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To avoid #Monday blues, amuse your tastebuds with this palatable #Manchurian and #noodles combo.


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:copyright: Gianni Paolo Ziliani Streetphotography:tm:.

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In this chilly weather, why stay low on spice, add taste to the day with "RAJMA RICE" in a jiffy.


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Here we bring you an authentic Lachha Paratha combos. :yum:Chhole with Lachha Paratha, Paneer Masala with Lachha paratha & Dal Makhni with Lachha paratha :heart_eyes:


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Unigate Dairies 1995 Smiths Elizabethan Milk Float

Fri-nally its Friday, let's have our favorite F-word " food" filled with flavors.#Oye24 gives a perfect combo for that

Kolhapuri kofta and Tawa roti.


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This is ResusciF. This is the most PG-13 angle I can find of her. Alternative viewpoints are not pretty, even for the most hetero of medics; ladies should not have press studs with which to attach their magical flower gardens.


Miss F was the model for our obstetrics final. I'd love to say she was as technologically advanced as our trauma dummies, but she's not. She's a big lump of rubber with a spine, two stumpy thighs, a floppy Tiny Tears with a press stud belly button and a hole through which to pass him.


Cutting edge she is not.


I'm second up for the obstetrics skill station, as I enter our midwife lecturer throws me into the depths.


"This is a 39 year old woman who was at the cinema this evening when she went to the toilet and felt a large gush of fluid come away from her. It wasn't pee."


"What's her name?"




"Alright, let's get her off the toilet pan and have a chat. Has she had any children before?"


"Yep, she's got eight kids already."


"Ok, and how pregnant is she this time?"


"She thinks about 36 weeks."


"She thinks? What's her due date?"


"She doesn't have one."




"She says she couldn't be bothered with any ante-natal classes, so she hasn't had any check-ups."


"Great. So we've no idea if there are any problems with this baby?"




"Has she had any bleeding recently? Or been unwell?"


"No, nothing like that."


"K. And how frequent are her contractions?"


"One in one, she really feels the need to push now."


"Alright, let's pop her jeans off, block the bathroom door and have a wee look at what's going on."


Downstairs I can see the crown of the baby's head pressing against the vulva, a wee tuft of moulded rubber hair keeking out.


But the head's not progressing as far as I'd hope and as every 'contraction' (the assessor shoves the baby against the inside of the dummy) ends it recedes back to its original position.


"Right. The baby's head isn't coming forwards, so I'm assuming some form of obstructed labour, most likely shoulder dystocia."


"And what are you going to do about that?"


I talk her through changing the mum's posture, pulling her thighs up against her belly to flatten out her lower abdomen as she contracts.


"That's not helped."


And so I push my hands down on the baby's shoulder through the woman's belly, pushing then rocking the trapped limb under the mother's pelvis. With my final shove the head delivers completely.


"Right, that's the head out, let's check for cord."


I run my fingers around the baby's neck, the cord is tight up against his hairline.


"And there it is, is it loose enough to loop over his head?"


She tugs it tighter against the kid's throat from inside the uterus.


"That'll be a no, then. Right, we'll clamp and cut it here."


Once cut the baby delivers at a frightening rate.


"He's really floppy and white."


She grabs the rubber 'delivery doll' out of my hands and thrusts a resusci-baby into them and I swing into the skills taught on the neo-natal resus course. Lots of heat and light, a quick time check, slap a hat on the wee one and scrub the fuck out of him with a towel. A few minutes of infant resus later and she grabs the baby back off me.


"Right, right, that's all fine. Now, Mum says she's feeling the need to push again."


"Ok, I'll give baby to Dad."


"Yeah, fine, whatever. He's fine. Mum's really sore."


I line Mum up with some more pain relief and have another look at the business end of things; the placenta has delivered totally.


"Ooooohhh, but there's loads of blood now."


"How much blood?"


"About six hundred ml."


"That's a serious post-partum haemhorrage."


"Is that bad?"


"Yeah, it can be. Let's deal with this nice and quick."


This lecturer was all about fast, aggressive treatment. As I start describing my plan she all but bounced up and down, beaming at me.


"Right, I'll get my partner to drop her head down, we'll have high flow O2, bilateral large bore cannulae and aggressive fluid therapy running through wide open."


"That's great. What are you going to do?"


"I'm going to massage her uterus."


"Her uterus tightens up, but she's still bleeding."


"I'll check for perineal tears."


"She has two."


"Pressure dressings on those."


"And now she's bleeding again, her uterus has softened again."


"Bi-manual compression, then. One fist at the bottom of her abdomen, an open hand at the top and constant pressure."


"She's stopped bleeding. And now she's arrested."


(Are you fucking kidding me?!)


"Well, I can't take my hands from this position, so my partner will have to intubates."


"He can't. The anatomical and physiological changes are too great."




"Can you describe those changes to me?"


"Ummm...short fat neck, full dentition, engorged breasts, airway oedema, relaxed cardiac sphyncter, slower gastric emptying, higher gastric pressure."


"Right, he's managed to get the tube, he's doing CPR and we're on our way to hospital."


We both straighten up from the rubber dummy on the table.


She shakes my hand.


And I leave.

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Some of the options that you have with our home delivery service. Bottles, cans or draught delivered right to your home or office!

An old, faded sign on someone's letterbox. The stencil adds a nice touch.

These folk get the NZ Herald (newspaper).

Make your Eid Celebrations extra special with this SHEER KHURMA RECIPE. Enjoy Your Eid..!! #EidMubarak



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Our Vegetarian & Vegan home made lasagna is built layer by layer with Italian knowhow.The sauce is layered with pasta sheets, béchamel, melt-in-the-mouth mozzarella. Time and a gentle heat are all that’s required to bring the flavors to a bubbling crescendo. It’s no surprise that this continues to be one of our best selling dish. DINE IN - TAKE OUT - DELIVERY


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When the weekend is almost here so, why stay low on spice, add taste to the day with "RAJMA RICE" in a jiffy.


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O ma3aha estekanat chaay et3adel el mazaaj :)


Part of "Healthy and Tasty" menu ..


Restored GM Commercial Chassis - Late 1960s. (?)

Enjoy Ind vs Ban Semifinal Match with oye24 :trophy:

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Hello folks


First of all I apologize for the long disappearance. We just got back from a vacation in India and this time I got to see India in a totally new perspective.


I captured some everyday shots ranging from people to structures to almost anything I could see. I will be presenting some photos from my trip in my photo stream in the next few weeks.


This photo shows a home delivery of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) which is used by many households in India. This is the fuel of choice due to its low cost and efficiency in most parts of India. There are strict regulations on the number of gas cylinders that can be delivered in a household.


I hope to be more regular on Flickr now and will definitely check out all your lovely captures. Cheers!

Chevrolet Express boxvan in North Park, San Diego.

Pineapple Raita is a delicious dahi raita of fresh pineapple chunks in yogurt. This raita is very cooling and refreshing side dish for any meal. Try It! Order on Zomato. For enquiry now: 8860 997 111 or whatsapp no: 8860 197 111

Well!! what else can accompany the soothing #Wednesday vibes better than #WhiteSaucePasta

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