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Exactly, you find a relatively small object, take your camera with a strong wide-angle lens and go to diving station :-). Then 100 mm icicles become huge stalactites of ice.


Wie macht man aus der Mücke einen Elefanten?


Genau, man finde ein relativ kleines Objekt, nehme seine Kamera mit einem starken Weitwinkel und begebe sich auf Tauchstation :-) ...dann werden aus 100 mm großen Eiszäpfchen riesige Stalaktiten aus Eis...

It was very easy until I decided to make my macro ‘pumpkins’ light up.

It may seem silly but you can’t imagine how much I enjoyed doing this.

A picture of glowing ‘pumpkins’ follows

A little red leaf challenge.

Found this poinsetta leaf just a few steps away from this spot.


Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts Center.


Mike D.

The great tit collects fluffy material from a cactus inside a greenhouse in Bonn Botanical Gardens.


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Jetzt im Herbst beginnt die Produktion von Sommerfluffwolken, damit sie rechtzeitig zum Frühjahr in ausreichender Zahl zur Verfügung stehen.

The great tit collects fluffy material from a cactus inside a greenhouse in Bonn Botanical Gardens.

Kalgoorlie's Super Pit Mine (Western Australia). Caterpillar 793 Haul Trucks: they weigh 166 tonne; have a 225 tonne payload; and a 3,790 litre fuel tank

Grande Palchbel!..


una botta di flash per schiarire..

The entrance to the Sandton Convention Centre.

AAW June 8 - 15 Triptych

WIT: In the time of covid 19, I've been busy baking bread - I decided to try no-knead focaccia. I noticed on Instagram that focaccia flowers are a thing, and since I enjoy playing with my food, I thought I'd try my hand at it. The triptych represents the different stages of my focaccia, from raw ingredients to finished creation. It was yummy!


Here is the link to the recipe I followed:


Made Explore.


Hair: Modulus - Shawn Hair - FatPack •Fameshed

Shirt: etham - Victor Shirt •Fameshed



Hair: TRUTH - Rumor

Dress: Tres Blah - Lula Dress - Fatpack •Fameshed



PLAAKA Ravioli •Shiny Shabby

PLAAKA RavioliTray

PLAAKA PastaMachine

PLAAKA FlourMountain

PLAAKA CuiingRavioli

PLAAKA RavioliStamp Square

PLAAKA RavioliStamp Round

PLAAKA PastaCutter


PLAAKA RavioliBowl



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For once I met someone

as clumsy as me.

I am always falling..

Tripping even.

But I was too clumsy this time

and so were you.

You stumbled over my past,

And I fumbled into your mind.

You stepped into my soul

And I slipped into your life.

You tripped over my presence,

And we collapsed

into each others' hearts.


I'm glad you're as clumsy as me.


"Clumsy" by Shane Carmichael


(Testing more boots for Morgan and I think they're FABulous! But I still managed to take a tumble on the frozen pond and make a duckling laugh. -giggles- )


Heels Mainstore




100% of all Heels sales proceeds whether from the Mainstore or Events go towards the maintenance and operation of the Care and Hope Center. Opened in 2014, The Care and Hope Center is a not-for-profit information hub to instill awareness on the horrors of domestic violence. We offer free information and classes in a safe and friendly atmosphere. The Center is with the approval of LoveIsRespect, The National Domestic Violence Hotline, The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, and Joyful Heart Foundation.


Care and Hope Center

for "Smile on Saturday" - theme : Sheep .

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict with capers.

A spider!? Oh Jack, how did you manage to make that?


** 19 days until Halloween **

Dissent is Patriotic, Silence is Complacency!

Ta main contre la mienne.

Ton bras contre le mien.

Ton corps contre le mien.

Ton visage contre le mien.

Ton souffle contre le mien.


Ton souffle avec le mien.

Ton désir avec le mien.

Ton plaisir avec le mien.



In blood and tears for the fame and riches, popularity and

profits that the exhibition of your soul and emotions

bring to you in such abundance


Emotional pain apparently a negligent price

for so much fame…


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A sprinkler, sun, and a strong breeze.

1. Take some rocks

2. Add water

The wonderfully swerving design of Glenfinnan Viaduct in the Scottish Highlands.


Happy Monochrome Monday!


PX500 | BR-Creative |

put your lips together and . . .

This watch was a perk at a job I had some years ago. It took me quite a while to find it in its hiding place for this photo today. There are lots of clocks around me these days – the car, the microwave, the phone, the computer, and yes – even my camera – all have clocks. So at some point I just started leaving my watch behind and the battery has since died.


Today’s theme at We’re Here! is Clocks, and that got me thinking about the subject of time, and the fact that I so frequently carve out precious hours for photography when I really “don’t have time” for it. It seems important to me – and this afternoon I came across a little summary of some research that kind of explains my experience. In short, some research has found:


“. . . that one way to feel like we have all the time in the world (even if we don't) is to do things that inspire awe. It's easy to get caught up in the routines of everyday life and miss out on potentially wondrous experiences, some of which may be right under our noses.”


“Awe . . . led to expanded time perceptions, which in turn increased perceived life satisfaction and interest in experiences rather than material goods.”


And that’s really it. These little challenges I set myself to catch a sunset, wander down alleys, hike a new trail, watch people, and visit new places just to take pictures usually produce at least one of those little “wow” moments that seem to interrupt the flow of time for a bit.


Here’s the article:


sliders sunday: start with one tile that you really like,

make a 4 tile collage by rotating that tile.

take that tile/collage and use the mirror option on it 4 times

(4 different ways).

take those tiles and make a collage,

then add the HDR.

this looks awesome in the fullscreen screen

apologies-- this didn't seem to be showing up in the queue, so i took it out and put it back in again

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