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a Hooded Orchid 'Phrius tankervilliae' taken at Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago

The female Hooded Merganser shows off her beautiful crest.

Stanley Park, Vancouver BC.

Someone asked me the other day what the (r) meant, I have resized the image smaller than the original.



f/4.0 (I should have stopped down a bit more)



ISO 320

Hand held

A Hooded Merganser calling for a mate,,,,

I did not know my 100-400 with the extender on would give such a shallow dof at f/8. I switch back and forth between the 300 f/2.8 and I was quite happy to see this was possible at f/8. Another cold day the wind picked up in the afternoon and blew Hoodie's perfect hood over.






ISO 400

Hooded Merganser - Lophodytes cucullatus

Serreta Capuchona - Harle couronne

Blue Sea, Quebec

I loved how her third eyelid matched the sky. My local hoodies are hilarious. So very clever. But they have had a bad year. First they had to rebuild their nest as the electricity repair men lopped a couple of branches off their huge scots pine. Then the buzzards have moved into their nest - 3 trees along. The paranoia is terrible. No doubt that the hoodies can see their wee ones being on the buzzard's menu :-) Dive bombing and aerial battles. Despite all this the hoodies have two youngsters not far off fledging and the buzzards definitely have an egg (it might be two!).


(Three more images in the comments)

This trio of Hooded Merganser chicks is about 10 days old

Lophodytes cucullatus - Serreta Capuchona - Harle couronne


Blue Sea, Quebec

Corvids are not everyone's cup of tea but I think the Hooded Crow is one of the better looking ones

The hoodies have not been around much at my pond, especially the males but mid-morning, I found this little guy cruising close. Second shot, you can see the protective nictating membrane beginning to cover his eye as he begins the dive.

Another version for the beautiful look of my dear friend R.

(76/365) new pink hoodie.

Stop pretending.


You're just innocent with your mask on. You thought you've putted on a great show , but actually i can see the inner you.



I'm really tired of those who wear masks. What's the purpose and why you ever need one. It feels bad. I'm glad that mines pikachu.


Strobist : 580EXII through umbrella on power 1/16 triggered by PT-04TM

Sumi~Rawr oAo?

Rubi~:] I see camera!

Yumi~ >:[ ~Is not amused~


I fucking love you two<3

Double Headthrows and lots of action at my pond this morning

North Point State Park.

I am extremely proud to bring to you the newest collection from Dynasty for the last Arcade Gacha round of the year 2013.

There are 6 tops in total:


4 Nordic Hoodies: Forest, Woods, Winter, and Frost (Common Items)

2 Winter Hoodies: Earth and Ocean (Rare Items)


December 1st - 31st


I hope you guys enjoy. Have fun, may you enjoy your holidays and have a Happy New Year.



Photo done by: Aris (Diaxm)

I don't often see the hooded mergansers out of the water, this drake male was keeping a close watch on things including me.

(Explored 2/25/14 #4)

Happy Macro Monday!



Just a simple zipper. I wanted to keep it simple this week since I thought that I would finally take the big plunge and shoot in RAW for the first time. So I shot it, loaded it up and started editing....aaaand then panicked and deleted it and reshot it in jpeg. Ah well. So I shall do some more reading about RAW and try again another time. Baby


nothing arty, just for fun and saying hi!

More psychedelic roses in, appropriately enough, my set: "Psychedelic Roses"




My photographs and videos and any derivative works are my private property and are copyright © by me, John Russell (aka “Zoom Lens”) and ALL my rights, including my exclusive rights, are reserved. ANY use without my permission in writing is forbidden by law.


a little whimsical fun on a dark, damp afternoon

This was the blighter that had pecked the otters tail to try and scare the otter off his fish.


The weather is Wales today is nothing like that in the picture - I'm thinking about an Ark.


Press L

25 March 2017

A big crop of this fella at the Wildcat Ridge WMA wetlands.

Female Hooded Merganser. As I said on my previous post of the male, they came quite close for me to take some individual shots of them. This lady later caught a big meal (a frog...poor little guy) when she was hiding in the dark. I did manage a shot of that which came out quite dark and noisy unfortunately.


Large On Black

This outfit was meant to be for my candy meteor girl...but the more I look at partio in it the more I can see my self letting her keep it....

Hooded Merganser on the Housatonic RIver in New Milford CT

This went on for a few minutes! Hoodie was yelling & biting mallard tails :)

Oh thrift stores- I love you!


I'm unnecessarily picky about things like hoodies, so I have a tendency to wear them until they're so ratty I pretty much have to get something new. In this case, I got something older than new, but I love it the same.



Colmar, Alsace, France

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