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MB / 2017 - Buenos Aires- Argentina

I made this shot in Cracow near Wawel castle. I see this guy every spring/ summer season wandering about in Cracow till the mid of autumn. It looks like he enjoys the things as they are every single day. I have never seen him drunk or asking for money.

Periphery of Prague

أيها المُتطفل الأنيق , أزح ناظريكَ عني فما السُواد إلا غشاءً بفعل الزمن ترسب .

و ما البياض إلا وُشم الزمان القاسي تشكل على شارب كهل أرهقه الدهر .

إليكَ عني و دع تصريف القدر لـ أمثاليِ يُحركنا كيفما يشاء وُله خاضعين !



بقلم : طُهر


Camera:Canon EOS 500D

Exposure:0.001 sec (1/800)


Focal Length:154 mm

ISO Speed:200

Exposure Bias:0 EV

Flash:Off, Did not fire

Our Daily Challenge - Starts With "H" 7.17.12


George Carlin on homelessness : we need to change the name of it. A home is an abstract idea & a state of mind [therefore subconsciously, via the power of language, the problem is more acceptable as a complex social issue that is difficult to solve]. What people really need are houses : real, physical, tangible structures... not so complex & something we CAN improve.

GB. London. 2014. Homeless girl with her dog. London Bridge.

Periphery of Prague

Hi im happy that you wanted to come and have a look at my photo. Im 12 years old and I love taking photos, The story to this photo is:


The so beloved Kitty turned up as a homless little Kitty after her fame faded away...

all her friends has left her and she seeks shelter in a rusty old can in the forest.


Do not use this photo in any media without my consent.


Another revamp of my festive image of which I have only one. Because of this you've probably seen it before and probably will again but it always serves as a nice wee reality check at this time of year.

Just to have a roof over our head and spend quality time with family and friends make us extremely lucky compared to millions of others..


Merry Christmas everyone.


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a mix of Eugene Kaspin' New York Times Square & Raphael, The Holy Family

Austin, TX.

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In Italia la costruzione delle colonie estive, nate nel corso del secolo XIX in diverse località turistiche, venne intensificata durante il ventennio fascista; erano strutture rivolte a bambini e ragazzi, allo scopo di sostenere le famiglie meno agiate ed offrire un periodo di attività fisica e ludica.

Oggi di quelle strutture rimangono spesso solo gli scheletri di grandi edifici abbandonati a ridosso delle spiagge che danno rifugio a senzatetto o che vengono presi di mira dalla speculazione edilizia.


In Italy the construction of summer camps, originally born during the XIX century in different touristic places, was intensified during the Fascism; these were structures devoted to children and young boys, with the purpose to support less well-off families and offer their children a period of vacation filled with phisycal and ludic activities.

Today, those structures are often just decadent skeletons of large abandoned buildings near beaches, giving homless a shelter or targeted by constructions speculations.

A homeless man covered him self with this blanket because the cold weather in Damascus City center.


Date : 13 \ 4 \ 2015

Okay, I know some of you guy arent pay attention to this homeless guy, but rather pay attention to something else ;-)

My intention was shoot this homless guy, but that there's distraction going on here.. :))))))))


.....sadly, not everyone enjoyed the revelry of the New Year celebrations........


Hand held, ISO 25,600, Nikkor 35mm AF f2D

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Have a great monday !


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A sort of a find from the last Friday morning, through the car window....


Naval Avenue, Chittagong.

Looking this picture I can still hear the accordion melody, the loving couple kissing on the benches, the homeless people sleeping under the river bridge surrounded by cardboard, admire the huge neon sign, smell the amazing osaka food... I can still walk next to the river taking my girlfriend hand ^_^ the photography power

An oldie but goodie wanted to share the wall as a whole. Good people + good graffiti = good times

Jason is a street-cat. I was meeting him very often at the corner of 53rd street and 6th avenue. Usually he's not alone there... His best friend Norman is homless person and they live together sharing everything - habitate, food and... leasure. Norman really takes care about Jason...


Jason doesn't want starring. He was busy at that time I ask him to pose - he was waiting for Norman... I had just a minute to make a shot...


I've shown Jason what I made but unfortunately he was unsatisfied...

Taishi, Osaka

This dude always hangs out in the city cety center in Dundee I wonder what his story is. I prob should ask him one day, This could have easily been me.

England, London, South Bank.


Would love to know your oppinion on this picture.

OMG look at Meatie!!!! Looks like he stumbled home, ate dinner and fell out!

is this not cute??? it took 8 months to gain his trust.

A Homless male sleeps on Charing Cross Rd, London 2014

Che si fa di solito per strada? Si sogna. Si sogna di cose più o meno precise, ci si lascia trascinare dalle ambizioni, dai rancori, dal passato. È uno dei luoghi più meditativi della nostra epoca, è il nostro santuario moderno, la Strada.


Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Il dottor Semmelweis, 1924


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Canon 40D

Samyang 85mm f1.4


1/2000 f2 ISO400


edited & adjusted in Lr3

Marco Rilli 2014 :copyright: All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal

view on black


This shot belongs to a set called "Shadow Hunter" which will tell you the story of shadows and people who has been hidden in it or seeking a way out of it

fuckin homless man in the corner behind this building startled the shit out of me


Not sure which I prefer the colour or this black & white version

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