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How clouds are made skyscape

I've learned that people will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel.


{ Maya Angelou }


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"These are little scraps of magic and when you paste them together you get a memory of something fine and strong, she said. Sometimes it takes till you're 40 to see it though." - Story People


We used to come here often when I was much, much younger, not at this same spot, but somewhere near. Somehow though, this place seems more enchanting now...

perhaps it's because I'm seeing it through another set of eyes...

or maybe it's because I'm seeing it through a glass.

I was able to watch quite a few clouds 'being made' this weekend from 'contrails' (Lines in center of shot).

The sky was amazing....


Not cropped or altered. minor adjustments.

this is in my show at the Twilight Gallery so I thought I would post it.. what do you think?


Ta main contre la mienne.

Ton bras contre le mien.

Ton corps contre le mien.

Ton visage contre le mien.

Ton souffle contre le mien.


Ton souffle avec le mien.

Ton désir avec le mien.

Ton plaisir avec le mien.


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Performance con Daniele Sciacca




Cold and broken sunflower in my garden..where is summer..?


Have a calm evening, sweet dreams at night!

Performance con Daniele Sciacca



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Performance con Daniele Sciacca



Performance con Daniele Sciacca



. . . First take normal Michigan beach grass, trees, and sand; then add lots of frigid spray from Lake Michigan. Allow the ice cold water spray to saturate, and repeat, again and again! Viola!


Have a great Sunday and week Facebook and Flickr friends!




I made this one to help you understand how the puzzle effect have been made ...

Ol49-59 with an afternoon train bound for Leszno leaves the Błotnica station

In blood and tears for the fame and riches, popularity and

profits that the exhibition of your soul and emotions

bring to you in such abundance


Emotional pain apparently a negligent price

for so much fame…


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Basically, I try a lot of weird things until something goes right. =D

This image was taken with an old camera D300 with a "cheap" 600mm (300mm F/4 and a 2x teleconverter). But it is much, much more than just the equipment that produced the breathtaking result. Can you name some of those skills? How can you master those skills?

I will probably make a V2 banshee so let me know what you like and don't like.

Paper Snake making video tutorial. How to make an origami snake easily. In this video I've made a snake by using a piece of color paper. The paper size is Paper (29 cm X 8 cm) --- 1 piece Make this colorful origami paper stuff "snake" for kids that they can play with paper toys.

16mm, 8mm, rotation tool, plasma ball, card board, RGB bottle

Stand next to an electrical Sub Station.


I wonder if this place has an outlet for my Hairdryer?


View singing in the rain ... STOP! Never mind, on second thought, view quietly



Shocking Sunday HSS (Sorry, SLIDERS Sunday, my bad)

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