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I made this shot in Cracow near Wawel castle. I see this guy every spring/ summer season wandering about in Cracow till the mid of autumn. It looks like he enjoys the things as they are every single day. I have never seen him drunk or asking for money.

a mix of Eugene Kaspin' New York Times Square & Raphael, The Holy Family

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spray paint acrylic cardboad paper cutouts

The next-to-last time the economy failed Americans on a massive scale, in the Great Depression, some of the homeless unemployed were able to shelter from the elements in houses they built themselves.


This is a photo of Depression-era homes in Sullivan's Gulch, a short walk from where I live now in Portland.


The photo is part of an exhibit neighborhood images on display at the local Fred Meyer store. I have to give the store credit for not presenting a santized version of the neighborhood's past.


It's interesting to look back at this in the light of how poorly we deal with homelessness today. If homeless people in sleeping bags on sidewalks and under freeways cause a stir, can you imagine how some people would react if the homless began building houses on vacant land as they did back in the Depression?


I wish I knew more about American culture history, and in particular about the so-called hobo. I don't know what sorts of paths led people to fall into that maligned category, but I bet some of them were workers who'd lost their jobs and with them their precarious perch in the society.


Here's a piece about Sullivan's Gulch from the neighborhood paper The Hollywood Reporter.


"During the Great Depression, the lower level of the gulch became a haven for approximately 300 homeless unemployed single men, including former tailors, shoemakers, carpenters, loggers and electrical workers who built crude shelters and formed a self-governing village. The last shack was torn down in July 1941 to make way for construction of Portland’s first post-war freeway, the Banfield Expressway, completed in 1956. In an article published the following year, the Oregon Journal concluded, 'Today’s Sullivan’s Gulch is more forbidding than ever. Racing railroad trains and automobiles make it even more forbidding and perilous than the winding paths, murky ponds and hoboes of yesteryear.' "


One person's shack is another person's palace.

MB / 2017 - Buenos Aires- Argentina

أيها المُتطفل الأنيق , أزح ناظريكَ عني فما السُواد إلا غشاءً بفعل الزمن ترسب .

و ما البياض إلا وُشم الزمان القاسي تشكل على شارب كهل أرهقه الدهر .

إليكَ عني و دع تصريف القدر لـ أمثاليِ يُحركنا كيفما يشاء وُله خاضعين !



بقلم : طُهر


Camera:Canon EOS 500D

Exposure:0.001 sec (1/800)


Focal Length:154 mm

ISO Speed:200

Exposure Bias:0 EV

Flash:Off, Did not fire

If you look into the doorway of this abandoned Union Pacific caboose, you'll see a cot with blankets and a gallon of milk sitting on the floor. Nighttime temperatures in Ogden, Utah, (Dec 2012) have been running 17 deg F (-8 C) on many nights. Other cars in this area also seem to be used by the homeless as shelters. In paricular, see:


This car is located at the south end of the Union Station in Ogden, Utah. Other cars are on display here. I am not so sure that this car is intended for display but it is there nonetheless.


A search for "Ogden homeless Utah" only shows 10 photographs in Flickr.


Nikon Coolpix P4, 3 exp, 1/3 stop, HDR by Photomatix Pro 32 bit, adjustments by Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.




Our Daily Challenge - Starts With "H" 7.17.12


George Carlin on homelessness : we need to change the name of it. A home is an abstract idea & a state of mind [therefore subconsciously, via the power of language, the problem is more acceptable as a complex social issue that is difficult to solve]. What people really need are houses : real, physical, tangible structures... not so complex & something we CAN improve.

Okay, I know some of you guy arent pay attention to this homeless guy, but rather pay attention to something else ;-)

My intention was shoot this homless guy, but that there's distraction going on here.. :))))))))


Periphery of Prague

Another revamp of my festive image of which I have only one. Because of this you've probably seen it before and probably will again but it always serves as a nice wee reality check at this time of year.

Just to have a roof over our head and spend quality time with family and friends make us extremely lucky compared to millions of others..


Merry Christmas everyone.


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Austin, TX.

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Looking this picture I can still hear the accordion melody, the loving couple kissing on the benches, the homeless people sleeping under the river bridge surrounded by cardboard, admire the huge neon sign, smell the amazing osaka food... I can still walk next to the river taking my girlfriend hand ^_^ the photography power

An oldie but goodie wanted to share the wall as a whole. Good people + good graffiti = good times

England, London, South Bank.


Would love to know your oppinion on this picture.

OMG look at Meatie!!!! Looks like he stumbled home, ate dinner and fell out!

is this not cute??? it took 8 months to gain his trust.

Used to be a tunnel, but most of that has been ripped out other than the rail overpass. Used to be a prominent hangout for homeless people and Lilly employees that smoked until all this was done. The dozens of homless people moved to another similar underpass about five blocks away. Taken on the near south side of Indianapolis in an area known as Pogue's Run.

A guy I saw walking around Shibuya , sometimes when I see homless people they seem to have a cool fashion sense and this guy with his camo jacket and knitted cap had a great sense of style . I didn't really have much of a conversation with him as he had no English and I was feeling really tired from walking about all day. So I took these two shots gave him some orange sweets that I was carrying then wished him best of luck and went on my way .

Initially I was a bit disappointed that I had left the ISO so high on my settings and it wasn't a sharp focus ..... but I love his smile and that outweighs the technical aspect for me .


Tbilisis Black cat, ready to attack pose.

I gotta get a better camera for shots like this. This Blackberry doesn't cut it for catching facial detail. What I was interested in was the facial expression and the body language between these two guys. I don't know why the news crew was interviewing homeless folks but the power dynamic here caught my eye.

This guy and his homless teenage friends around him called him Charles Manson. They were determined to convince me that he really was Charles Manson. I had seen him for weeks, but couldn't get his picture. Five dollars later he finally let me take his picture. By this time a crowd started to gather and I started to feel uneasy. I said, "Thanks, Charles", and quickly left.

Homless people on a side walk near Connaught place in central Delhi.

India - Jodhpur October 2011


all copyrights Zuhair Ahmad 2012

Couple Of Tags round the Side Of An Abondaned Slaughter House In Blackburn Were The Homless used To Chill Drink & take Drugs. Since been knocked Down.

This homless man was walking across the tracks when I captured this shot in south Oklahoma City.

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