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How To Make Easy Pancakes

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Joe-Hova learns how to make pancakes on a grittle

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Easy homemade pancake recipe can ready within 20 minutes of time and we can have this recipe as breakfast. Making of pancake at home is very simple and easy process, in a medium bowl, whisk together milk, Maida, oil(instead of this we can also use butter),vanilla, sugar, one pinch salt, baking powder and egg as main ingredients. We can also make pancake with whole grains like whole-wheat flour, which will add heart-healthy filling fiber to the recipe. You can also add extra-healthy toppings, like fruit to boost vitamins and fiber. Also protein-packed nuts to transform them into a nutritious breakfast that will help you stay full through the morning.

I taught Home Ec through the local homeschool co-op to a group of girls who are homeschooled (two of which are my daughters).


Taught them how to make sourdough starter and sourdough pancakes.


The recipe is from my dad who use to be a school social worker. Each year, the high school home ec class at the school where he worked asked him to teach the "sourdough class" which was a big hit.


Showed the girls how to make pancake batter using some of the sourdough starter (I began the starter about 6 days ago at home so it would be ready for class).


Put the batter in the griddle and the pancakes starting puffing up. "WOW!" "COOL!" the girls commented. (You would think they never saw pancakes made before. Love the enthusiasm of K-3rd grade girls!)


I said, "Girls, I think you should turn around and look at your sourdough starter. Something is happening to it."


They turned and several of them - literally - gasped. Their starter was rising and had nearly doubled in size.


"What do we do?!" Told them to stir it. "It's going down!" they said with relief.


The girls each ate 3-4 pancakes after they were done cooking. Either they were good pancakes...or they were REALLY hungry.

Delayne teaches Sam how to make pancake arches and drip trees

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jo...she was the one that taught me how to make pancake...thanks jo!!:) now, i can make pancake with ease...or "blini" in russian:)

I finally figured out how to make pancakes that look and taste like pancakes.

Pancake Sandwich Recipe is Easy to make Tiffin Recipe, Pancake Sandwich is Easy to make Breakfast and Snack you can make it More Tasty by mixing it with Kissan Tomato Ketchup.

When it comes to kids you can’t go wrong with pancakes, but Monika shows you how to make pancakes even more interesting with Kissan mixed fruit jam and some yummy fruits.


Caroline is teaching Daniel how to make a meal

How to Make Pancakes & Waffles: Easy Recipes : Add Dry Ingredients for Light Waffle Recipe

Learn how to add the dry ingredients for a light & airy waffle recipe in this free breakfast food cooking video.

Expert: Karen Weisman

Bio: Karen Weisman graduated from Boston University...

Have you already cooked delicious Scottish croquettes with haggis? And enjoyed its full-flavoured taste? I have to say honestly, I’ve cooked this dish twice already. The first time was to shot the photo session, and the second time I cooked it to excite my guests by the miracle of cold-smoking p...

I taught Katy how to make pancakes! (they're chocolate, so they're supposed to be that color, she's not burning them)