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a Hooded Orchid 'Phrius tankervilliae' taken at Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago

Garret Mountain Reservation, NJ

San Francisco, CA


Been on the road with Hoodie Allen the last month.


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Hoodie artwork.

Attired in their best, the five male Hooded Mergansers on Beaumaris Lake are trying their hardest to outdo each other in style - all vying for the attention of two females.

During courting display, the male Hoodie regularly bobs his head up and down, and tips his head crest all the way back as he lets out a sexy croak!

(Taken on Oct.6, 2018, late afternoon)

Stop pretending.


You're just innocent with your mask on. You thought you've putted on a great show , but actually i can see the inner you.



I'm really tired of those who wear masks. What's the purpose and why you ever need one. It feels bad. I'm glad that mines pikachu.


Strobist : 580EXII through umbrella on power 1/16 triggered by PT-04TM

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

Oscar Wilde

Robbery Lake, Golden Gate Park, SF

Lots of cloud cover when I took this shot and of course, the female does not have as dramatic colouring as the male. Her hood will expand out similar shape to the male's she was busy fishing at the time and flattened it prior to a dive.

I was privileged and delighted this morning to watch the Hooded Mergansers for awhile. Most interesting. There was apparently only one male (I had seen two just a few days ago) with a big handful of hens at the lake. I'm not sure who makes the choice, but this lady seemed to make her intentions known and they were not unnoticed. Eventually, the other hens seemed to disappear and it was just this happy couple left. I can tell you, she is NOT dipping her head to get a drink - she's making it known she is ready. There were IMHO several steps from the chase, then he starts an elaborate bathing sequence, she gets low in the water, and well you know. More to come.

Female Hooded Merganser in Florida.

Someone asked me the other day what the (r) meant, I have resized the image smaller than the original.



f/4.0 (I should have stopped down a bit more)



ISO 320

Hand held

Back at the Holocaust Memorial and a shot that was spotted by jotKa26. I've had to crop this a lot though as they were quite a distance away.


mine I like : people : JiBBR : stele

I did not know my 100-400 with the extender on would give such a shallow dof at f/8. I switch back and forth between the 300 f/2.8 and I was quite happy to see this was possible at f/8. Another cold day the wind picked up in the afternoon and blew Hoodie's perfect hood over.






ISO 400

Double Headthrows and lots of action at my pond this morning

Another version for the beautiful look of my dear friend R.

Hooded Merganser Displaying for the female

Have a lovely evening friends.. and if you can get a chance; go outside and look

at that moon, it is completely wondrous..

My new hoodie- and I found this cool red and yes- a little blue wall & thought Perfect!

This trio of Hooded Merganser chicks is about 10 days old

Lophodytes cucullatus - Serreta Capuchona - Harle couronne


Blue Sea, Quebec

ipod selection: The Lost Boyz

Album: Love Peace & Nappiness

Song: Hoodies (Interlude)


*wind blowing*


You will find them watching you

Underneath hoodies

Pulled over the slickest bald headz

They love like quiet storms

There smiles make brief appearances

And the women who love them

Keep there secrets

Tucked deeply behind whispers

Between kisses...


Why of course im in a hoodie!!

We had Gemma's Boston emroidered on the front of all of the hoodies!! I think it made the hoodie go from a "I think I need that" to a "MUST have, HAVE to have it!"

Illustrations by Gemma Correll

exclusively for

I showed off my blue and red one this last weekend- but here is one of my other new hoodie! Don't you just love stuff with fuzy trim? I do! Oh- yeah and one of my fav. color combo's Brown & Turquoise!

This is day 137!

Oh thrift stores- I love you!


I'm unnecessarily picky about things like hoodies, so I have a tendency to wear them until they're so ratty I pretty much have to get something new. In this case, I got something older than new, but I love it the same.



Thanks Lucy nka for the suggestion

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Hooded Merganser male showing his stuff.

The ladies were after this guy......

Young Hooded Merganser drakes (Lophodytes cucullatus) -03

Teal Pond, Thomson Marsh, Kelowna, BC.


"Stay curious, my bro."

Love watching these little ducks. They seem to think they are bigger than they are.

bean wants to know if it is ever going to stop snowing... she is very extremely tired of winter :p

yay! i made another hoodie. ^^ this time it doesn't have a snap in front or at the back. ^^ i'm so happy i finally figured out how. but i'm too lazy to hem the edges that's why it doesn't look so good.

High in the Bay


all hand made, one of a kind. collab with mildred

This outfit was meant to be for my candy meteor girl...but the more I look at partio in it the more I can see my self letting her keep it....

I haven't' had a lot of time for photography this last week but have a Razz in an adorable Hoodie by Alice.Doll. The second I saw it I KNEW it was perfect for Razz. She can't be in her show clothes all the time.


Sorry for the overly tilty shot.

Not a good photo, but Alix looked too adorable to ignore<3 you guys haven't seen her in a while hey? I really love her but she just doesn't get photos... I still have some from over a year ago ^_^'

eBird now lists Hoodies in the Bay Area as rare and I got two! Awesome!


There are such subtle differences between these two males. There is more scalloping on the scapulars on this bird. Try saying that one fast. :)


Just posting for my own record of sightings.


This is Hoodie #2 that so far I have only seen on this day.

Hooded Merganser (Lophodytes cucullatus)


Kananaskis, AB

There was thick fog this AM and the hoodies didn't make it in until after 9:30 and only stayed for about 20 minutes. Water was murky, bad fishing.

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