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Cabazon, CA / 3.31.07. Shot with a Holga.

the only bit of sepia toning i ever did...


downtown columbus, ohio.


Holga 120gfn

Holga 120GCFN + Kodak Portra 400VC

View from the Scottish West Coast rail line, Holga 120GCFN on Fujichrome. Thanks to Guin for the film.

Holga 120GCFN; Ilford Delta 400 film.

Holga camera with seriously expired Agfa APX400 film, printed on color paper. Shot near Tampa, Fla. The title comes from a chapter/poem 5 of the Tao Te Ching:


The Tao doesn't take sides;

it gives birth to both good and evil.

The Master doesn't take sides;

she welcomes both saints and sinners.


The Tao is like a bellows:

it is empty yet infinitely capable.

The more you use it, the more it produces;

the more you talk of it, the less you understand.


Hold on to the center.


Holga, Scan of Lith Print, Fuji Acros in Rodinal. Printed with Fotospeed LD 20 on Fotospeed Lith Paper

holga cross process, burren way

Holga 135 / Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400


Holga camera in NYC


400 ISO Fuji black and white film


now that I have more contacts since I last uploaded this shot... figured I'd put it to the front of my stream, as it's one of my favorite photos that I've ever taken, that way more people can see it.


I really want to go back to shooting film.


My holga has a tendency to have ghost images on the bottom of the frame, in a sightly different place than where it should be. See where her jacket is doubled on the lower right? I don't think all holgas are this way. (edit: I like this quality of my holga a lot, actually)

Holga, Kodak tri-x scanned negative toned in LightRoom. How i long to lith print this! Tomorrow maybe?

Taken with a Holga toy camera.

Taken with a Holga toy camera.

Holga 120N, Fujichrome 400D, cross-processed.

holga, multiple exposures

Holga 120gfn

Holga 120 S

Kodak E100 SW

Holga camera

Trix Film

D76 Developer


Lith Photograph


Moersch Easy Lith


Lith Print

Fotospeed Lith paper in Maco superlith

south run (my personal favorite).

Holga 120 S.

Agfa Isopan F ca. 1960. Guesstimated ISO 2.

Lith print on Bergger Vario NB, Rollei Superlith 1 + 15 @ 27°C.

Taken with a Holga toy camera.

Holga 120N, PXP @320ASA in efd (call it what you want, I call it N+1 because N is 250ASA at 2+1+40) 16 mins

Polychrome print (lith&siena) without additional toning onto Fomatone

springfield (tied for second).

Taken with a Holga toy camera.

Holga, SFX in Finol

Salt print onto Arches Platinum, gold toned

HOLGA 120GCFN + FUJI RVP100, no flash

Self Developed by Naniwa Color Kit N

Cross Processing



This week's challenge: 'Violet'

Delta 100 & Tanol Speed

Omega Lith Print onto 30 years old Guilleminot G3

springfield (runner up).

Taken with a Holga toy camera.

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