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Detail of traffic lights reflected onto a painted street hoarding.



Reflections in a shiny hoarding in Dublin.



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I have been hoarding this pic forever, LOL! Always save what I think are really

cool shots for a special post. This one is dedicated to Deb, for the lovely

testimonial. Thank you so much my dear friend!


Where the passion flower grows


Lay down on your pillow

and turn the lights down low

let me take you to the garden

where the passion flower grows


Close your eyes and enter dreams

as love's emotion sets the scene

and flitters through the garden

where the passion flower grows


Touch the tender petals

of the flower as she grows

a tentative endeavour

as your feelings overflow


Let me draw you to the place

where ecstasy can be embraced

the beauty of the garden

where the passion flower grows


Feel your mind exploding

in the heavy scented air

experience the shiver

as your captured unaware


A little touch of heaven

where imagination flows

the valley in the garden

where the passion flower grows.


Charles M. Moore


Abundance cannot be stolen or hoarded. It must be lived.


You have something within you that is valuable and unique. Something that you can use to create all the wealth you could ever need or want. Perhaps it is your fascination with sports, perhaps it is your skill with programming computers, or your ability to bring people together, or your knack for selecting appropriate colors. Maybe it is your extensive network or contacts, or your dedication to physical fitness, or your ability to compose music, or your skill at repairing machinery. It's probably a combination of things, and almost certainly something you enjoy. We find satisfaction in things we were meant to do.


Large Rainbow colors Version


Thank you so very much to Mr. Shaukat Niazi for waking all of us early Sunday morning and taking us to the place of colors, beauty and perfect way of harmonizing our inner self with nature and sharing ideas with each other. It was a wonderful time which would have been left while sleeping.


Taken: Spring Flower Festival 2010, Islamabad, Pakistan


N. King St., in downtown Honolulu, is filled with small shops that, at night, cover their windows with hoarding to protect against vandalism. During the day, shop-keepers pile the painted sheets of plywood on the sidewalk in front of their stores, inadvertantly creating wonderful abstractions.


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The weekend hoards have taken their toll on the ski hill and there's now more rocks than white stuff showing so I took the split board on its inaugural outing this morning. No skins yet and skills to learn so nothing dramatic, just a flatish jaunt around Emerald Lake. More shuffling then skiing going on, but I'm sure it'll come.


YA! see there is plenty for every one to have and go around-


Dontcha Ya -Hoard those Gourds!

Theres more to be Found!


I "stalked" these out -on a farm- we visited- the other day -so I know theres- more to be found.



Have a wonderful fall day too-:)


and dont ya - let me hear- of you

hoarding any gourds!


Mizz Cindy Lou:)



Detail of corrugated metal hoarding at night.

Hoards of people turned up for the annual Dragon Boats races

at Tin can Bay today..... Sorry everyone, have been absent with the flu.

More interior shots from Legend of the Eagles. I just can't help myself! This place is perfect for my inner hermit/librarian/hoarder, it really is.

I come from a long line of pack-rats. I eventually came to realize that this dragon was me.

This painting represents a shift in values when, within a very short time span, I watched as 4 special people let go of life. Part of me wants to keep their memory alive by hoarding the things that remind me of them, until I remember that ultimately they cared very little about material things and cared most about the people around them. Their memories will live in my heart forever.


60" x 48"

Hoard a little daylight...

Toronto, Ontario, hoarding with torn paper, collage

Talk about a hoarding issue...he took every one of the peanuts offered at the feeder and placed them all over the yard, hiding each one in the ground for later. It was fun to watch!


Member of the Nature’s Spirit

Good Stewards of Nature


Believe it or not, there are four cars on this driveway. One car is partly buried under a bush.


The Llyn Fawr Hoard


During its conversion from a lake to a reservoir in the early 1900s the Llyn Fawr Hoard was discovered. Thought to be votive offerings, the hoard contained many late Bronze Age objects including axeheads, horse harness gear and two cauldrons. A very early iron sword dated to around 650BC (the earliest iron object found in Wales) was also discovered. The Cauldrons can be seen at the National Museum in Cardiff


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it's funny how sometimes the throwaway photo can end up being your favourite. and it's funny how things i should've thrown away years ago end up becoming precious.

I know its a cliche, but it is still gorgeous, and I have always wanted to shoot it, judging by the hoards of photographers that arrived while we were there, so have they.


Well, this was a dawn shoot for me, an unusual event, my bed and I are rarely parted in the hours of darkness! But I dragged the kids out of bed and off we trekked, to no sounds of moaning from the children.. (this was too good to be true!)


I had had a good flash of inspiration the day before and bought my youngest a pair of wellies, albeit for the price I am still looking for where they were gold plated! despite the price this proved to be a very sensible move, as the walk across to Kilchurn is slightly boggy to say the least, I had my sturdy walking boots on, or at least I did at the start of the walk! as the castle location was in my grasp, the light started popping across the mountains to the rear (probably not mountains but to a fenland lass.. they are close enough)


So I started rushing, there was a little streamy type thing to hop over just before the perfect location, so I asked my youngest to just jump over first and then stand there so I could stabilise myself on him as I clambered over it, I am notorious for having no balance at all. Bless him if as I went to step over and went to grab his hand, if he didn't turn round and wander off, leaving me to flounder mid straddle.


If you have ever seen that episode of the Vicar of dibley where Dawn French is jumping in puddles and suddenly disappears up to her neck in one.. you can picture the scene that followed for me. I must have found the only part of that whole walk that was hollow! In I went, up to the thigh, followed by a most ungallant toppling over face first into the muddy bog. Lots of struggling later and out came my leg, with boot dangling off, with half of Loch Awes mud with it. So I was soaked up the arms.. both legs to the thigh, looking like I had just applied a face pack and my boots were caked in bog mud. What a great look!! Thank goodness there was no one to see me. Ah but of course there was!!


Kudos to the photographer who was stood a few meters away who tactfully pretended not to notice my idiocy.

So, off I squelched to the bank opposite the castle, dripping as I went. With my boots making ungodly raspberry sounds, I have to mention as well.. there was frost in places on the ground and it was blinking freezing! I was not happy, until the light broke and I decided I nailed the shot. How I suffer for my art, and how much of a muppet I often make myself look.


On the plus side though, there must've been micah or something in the bog because my jeans were really sparkly!

Oh.. and I got a picture I was really rather happy with. ;)

Toronto, ON, hoarding with ripped paper, and paint


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Es coneixia que cert Domicià II es proclamà emperador el 271 d. C., però més enllà de un comentari secundari, poc més es sabía d'ell. També hi havia una moneda trobada feia 100 anys a França, però es creia falsa. Fins que fa pocs anys, prop d'Oxford, es trobà un tresor enterrat de centenars de monedes, entre les cuals hi havia una segona moneda de Domicià II, confirmant la seva existencia. El seu "regnat" debia durar uns pocs dies, i segur que acabà malament. Amb la pretensió de ser emperador, tonteries les justes.


Foto presa al Ashmolean Museum d'Oxford.




Few details were known about a roman usurper, Domitian II, which was acclaimed emperor in Gaul in AD 271. Surely few days latter was slain. A single coin was known in France long ago, but it was considered a fake. But in 2005 another coin, this one in the picture, was discovered among an Oxfordshire hoard, thus confirming the faint "reign" of Domitian II.


Picture taken in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

Ashmolean Museum (Oxford)

The hoard was discovered in 1995 in Didcot (Oxfordshire). It contains 126 gold coins dated from AD 54 to AD 160.

Scram ya little wierdo! Can't you find something to hoard without bothering me?

The Llyn Fawr Hoard


During its conversion from a lake to a reservoir in the early 1900s the Llyn Fawr Hoard was discovered. Thought to be votive offerings, the hoard contained many late Bronze Age objects including axeheads, horse harness gear and two cauldrons. A very early iron sword dated to around 650BC (the earliest iron object found in Wales) was also discovered. The Cauldrons can be seen at the National Museum in Cardiff


Thank you all for your visits and comments....Just passed 80,000 views!!!!

A hoard of three gold bracelets and a gold dress fastener

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