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Shot at home under bright sunlight.

"Walk me home in the dead of night

'Cause I can't be alone with all that's on my mind

Say you'll stay with me tonight

'Cause there is so much wrong goin' on"

Five day problem with Flickr, finally it seems to work .. Nice to see you again friends. :)

But my picture looks blurry on my screen, and it's not, I know. What do you say???


Texture: Evelyn Flint, thank you.

I think many of you had similar idea about the name,

Storybook home, Country cottage, Grandma's home you all guessed it one way or another, I just chose to name it that,

Another year came to an end making this gingerbread house,

Please view the set from past Christmases,

Thank you all so much for your support!

"The dimming of the light makes the picture clearer

It's just an old photograph

There's nothing to hide

When the world was just beginning


I memorized a face so it's not forgotten

I hear the wind whistlin'

Come back anytime

And we'll mix our lives together

Heaven knows - what keeps mankind alive

Ev'ry hand - goes searching for its partner

In crime- under chairs and behind tables

Connecting - to places we have known


That the eye - is the measure of the man

You can fly - from the stuff that still surrounds you

We're home - and the band keeps marchin' on

Connecting - to ev'ry living soul

Compassion - for things I'll never know"


David Byrne and Brian Eno:


Happy Bokeh Wednesday, everyone!

You don't see homes like this everyday. Two grain bins were set in place and a home built between them. They were converted to living quarters. A small river or creek runs behind the house. A prairie of wildflowers and grasses stretch for about a quarter mile in front of the house. To the right of the prairie is a quaint country cemetery. The house is heated and cooled by solar energy. It was built by someone outside of the local area and here is the kicker, I am not sure when or even if they reside in the house!



Sitting in my garden, watching the sun going down.


Here, looking north west, the Firth of Clyde is golden in the pre-dusk light. The highest point on the Mull of Kintyre, Beinn an Tuirc, (hill of the wild boar), is seen just to the left of the big sycamore tree. In front of and in the shadow of The Mull, is the southern, lower part of the Isle of Arran.


Closer, some newly-shorn sheep - ewes - graze with their lambs, late into the evening, before bedding down for the night.


(Canada is an incredible country - Ocean to Ocean - and I love visiting. I do, though, love coming home to Scotland )


from South Carrick Hills

SW Scotland


Ca’ the yowes

Tae the knowes;

Ca’ them where the heather grows;

Ca’ them where the burnie rowes,

My bonnie dearie.


Robert Burns


(Call the ewes

To the hills;

Call them where the heather grows;

Call them where the stream flows,

My beautiful one.)

. . . ♥ . . .


Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. --Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


Texture: Florabella

Processed: Topaz


All my photos and creative work is copyright protected and may not be used anywhere without my express permission.


Phillip Phillips - Home


Hold on, to me as we go

As we roll down this unfamiliar road

And although this wave is stringing us along

Just know you're not alone

'Cause I'm going to make this place your home

Settle down, it'll all be clear

Don't pay no mind to the demons

They fill you with fear

The trouble it might drag you down

If you get lost, you can always be found

Just know you're not alone

'Cause I'm going to make this place your home


Check out Kirra's superb version.


♬ Lyrical Dialogue...




Winter's Hollow Flickr group..


I've been shoveling snow and trimming trees, rounding up the wildlife and stacking the firewood ready to welcome you to my winter home.

More details and a landmark will be released very soon.


is where my story begins


Michael Bublé - Home


I will be gone for a while, on my vacation. Wishing you all a wonderful summer.

home is where the crows are...


NEW @ Eclipse


HUMAN GLITCH // PMML / GLVSS /Tattoo and Glass


Hotdog x Duckie - Skintight turtleneck . Halloween mix

(HD for different pattern choices)


DRD - Grimy Cobblestone Streets

DRD - Grimy Cobblestone Streets Lamps


Other Stuff

DRD - MM3 - Mystery Mansion

DC Watching Crows


Where is your home? Is it your place of residence? Do you feel at peace there? Do you feel like home?


Home. What is "home"? To me, it's somewhere you can manage even in the toughest times. The place that feels safe, where the world can't harm you.


Sometimes, home can be far from home. A place where you feel at peace even though it's strange and unknown. True home is in your mind. When you move, you take home with you and bring it to the new place. It's an idea, not an actual physical thing.


The building in this landscape is home to someone. How did they decide to make this place their home? Was it the location? The beauty of the land? We will never know, but I trust that they felt at peace. They felt comfortable bringing home here.


When I was on this month long road trip we had to find home each night, a place for our tent. This might have built more roots for my home in Norway than what I have for my residence in Finland. I feel homesick. I miss Norway. I want to go back home.



All rights reserved © Niko Hörkkö

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If you find my work worth using, please humor me and read my About section!

Working in my new home.

It is not a blog post, this is going to be my home.

I usually do not take pictures of decoration, first because I am not good or enjoy doing it, although I love the decoration work that other photographers do, but sorry, it is not my thing lolol, but on this occasion, I am in deep love with this skybox and this Art Deco style, now trying to fit in with this, the other great Anxiety Art Deco skybox - Nouveau apartment and finish decorating everything .. maybe in 2021 I will have finished lolol


- Skybox by Anxiety - Louie apartment @Uberx

- Furniture is from Anxiety, several packs, except the bed and nightstand, are from [P.O.E] - Art Deco Bed

- Flowers and Planters are from Apple Fall and West Village

- Curtains from {what next}

Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong and laugher never ends.


Chez Moi - Credits


Belgrade Belgium 7DWF landscape

Thanks for visit, comments and awards

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“Home's not merely four square walls,

Though with pictures hung and gilded:

Home is where affection calls,

Filled with shrines the heart hath builded!

Home! go watch the faithful dove,

Sailing 'neath the heaven above us;

Home is where there's one to love!

Home is where there's one to love us!


Home's not merely roof and room,

It needs something to endear it;

Home is where the heart can bloom,

Where there's some kind lip to cheer it!

What is home with none to meet,

None to welcome, none to greet us?

Home is sweet, -and only sweet-

When there's one we love to meet us!”

- Charles Swain


Capture and edit by Orchid Arado


Photo Location:

...on the other side

"Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.".....

More Ammos Homes 🍉⛱❤🌞 --->


Salomon Beach


Ammos Tropical


Ammos River


Information and availability at landing points

Rustic float & silt homes on the scenic Alouette River

Kissed by the late afternoon, setting sun - About as peaceful as it gets !


South Arm of the Alouette River

Pitt Meadows

British Columbia, Canada


A special thanks to all my Flickr friends and visitors, for taking the time to view and acknowledge my photography.


I would also, like to extend my thanks, to all those who place my images in their beautiful galleries, or use my images for their covers.


Additionally, I am truly humbled to receive so many thoughtful and generous testimonies. I cannot express how deeply touched and honoured I am, to find such caring and beautifully written words left on my behalf.


Thank-you, thank-you for all the love.




♫ Home ♫


The Scene:

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Rustic Sketchpad; Wooden Candlestick v1 and v2; Chaise Longue Cream w/Knitted Throw; Antique Table Lamp; Rustic Firewood Basket; Backyard Stool Brown


Apple Fall Hetton Barn Conversion; Original Artwork: Cone Flower Study and Crocosmia Study; Cotton Cluster; Martins' Busker Guitar; Reclaimed Corbel Shelf; Monogram Suitcases; Natural Apples; Cheeseboard; Treats Platter.

Full Blog post with all details - Rambling + Landmarks Here -


House - Trompe Loeil | Knoxlane Cottage | @ Collabor88 April 8 - May 6th.


Barrel - DaD DESIGN | Rustic wood Barrel.


Potted Plant - DaD DESIGN | Evergreen Plant in pot.


Flower Crates - .:Tm:. Creation | Mixed flowers

Wooden Crate | @ The Chapter Four April 4 - 30th.


Puppy - Jinx | Saluki Fawn 3 (B) | @ The Chapter Four April 4 - 30th.


Books & Tea - Dutchie | books and tea 2 stacks.


Shelf - .Sese | Farm Market - Wooden shelf RARE | @ The Chapter Four April 4 - 30th.


Rockers - {what next} | Bramley Rocking Chair (rustic).


Home spot<:::::::::::::


home is where the heart is ♥

♫ Home From Home ♫


The scene:

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Concept Sunset Lamp.

Nutmeg Chest of Drawers Set w/Decor V2; French Silver Framed Mirror; Old Story Frames Gold; Books & Keys v1; Wooden Candlestick v1 and v2; Winter Brunch Teapot & Newspapers; Rustic Firewood Basket. Exclusive for (NEW)

JIAN 'dorable Danes 15. Triple Baby Bed.

Dahlia Lazy Days - Vintage Clock - Gold 05.

Apple Fall Cheeseboard; Woodland Deer - Brass; Ornamental Elephant - Silver.

dust bunny & tenshi . snack basket.

BellEquipe Picture frame *London* and *Wealth*

hive autumnal plant . chestnut; areca palm plant.

Compulsion Plant 4 and Plant 14

LISP Single Cup of Coffee - Beige Steam; Newspaper and Coffee - Beige with steam


Flit and Molly spend the morning cleaning up some of the mess. They make camp in the low-grounds and refurbish the old crash site into a makeshift home for wary travelers. They set out the fire barrels and wait for survivors.


Molly's Perspective





Modulus - Koa Hair Limited item @ Limit8



*Bolson / Tattoo - Odric (maitreya/catwa appliers)

DRD post apocalyptic camp @ Crossroads

[flit ink] FILTHY Dirt Makeup // Catwa Applier HUD Only

[ kunst ] - Cigarette

[ kunst ] - Kunsteiner bottles set / Lager

RO - Sandstorm Goggles - WarTorn - Half





Timeline 2033 - Post Apocalypse

My home - feel free to come for a visit...beautiful sim!



Inspired by:


Come home

Come home

'Cause I've been waiting for you

For so long

For so long

And right now there's a war between the vanities

But all I see is you and me

The fight for you is all I've ever known

So come home


I get lost in the beauty

Of everything I see

The world ain't as half as bad

As they paint it to be

If all the sons

If all the daughters

Stopped to take it in

Well hopefully the hate subsides and the love can begin

It might start now yeah

Well maybe I'm just dreaming out loud

Until then

Come home

Come home

'Cause I've been waiting for you

For so long

For so long

And right now there's a war between the vanities

But all I see is you and me

The fight for you is all I've ever known

So come home


Everything I can't be

Is everything you should be

And that's why I need you here

Everything I can't be

Is everything you should be

And that's why I need you here

So hear this now

Come home

Come home

'Cause I've been waiting for you

For so long

For so long

And right now there's a war between the vanities

But all I see is you and me

The fight for you is all I've ever known

So come home



~One Republic feat. Sara Bareilles


....home is where the heart is.

Wherever you go, I go. I carry your heart, and this, is my home. ♥

You know I'm a dreamer

But my heart's of gold

I had to run away high

So I wouldn't come home low

Just when things went right

It doesn't mean they were always wrong

Just take this song and you'll never feel

Left all alone

Take me to your heart

Feel me in your bones

Just one more night

And I'm coming off this

Long and winding road


I'm on my way

I'm on my way

Home sweet home

Tonight, tonight

I'm on my way

I'm on my way

Home sweet home


Mötley Crüe - Home Sweet Home

♫ Home ♫


I am wearing:

WAYNE Dolce Pencil Skirt, white

Blueberry Lace Top gift, long

IKON Promises Eyes – Denim

Catwa bento mesh head – Catya

Maitreya mesh body

Truth Lisette hair

Lara Hurley skin – Diana Midtone


The scene:

Serenity Style Working Space set is a new version of the Inspired Space set that Serenity Style made for Deco©rate in May. The new version is available at the Mainstore and group members have a 20% discount.

Serenity Style- Working Space Shelf, Picture Frame 1+2+3, Desk, Workbook, PC All in One, Keyboard, Mouse, Chair– The pose is from the chair(NEW)

Other items from Serenity style:

Serenity Style.- Midnight Summer Candles

Serenity Style- Andretti Recycled Old Wood Table

Apple fall Apple Fall Design Books, Apple Fall Banana Tree, Apple fall Old Manufactory

*alirium* Hermit [Green] and ItchyGrass [Gold]

DRD Boho Princess - Carpet – C


Live here


Ammos Homes rentals. See all available properties here

The autumn twilight turned into deep and early night as they walked. Tristran could smell the distant winter on the air--a mixture of night-mist and crisp darkness and the tang of fallen leaves.”

― Neil Gaiman, Stardust


My home ... Grand Junction, CO. Yesterday the snow dusted Mt. Garfield while the fog danced and played all about.


THANKS for stopping by.


@all rights

Surfer heads home at Vazon bay Guernsey

Goreme ,Cappadocia , Turkey


The inhabitants of this geographical centre of the Anatolian plain have carried out a good deal of excavation in the course of their long history. Unlike in Petra, Jordan, where the Nabateans dug facades in the soft sandstone with no obvious practical function, the inhabitants of Cappadocia dug their homes in the rocks as well as their churches, cathedrals and mosques.


The most elaborate manifestation of this is in the Göreme Valley, at the centre of the region near a village of the same name. The houses of those who once lived here are half built of stone, half dug into the rock. Many have attractive double arched windows with large sills. For the inhabitants who have been relocated to turn this into an open-air museum, these must have provided superb sitting areas: cool and with good views.

Home is not only where the heart is, it is there where the heart is filled with light and love. - My wintery vision, if you want to see or visit, i'd be glad to give the opportunity to see it with your own eyes.


Trompe Loeil - Ysela A-Frame Cabin with Snow Addon



Sneaky snap @ home

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