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Holga 120N, Delta 100 in Tanol Speed,

Vandyke print onto Cranes Kit Ecru

the only bit of sepia toning i ever did...


downtown columbus, ohio.


Holga 120N, Plus-x @ISO 400 in efd,

Kallitype, short Platinum pre-toning followed by MT3 Vario toner

camera Holga N, film Fomapan 100

Holga 120

fomapan 100

rodinal 1+50

Holga 120N, Bergger Pancro 400.

Developed in Kodak HC-110 dilution "B" for 9.00 minutes.

Holga 120N

Kallitype on Hahnemühle Platinum Rag,

toning MT12 Cobalt followed by MT10 Gold

Holga 120N, Neopan 400 in Finol,

Kallitype, HPR, Sodium citrate developer, MT10 Gold toner 4 mins before fixing.

One of the gravestones at St. Cadfan's Church.


Holga 120N

Ilford HP5

Holga 120N

Ilford FP4+

The front door to the Corbett Arms Hotel, Tywyn. Unfortunately, this once beautiful hotel is now completely neglected and in a terrible state and the front is over grown.


The fun and games of shooting with a Holga :)


Holga 120N

Ilford HP5


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Holga, color film and digital BNW

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