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Flowers of the honeysuckle vary in color and size but have a common distinctive trumpet-like shape. The distinct, red berries are produced in the fall and attract birds and other animals. Formerly in the Caprifoliaceae (Honeysuckle) family, this species gets its “honeysuckle” common name and lonicera species epithet from the shape of its flowers, which resemble those of true honeysuckles (Lonicera species), but that's where the similarities end. Bush Honeysuckle has serrated leaves and the fruit is a capsule, where true honeysuckles have toothless leaves and berries for fruit.

Anytime new insight replaces an old assumption or a fossilized perception is the spring. New understandings sprout, new tolerances appear, and new curiosity draws you to previously dark places. Just as the sun shines earlier and longer in the spring, changes that seemed impossible appear to be possible with each new insight. - Gary Zukav


Coral Honeysuckle, Showy fragrant and so beautiful,

Late spring to early summer its loaded with blooms,

Hummingbirds love them,

I must cut it to the ground in the fall,

I need to build new trellis, this covers the back of our 2 car garage.

Happy Sliders Sunday!

Perfume, delicacy, beauty . . .

Various honeysuckles had many uses in early medicine. Parts of the plant were used to treat various health issues such as lung ailments, fevers, gonorrhea, asthma, worms and more. Today it is used in landscaping, windbreaks and wildlife habitat.

Have a great weekend:-)

The scent of honeysuckle fills the air in the garden. A heavenly fragrance that wraps around you and whispers, paradise.

Nice scented Honeysuckle, never lets us down.

Last year with the bad weather my whole trellis broke,

I had to cut my vine almost to the ground,

This year it sprung anew, I have whole summer to make a new trellis.


She could charm the dew right off the honeysuckle.


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Wald-Geissblatt - Lonicera periclymenum


Sony A7RIII with FE 90mm 2.8 Macro

Keke - honeysuckle in vase (gacha at the store)


Taxi to Keke

In the garden. HBW !

I photograph the honeysuckle bush most of the time. This year the honeysuckle vine had some beautiful leaves so I photographed it as well. The texture is mine.

from our garden




Summer Flower Creeper Outdoors Pink Yellow Green Leaves Honeysuckle

Bessen van de kamperfoelie

Kamperfoelie wordt ook wel 'geitenblad' genoemd. Dat komt overeen met Frans 'chèvre-feuille', Duits 'Geißblatt' en Italiaanse 'caprifoglio'. De Nederlandse naam is een verbastering van de Italiaanse.


De botanische naam Lonicera is ontleend aan de Duitse natuurvorser Adam Lonitzer

Wish there were a scratch and sniff strip. It's absolutely intoxicating. Have a Great Evening everybody.

. . . this woozy fellow could barely fly when he bumbled away. . .


Anyone remember the Beach Boys Wild Honey?

The honeysuckle leaves I posted yesterday made me think of this layered mix I made a while ago. Both photos taken in our garden some time ago, looking forward to a similar display in a couple of months time. Trying to spread a little cheerfulness in these difficult times.



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thanks for your visit an comments I appreciate that very much.

A byproduct of trying to see Comet Neowise was catching this female ruby throat enjoying a yellow honeysuckle at the dam.

Lovely plant to watch the hummingbirds and bees enjoy.

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