Jesus, you are , as I said before, a mince meat, a victim. Witchcraft is real and demonic powers can manifest too through curses, spells , hexes, vodoo etc. But Jesus defeated them on the cross, even demons were petrified seeing Jesus.


Be victorious in Christ.




Perverted times we live in ....


*Parent's Sell Daughter's Innocence to the Devil for a $15.00 T-Shirt

*How To Prepare For an EMP Attack on our Vulnerable Power Grids

*Caliphate In Europe: Sweden Cedes Control Of Muslim Areas

Funny - plant a pig ?

*Ferguson Tension! 4 Military Helicopters, Armored Vehicles Move In to Prepare for Chaos!


*‘A mass sterilization exercise’: Kenyan doctors find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine


*Illuminati Egyptian God of Dead Statue at Denver EXPOSED! Truth in Plain Sight !


*NOAH (The Movie) Exposed! Fallen Angel Fakery!

A movie full of blasphemies. They portrayed Noah like a mad man, and fallen angels in assistance in building the Ark, how twisted that is.


*The Bowels of Hell Has Now Officially Opened....


*The Gates Of Hell Await


*God's Curse begins the exact same time BO tries to make a deal with Iran


*Kirk Cameron Called to ‘Repent’ for Telling Christians to Celebrate Halloween

*Illuminati fashion industry SATANIC malls







Celebrating Halloween with Harry Potter theme is absolutely unchristian and for a Bible believing church to promote and encouraged it is way beyond my comprehension. Harry Potter is birthed by occult leanings of JK Rowling . Apparently it promotes and introduce idea of witchcraft as fun and entertaining to children . No wonder witchcraft and occult practice are growing in number; books of spells are sold in bookstores, and easy to find and in fact this has become an alternative religion repackage in many different names. We are indeed in the last days my friends.

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