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Virtual calories for our friends and family celebrating their birthdays in June!

Dear Chocolate ,

Thanks for being there for me ♥

When no one was .. :")



#My Favourite Novel (Fiction)


Joss Stirling - Finding Sky


"Bad but not mean' seemed to be the verdict.

Tina's summary was the most succinct: 'like Belgian chocolate—absolutely sinful and completely irresistible."

Only few more to do today,

The petit fours are not made yet,

Please see the tags for the variety,

It will take me awhile to write them:-)

Now I must go in the kitchen for the Macaroons....

chocolate cupcakes

topped with ganache

cherries dipped in belgian bittersweet chocolate

belgian chocolate cherry leaves

My very first cake for 2011. Brought this to a friend's house on New Year's day.


It's a two-layered chocolate chiffon filled with quartered strawberries and frosted with my favourite stabilized whipped cream with cream cheese frosting. Garnished with more strawberries and cherries.


I initially wanted to make a Black Forest cake but didn' t find the time to make all the components for it so I settled for something simpler. Although I didn't give this cake much thought, it thankfully turned out pretty and delicious too!

Cupcakes by Meringue Bakery in LaCrosse Wisconsin.

Smile on Saturday "Chocolate"

Made some of my homemade chocolate back with crushed almonds

My first attempt at making them. Recipe and how just follow this link

Canon EOS 5D MKll

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM


Week 24 of my Nifty Fifty for 52 challenge

This week's prompt is: Sweet


I've spent the whole week preparing for my daughter's high school graduation open house, so I knew my Nifty Fifty shot for this week was going to be of the cupcakes we'd be preparing. Yummy!


Explored on June 19, 2015


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جميع الصور المعروضة تعتبر ضمن ملكية ح.بولند ، يجب طلب الإذن من صاحبة الصور شخصياً قبل تحميل أو نسخ أو استخدام أياً من هذه الصور على الإطلاق

Fresh fried churros with chocolate dipping sauce

Chocolate on chocolate, double awesomness!

Lighting info:

Nikon SB-600, Lumiquest Softbox III, 1/64 power, handheld above subject.

Triggered by Cactus V5.


The recipe is here.

Chocolate Cupcakes edged with chocolate chips. You can buy these at Calandra’s Bakery.


Our Daily Challenge (ODC): The Edge


صنع إيديآ وحيآة عينيا :$






أتمنى تنآل اعجآبكم

Who has the complimentary Champagne?





Just some simple chocolates to say thank you for your continious support during the last year.

Please have a chocolate, they're on the house.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2015!


My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

Forrest Gump




kending tsokolate


Ang ilang mga simpleng tsokolate lang ang masasabi salamat sa iyong continious suporta sa panahon ng nakaraang taon .

Mangyaring magkaroon ng tsokolate, ang mga ito ay nasa bahay .

Binabati ka ng lahat sa manigong Bagong Taon 2015 !


Aking momma palaging sinabi, "Ang Buhay ay tulad ng isang kahon ng tsokolate. Hindi mo alam kung ano ang iyong gonna get ."

Forrest Gump


If the Tagalog translation is wrong, we'll just blaim google.

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