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it's a tough job.

Wearing bikinis in winter,

and sweaters, in 100-degree heat.


Fannie: "... yeah, that's why I get paid the big bucks."

playing with a grinder and a nice lady named Summer.

At Uptown Charlotte. Used 580EX with luminquest 80/20 for fill. Comments welcome.

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Processed using PhotoShop Elements 6 with Virtual Photographer by OpticVerve

Labs .


Model: Wen Winkler

Pose: Lost Angel Saucy

Dress: Vicky by Wen Winkler available at OMG (Sununu 98, 107, 50)

Location: Richarrd Larson's New Photo Studio in his Second Life ®

Medium: The three dimensional virtual world of Second Life®

Late 1930's Dodge abandoned in the Texas desert, in Terlingua.



Photography: TomekY

Model: Karolina

bikini model swimsuit model pretty beuatiful hot pretty swimsuit model hot pretty

6/30/2010: I orchestrated a glamour photoshoot with a young blonde woman named Tara. This girl has a nice personality and looks gorgeous. She took my direction well and acted in a professional manner as my beautiful model and was a good looking subject. I captured her in many poses and portraits with my Canon camera. She wore several colorful tanktop shirts and two pairs of blue denim jean shorts that exposed her great, long legs and butt. She also sported a little black dress. Her face and particularly her steel blue eyes are captured in some of my shots on my photostream. I really liked the style of this university student.


The location of this photosession was a historical downtown district in a small town. She posed in front of several old walls and some of the walls were painted unique colors that provide a different, creative look to some of my compositions. The girl also posed in a green tanktop and flipflops in front of a wall of ivy and vegetation. Elsewhere, she posed upon the concrete floor of an outdoor stage and on and around railroad tracks and an old, red train caboose. In some of my pictures, Tara is smiling, and she looks serious, though always sexy, in others. An old, rusty fire escape is utilized for some of the pictures, and a bench and picnic table are used in others.


The weather was steamy hot, and the sun was shining during most of the stylish, outdoors shoot. I really enjoy the summer months, and this late June afternoon was really enjoyable as was this fashion shoot.


Please let me know what you think by commenting on this photo and giving me your feedback. Do you like this picture? If so, why?????


One thing I'd like to be is more creative in my portraits. I think this would be improved through different manipulations in the color of my compositions. For example, I could adjust the saturation and exposure and contrast settings through photoshop or Picnic, and I could do more work in black and white. Otherwise, I could develop more elaborate, stylish themes for my photo sessions.


If you can think of an interesting, clever idea for a fun theme, please comment on this picture and tell me your thought because I would love to hear it. Sometimes, I feel worried that my amateur photo shoots are going to fall into a rut as I do roughly the same thing. I would like my photography to evolve into something special with fresh, new energy that people really like. On the other hand, I am still very much new and have pltny to learn. I'm not ashamed of this fact because I am not a professional photographer. I do this as a fun hobby that I would like to take to the next level. Please let me know through comments on my work as to what you like about this picture.


Here is a photo I took of Amy last fall (Sept., 09) which meant much to me as I felt that was a defining photoshoot as I really found my niche:


Here's a portrait of Holli that I took earlier this year in my studio. It's not as popular as some of my photos, but feel free to take a look:


Also, you're invited to my group, Women beauties, that I administer. If you like my work, you're more than invited to become a part of my group:

Ebony and Ivory

bikini model swimsuit model pretty beuatiful hot pretty swimsuit model hot pretty

Modelo: Mariene Zambiasi - Santa Catarina - Brazil.

Model: Playmate - Nina Schwake

Photography: Henrik Adamsen /


Location: My studio in Copenhagen

Magz near the end of our negotiated modeling session...we got an hour of her time....she got cookies.........j.

bikini model swimsuit model pretty beuatiful hot pretty swimsuit model hot pretty

More pictures and articles at

Very hot n sexy babes, Kelly Brook pics.

Pentax K10D

Sigma 50~200mm

Model : Jennie

Make up : her self

Re-touch : Andy

Location: Rousalka


Contact : Andy | 0934.81.32.71

Y!M :


Butt Corn Group - Nha Trang 10-2010

Vikk , Comnhom , Deven ,PoPoSon , KennyD ,Yanming ,Phuong Ruoi , Pé 3

a glamorous look

Ebony and Ivory 2

Very hot n sexy babes, Kelly Brook pics.

Very hot n sexy babes, Kelly Brook pics.


Judy Muller is one of the hottest, promising Sri Lankan Model aspiring to make it big in the glamour fashion world. She has a very long way to go in the glamour world and we wish her the best. Here are the High Quality (HQ) collection of images of Judy...

Taken at Aura Studio


The model is the Amazing SINderella Rockafella!/SINderellaRockafellaPinUp


Sexy Girl,Hot Model

This beauty is Josephine@Via Models, and I can surely say that this was my coldest shoot ever. We were both freezing to death and were happy to hold a hot cup of tea in our hands..and all this in March! God I miss summer and I am still waiting for spring to come

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