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It's actually the charming little house occupied by the St Stephen's Green park keeper in Dublin


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Some of you may recognize this old house. I recently took another trip back, and the man who owns it was mowing the grass. So.... I got a little history.


The Guyitt house was built circa 1845 and purchased by the current owners grandparents Roy and Ethel Guyitt. Their children a son and a daughter remained in the home until the daughter passed away in 2003. At that time the grandson Pete purchased this home to keep in his family. He does maintain the exterior as best as can be, there have been wedding photos taken here among other countless stories he was happy to share ~ thank you so much Pete


Still away but trying to keep up, hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, it's sunny here in Nova Scotia today, a great day for adventures





Don't go inside the house-light is just trap....!

Have a grand week guys.Thank you for comments and faves.

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Some of the little houses in Stromness, Orkney

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I have seen quite a few shots of this house posted lately so here is a little something different.


This is what happens when you shoot at night under a full moon that is shining directly on your subject....


After viewing images on my LCD and my friends LCD there was a discussion about exposures and what was "right".....I think we both agreed to each have our own harm done!


Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Exposure: 30 seconds

Aperture: f/4.0

Focal Length: 31 mm

ISO Speed: 1000

Exposure Bias: 0 EV

In this particular case, my iPhone actually did a better job than my old Flexaret film camera.

Processed with Camera+ and Instagram.

A cloudy day in Cadzand.

Kientzheim - Alsace - France

Another found subject (previously visited) during the TAG project hunt! This would have been quite the house...

Enter This Deserted House


But please walk softly as you do.

Frogs dwell here and crickets too.


Ain't no ceiling, only blue.

Jays dwell here and sunbeams too.


Floors are flowers - take a few

Ferns grow here and daisies too.


Swoosh, whoosh - too-whit, too-woo

Bats dwell here and hoot owls too.


Ha-ha-ha, hee-hee, hoo-hoooo,

Gnomes dwell here and goblins too.


And my child, I thought you knew

I dwell here... and so do you


Sheldon Allan Silverstein


Thanks to NinianLif for the texture


This house sits quietly in the middle of nowhere, miles from any occupied building. Most of the snow had melted around here and we enjoyed above average temperatures.


Sorento Road School ... long abandoned one room school house

in central Illinois

Private houses in the city of Sergiev Posad.. Moscow region. Sun before sunset in cold winter time.

Canon EOS 7D

SIGMA 8-16mm f/4.5-5.6 DC HSM

3 handheld RAW exposures (+2 0 -2)

Photomatix Pro 4.2

Adobe CS4

Topaz Adjust for de-noise

Viveza 2 for enhance details

Some Manor House in Cotswolds. My journey in UK.

Originally built in 1891 as Bidston Court it was moved to its current location in 1921 and renamed Hilbark

Old house a few miles W of Petit Jean State Park.


3 shot HDR processed in Photomatix.


It's not the first time I've shot the old house. See below.

The Kennedy Stone House was built in 1840. The structure behind the main house was the root cellar. The house is located in Cambridge, OH.


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My dentist's home

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A little house I found on Whidbey Island.

Each time I travel Highway 395, I stop at this little house to see if it’s still standing. This year my thoughts turn to wondering about which of us will be the first to fall… this structure is tough. Probably like the Folks who built it.


(Nikon D750, 16-35/4.0, 1/25 sec @ f/5.6, ISO 100)

Saw this and had to give it a shot.

Andrew haileys house in a different light!!

Breathtaking beauty of the Rhinefield House hotel situated in the new Forest Hampshire it really is beautiful and stunning house to visit

Mother Earth will have this all back someday.

I don't get too many chances to photograph snowy landscapes, both because we don't get a lot of it every winter, and because the cold is less than inviting. Here's an old house in my hometown anyway, the tree behind me casting its shadow upon the facade. If you look carefully, you can also see the shadow of my camera and tripod.

Bergheim - Alsace - France

Dambach la Ville - Alsace - France

A bakhuisje is the outbuilding of a farm or ranch in which they baked bread and cake. In the bakhuisje is the oven. In the modern age in most cases the bakhuisje disappeared from the yard.


Usually, the oven was built separate from the house and other outbuildings in the yard. This was to prevent the burning of the whole farm when there was a fire outbreak in the oven (WIKIPEDIA)

Mejor pincha aquí para ver en grande sobre negro o pulsa 'L'.

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Pirineos/Pyrénées: Album/Set

Huesca: Album/Set

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Canon 450D + CANON EF24-105 4L IS USM, @24mm, 1/40 sec, f/9, ISO 100

No Tripod, Date 02/08/2010 8:33:00


Imagen tomada en Piedrafita de Jaca en el Valle de Tena (Huesca).

En esta ocasión queria dedicar esta foto a Jesús, una foto texturizada.





Piedrafita es un bello conjunto de arquitectura tradicional pirenaica, situado a 1242 m de altitud.

La primera referencia histórica del pueblo data de 1203, pero no fue hasta 1488 cuando quedó constancia de un censo de 10 casas.

Piedrafita conecta con Tramacastilla de Tena por un idílico camino denominado "El Betato", que discurre entre árboles de gran variedad y belleza, sorteando el interesante barranco de Gorgol.

Un curioso arco de piedra natural da paso a una de las zonas más amplias para el desarrollo de excursiones de poca dificultad en verano y para el esquí de paseo en invierno.

Valle de Tena:

El Valle de Tena, está situado estratégicamente en el centro del Pirineo ragonés, pudiéndose acceder al Valle, por España o por Francia, ya que las comunicaciones han mejorado significativamente en los últimos años. Gran parte del recorrido desde Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao y San Sebastián, se realiza por autopistas o autovías .

Las carreteras del Valle recientemente mejoradas y la apertura de la autovía Zaragoza-Huesca aseguran un cómodo acceso a cualquier población del Valle de Tena.



Photo taken at Piedrafita de Jaca in the Tena Valley (Huesca/Spain).

Piedrafita :

Piedrafita is a beautiful blend of traditional architecture Pyrenees, situated at 1242 m altitude.

The first historical reference to the village dates from 1203, but it was not until 1488 when it became aware of a survey of 10 houses.

Piedrafita connects Tramacastilla de Tena by an idyllic road called "The BetaTeen" which runs between trees of great variety and beauty, skirting the ravine interesting Gorgol.

A curious natural stone arch leads to one of the largest areas for the development of difficulty walking tours in summer and the winter ski trip.

Tena´s valley:

The Tenas´s Valley, is strategically located in the heart of the Pyrenees Ragone, and can be reached at Valle, in Spain or France, because communications have improved significantly in recent years. Much of the route from Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and San Sebastian, takes place on highways or expressways.

The newly improved roads in the Valley and the opening of the Saragossa-Huesca motorway ensures easy access to any town of Tena´s valley.


Textures by : pareeerica.

Abandoned farm house in rural Ontario.


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For once it wasn't totally overgrown with trees...Northwest Iowa. And sad.

Textures by Distressed Jewel and Boccacino on Flickr.

Cuando una persona no tiene gratitud, algo le falta a su humanidad...

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