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His name is Bartholomew!



I had this image in my head and I was all focused on making it and our lost city at Kintsugi Spirited Beyond. Then Val passed by into the forest and my imagination went WAAAAIT and this new idea came to life. Then Val took it one step beyond with another angle at the story. I love when we do that!


Val's Version:



One step beyond!



Taken at Kintsugi Spirited Beyond.

LM: (none commercial)



Need Home sign from iBi 8f8 Homless Bear and old group gift. It gave the story a push and I just love that!


*stick tongue out at iBi* :P



This post is all Thewarehousesale Resident


Starting with Clover-Secondlife whim created Flug companion aka Bartholomew! (I named it so that Val won't kill it). Isn't he cute?!


Victor Miguel - BROKEN ARROWS made this cool fence behind us and the Barricade.


The rest of the decor in this secen is all by Dyana.Rain here we see:

Wood Coil


Yellow Barrel

Pillar on the Ground


My outfit top and jeans by jaimy hancroft It's really cool and I will show a closer look of it and the rings rom yesterday on a later post :)

Close your eyes to the horror

Close your eyes to the pain

When you live in a box

No one knows your name

Living in the street

Moms and kids

with nothing to eat

Welfare hotels

Who says there’s no place called hell ......


This apparently wasn't an acceptable place to cook and drink my beer.....I have no idea what their problem was!

Every morning I pass by this small park, and every morning there he is sleeping quietly despite the noise, the snow or the rain...I named this one: His spot... Please let me know what you think...

Periphery of Prague

MB / 2017 - Buenos Aires- Argentina

I met this guy playing his harmonica on the streets of Bristol - great guy and great sound.


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Another revamp of my festive image of which I have only one. Because of this you've probably seen it before and probably will again but it always serves as a nice wee reality check at this time of year.

Just to have a roof over our head and spend quality time with family and friends make us extremely lucky compared to millions of others..


Merry Christmas everyone.


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With this picture I try to show how we ignore the needy, even when we see the despair in their faces.

♐ 2012 / Paris, France

The slave of the new millennium is the one who is overwhelmed by technology and no longer has humanity .... wake up !

She is one of the ladies who lost her husband around Damascus and she does not have any place to stay in with her little baby...



Old Damascus


Assad's regime has been besieging and striking Eastern Ghouta and Jobar for three years; because they support the revolution.


Periphery of Prague

a mix of Eugene Kaspin' New York Times Square & Raphael, The Holy Family

Tooting - South London

Göteborg city "solves" the problem of people sleeping under bridges.


This is a kind of "If you don't stop writing on the walls, we'll remove them!" logic.

If you look into the doorway of this abandoned Union Pacific caboose, you'll see a cot with blankets and a gallon of milk sitting on the floor. Nighttime temperatures in Ogden, Utah, (Dec 2012) have been running 17 deg F (-8 C) on many nights. Other cars in this area also seem to be used by the homeless as shelters. In paricular, see:


This car is located at the south end of the Union Station in Ogden, Utah. Other cars are on display here. I am not so sure that this car is intended for display but it is there nonetheless.


A search for "Ogden homeless Utah" only shows 10 photographs in Flickr.


Nikon Coolpix P4, 3 exp, 1/3 stop, HDR by Photomatix Pro 32 bit, adjustments by Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.




Bonny accompanied me to visit the homless cats.

Exactly a month after this shot, the tall blue abbandoned building behind the yellow church got on fire and got completly destroyed, killing at least one homless living inside it. This 24 story building was one of the icons of the brazilian architectural modernism, projected in 1961 by architect Roger Zmekhol. Tha governmment had the duty of "preserving" it since 1992. A pity.


"Esse edifício foi marcante e com uma linguagem bastante arrojada. Era um edifício modernista, uma das primeiras obras que trabalhou com fachada de vidro na cidade de São Paulo", afirmou ao G1, por telefone, o presidente do Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil (IAB SP), Fernando Túlio Salva Rocha Franco.


I made this shot in Cracow near Wawel castle. I see this guy every spring/ summer season wandering about in Cracow till the mid of autumn. It looks like he enjoys the things as they are every single day. I have never seen him drunk or asking for money.

Holy Rosary Cathedral

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Okay, I know some of you guy arent pay attention to this homeless guy, but rather pay attention to something else ;-)

My intention was shoot this homless guy, but that there's distraction going on here.. :))))))))


Holy Rosary Cathedral

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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