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It's actually the charming little house occupied by the St Stephen's Green park keeper in Dublin


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Don't go inside the house-light is just trap....!

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Some Manor House in Cotswolds. My journey in UK.

Former Bodnant Gardens owners house. Still occupied but the gardens now belong to the National Trust

After posting a couple of dreary winter scenes in a row, I've decided to go back to a fall image with a bit of warmth to it.


I know nothing about these abandoned homes on a farm south of Laporte, Saskatchewan. I can only speculate on why the two houses were built so close together. Perhaps one is the old house and the other is a newer one. Perhaps the newer house was for an offspring of the farmers. In any event, both are empty and forgotten now. I thought it was kind of odd for that truck to still be there, considering it has considerable collector value.

Another found subject (previously visited) during the TAG project hunt! This would have been quite the house...

Sorento Road School ... long abandoned one room school house

in central Illinois

The Scottish capital has an astonishing number of houses made of stone, probably due to the abundance of it in the area. The best thing is, the colours of the stones change with the weather. Imagine having a different looking house with every season!

Andrew haileys house in a different light!!

Last Saturday I was rafting with my friends. This shot was taken during that time.

For once it wasn't totally overgrown with trees...Northwest Iowa. And sad.

Textures by Distressed Jewel and Boccacino on Flickr.

Old farm house ... somewhere in east central Michigan ... texture by Joe's Sista


A quick HDR ox Exbury House in Exbury Park.

Maison du chasseur


Montecute House, Montecute, Somerset, England.

Toy lens style. House and tree in the village of Elton (Huntingdonshire), Cambridgeshire, UK.

Montecute House, Montecute, Somerset, England


National Trust


Favoured dinner guests were often asked to retire to one of two pudding houses, which offered extensive views over the parkland, for the third course of fruits, sweetmeats, quince, jelly and sweet spiced wine.

Canon EOS 7D | Sigma 10-20mm | Hoya ND400

f/14 | 30s | 10mm | ISO 100

HDR from 1 RAW



imaginaire situatie, samengesteld uit diverse foto's (natuurlijk wel allemaal door mijzelf geschoten).

Dit schitterende huis staat in Breda, aan de rand van het Mastbos.

A little house I found on Whidbey Island.

Open plan living, sky dish, open air dining in a country setting.

I don't get too many chances to photograph snowy landscapes, both because we don't get a lot of it every winter, and because the cold is less than inviting. Here's an old house in my hometown anyway, the tree behind me casting its shadow upon the facade. If you look carefully, you can also see the shadow of my camera and tripod.

Tŷ Mawr Wybrnant is owned by the National Trust and has been restored to its probable 16th-century appearance.

Tŷ Mawr,translates as "Big House"

It was the birthplace of Bishop William Morgan, first translator of the whole Bible into Welsh.

He began work on his own translation of the Old Testament in the early 1580s and published this, together with a revision of Salesbury's New Testament, in 1588.


Wales 2013 05 688 Ty Mawr Wybrnant HDR

added a fractalius layer to previous image


used my favorite texture by Mat textureonline



The Bates Motel with houses next door to it.

Canadian house

Same house, point of view from the other side

..thanks to Flickr buddy Rodney Harvey for generously opening up his territory for photographic exploration....


Rodney's outstanding photostream can be found here:

The Kennedy Stone House was built in 1840. The structure behind the main house was the root cellar. The house is located in Cambridge, OH.


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Historical country house also to be opened to the public

As of 1 September, the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam will be using the historical country house, Trompenburg, as an extra location. Trompenburg, which is close to Hilversum, was built after 1677 by Admiral Cornelis Tromp (1621-1691), the son of the legendary Admiral Maarten Harpertsz Tromp. The residence, that was built to resemble a ship, will be open for use by the Rijksmuseum from 1 April to 1 October for holding lectures, small conferences and small-scale exhibitions. In addition, Trompenburg will also be opened to the public a few times each year.


A monument for the Tromp family

Throughout the years, Trompenburg House has been a home to different families, and has been in the care of the Government Buildings Agency as a monument since 1938. Cornelis Tromp, who was the commander-in-chief of the Dutch and Danish fleet, built Trompenburg as a monument for himself and his ancestors, his father in particular. The Tromp family's glory is the theme of the dome hall - which can be seen as the maritime answer to the Oranjezaal, the central chamber in Huis ten Bosch Palace. The dome hall contains the portraits of father and son Tromp and both their wives, portraits of the ships and the naval battles.


Decoration and exhibitions

Trompenburg will not be used for large exhibitions, as the country residence is too small. However, the Rijksmuseum is considering whether the house could be decorated with art works on a limited scale. Where possible, any art work that is selected will be in keeping with the themes of life on a 17th Century country estate and the maritime history of the period of 1630 and 1690.


Due to the limited capacity of Trompenburg House, the exhibitions as well as the lectures and conferences will all be small-scale. The house will be opened to the public once a month during the April-October season (six times in total). A steward will reside at Trompenburg House.

This tiny little village surrounded by Pyrenées in every direction has to have one of the best views I've ever seen. As well as charming stone houses (very typical to the place).

Old abandoned house with post processing texture and effects applied. Shot with an Olympus OM-D E-M1 m43 camera and LUMIX G VARIO 45-200/F4.0-5.6 zoom lens. Raw conversion and processing in ACDSee Pro 7. Additional processing in PhotoLine 18 and onOne Perfect Photo Suite 8.

some old house i saw on my way...

Roman and Denise wouldn't get out of my picture :p


Kalopsia Stone House and wall @ Fameshed

Kalopsia & Vagabond - Country Porch Bench (Cosmopolitan)

Kalopsia - Weathered Pergola

Kalopsia - Antique Tea Cups

Kalopsia - Antique Tea Cart

Kalopsia - Book Stack

Kalopsia - Antique Photo Chair (add your own photos)

Kalopsia - Old Box (Green)


LISP - Mesh Blinds Wide Short - White

8. Apple Fall Roses Jug

*AF* Renaissance Faire Light L ~ Weathered

36 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Clay Pots

28 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Laundry Rack

29 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Laundry Basket

[we're CLOSED] wild flowers lavender

[we're CLOSED] grass field lush

[we're CLOSED] old barrels

[we're CLOSED] weathered table V2

[we're CLOSED] rustic deck 4 - light

[TUFF] Dirt Path

[we're CLOSED] trees summer

7 - Unstrung Classical Guitar

7 - Yard Mule Cart

Serenity Style- Rust Old Car

Haybale Hangout


temporary build on Derailed


According to Wiki - The Mercer House, now called the Mercer-Williams House Museum, is located at 429 Bull Street and stands at the southwest end of Monterey Square, in Savannah, Georgia.[1] The house was the scene of the shooting death of Jim Williams' assistant, Danny Hansford, a story that is retold in the 1994 John Berendt novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The house is currently owned by Dorothy Kingery, Williams' sister, and is open to the public for tours.




Designed by John S. Norris for General Hugh Weedon Mercer (great-grandfather of the songwriter Johnny Mercer) construction of the house began in 1860. Construction was interrupted by the American Civil War, and finally completed around 1868 by the new owner, John Wilder.


For a period in the twentieth century, the building was used as the Savannah Shriners Alee Temple. It then lay vacant for a decade until in 1969 when Jim Williams, one of Savannah’s earliest and most dedicated private restorationists, bought the house and restored it.


Before Hansford's death, as retold in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, the house had already been the scene of two deaths. In 1913 a previous owner tripped over the second floor banister, fractured his hip, and suffered a concussion, dying three days later. In 1969, a boy chasing pigeons on the roof fell over the edge and impaled himself on the iron fence below.


A full exterior replica of the Mercer House was constructed in Decatur, Ga.


these are house demons & their favorite thing is to get dressed up & go to an open house & pretend it'd be absolutely perfect if it just had one more bedroom



tones: Isabelle Lafrance and Bärbel's PS/PSE actions

texture: Texture Time, flypaper and Cris Buscaglia Lenz

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