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Tucked away in a dusty cupboard,

Look at all the scores of things we hoard:

Pieces of pencil, bits of string,

Gracious, whatever is that thing?

Electric switches, scraps of wire,

A stick or two for lighting a fire.

Masses of paper, magazines too,

We'll never have time to read all through.

Balls of wool, some knitting half done,

A crumpled certificate one of us won.

Boxes of cardboard, boxes of tin,

Once were used for keeping things in.

Now what did we keep that old brush for?

It's hardly fit for scrubbing the floor

Right at the back there is a can of old paint,

Whatever it was, it truly now ain't!

What's this? A Firebrick? What a find,

In the middle of summer that's quiet well timed!

A pile of nails, some pincers too,

Needed for the odd jobs we don't do.

A left-handed glove, the head of a rake,

Why were they kept for Heavens Sake?

Masses of rubbish, full to the doors,

This was my cupboard - Now turn out yours!

~by Audrey Denning


Noticed this old shed with junk piled outside which caught my eye.

Detail of traffic lights reflected onto a painted street hoarding.

"If you're not sure it's a picture, shoot it anyway" - Carolyn Drake SPNC Year 5 March #03


november 15th, 2010 - 319/365


finally returned my library books that i originally checked out in september. determined not to hoard any more library books until holiday break.


The Llyn Fawr Hoard


During its conversion from a lake to a reservoir in the early 1900s the Llyn Fawr Hoard was discovered. Thought to be votive offerings, the hoard contained many late Bronze Age objects including axeheads, horse harness gear and two cauldrons. A very early iron sword dated to around 650BC (the earliest iron object found in Wales) was also discovered. The Cauldrons can be seen at the National Museum in Cardiff


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Now we know who is responsible for my toy hoarding.

I have been hoarding this pic forever, LOL! Always save what I think are really

cool shots for a special post. This one is dedicated to Deb, for the lovely

testimonial. Thank you so much my dear friend!


Where the passion flower grows


Lay down on your pillow

and turn the lights down low

let me take you to the garden

where the passion flower grows


Close your eyes and enter dreams

as love's emotion sets the scene

and flitters through the garden

where the passion flower grows


Touch the tender petals

of the flower as she grows

a tentative endeavour

as your feelings overflow


Let me draw you to the place

where ecstasy can be embraced

the beauty of the garden

where the passion flower grows


Feel your mind exploding

in the heavy scented air

experience the shiver

as your captured unaware


A little touch of heaven

where imagination flows

the valley in the garden

where the passion flower grows.


Charles M. Moore


Believe it or not, there are four cars on this driveway. One car is partly buried under a bush.


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Abundance cannot be stolen or hoarded. It must be lived.


You have something within you that is valuable and unique. Something that you can use to create all the wealth you could ever need or want. Perhaps it is your fascination with sports, perhaps it is your skill with programming computers, or your ability to bring people together, or your knack for selecting appropriate colors. Maybe it is your extensive network or contacts, or your dedication to physical fitness, or your ability to compose music, or your skill at repairing machinery. It's probably a combination of things, and almost certainly something you enjoy. We find satisfaction in things we were meant to do.


Large Rainbow colors Version


Thank you so very much to Mr. Shaukat Niazi for waking all of us early Sunday morning and taking us to the place of colors, beauty and perfect way of harmonizing our inner self with nature and sharing ideas with each other. It was a wonderful time which would have been left while sleeping.


Taken: Spring Flower Festival 2010, Islamabad, Pakistan


Here is the block I made for Kerry for our Ringo Pie Patchwork group. Kerry asked for 'collection/hoarding' for her theme.


Oh no no I don't collect milk! I'm not that crazy! I have a hoarding problem with milk cartons. I used to make soap using milk cartons as soapmaking molds. Since I was making tons and tons of soap, I couldn't keep up with having enough milk cartons on hand. I always made a point of buying quarter-sized milk and was even asking all of my friends to donate some milk cartons for me. lol. The funny thing is, I am not making soap anymore and am not in need of milk cartons. However, milk cartons seem way too valuable things for me to just throw into the recycle bin. I have boxes full of milk cartons sitting above the fridge. I just can't throw them away. Does anyone have any idea for the use? Ok, no more about my hoarding problem.


Kerry asked us to use vintage fabric somewhere, which I used for some parts of the table mat. And she also asked us to squeeze in some fabric that was given, so I used some fabric from her and Penny :D


So the box-looking things on the right side is supposed to be a stack of soap, and the top one is all wrapped up and ready to be gifted to someone. I embroidered "milk" in three languages just to reflect the diversity in our group. (US, England, Australia, and Norway!)

Armacao de Pera, Silves, 2012

The weekend hoards have taken their toll on the ski hill and there's now more rocks than white stuff showing so I took the split board on its inaugural outing this morning. No skins yet and skills to learn so nothing dramatic, just a flatish jaunt around Emerald Lake. More shuffling then skiing going on, but I'm sure it'll come.


Found in the 'old' castle


* Details of the Renaissance in a corner of the yard;

* A cylindrical tower of the thirteenth century, rebuilt in the sixteenth century, which has partially retained its primitive hoarding ];


* An underground chapel (XIIth century), restored in the nineteenth century, divided into three naves, each ending in a curved apse window, decorated with stained glass.




Nobleman smitten by Italian Guy XVI de Laval undertook the renovation of the Old Castle of Laval and the building of Chateauneuf , which was the seat of the Court House in the nineteenth and twentieth century. He lives very well if one believes in a state of the house of Laval, who notes in his entourage "all kinds of officers that we see in [...] princes unto the trumpets, oboe, sackbut, lutes, organists and musicians "(Daniel Jehan).


Next Jacques Le Blanc Vignolle of what is called the Little Castle and Castle-nine was completed by Guy XVII de Laval and Claude de Foix, his wife, whose weapons were being said the same author, on the shields that decorate facade .


Le Petit Chateau in the French Revolution, was a military convalescent hospital before being assigned to the court, 1795. In 1821, the two castles are sold in department by Louis-Stanislas de la Trémoïlle for 90 000 francs, Chateau Neuf retains its function courthouse while the Old Castle was converted into a prison. This is the 1st March 1908, the prisoners left the castle. The Old Castle became a museum of naive art in the 1970s, in homage to Henri Rousseau, born painter Laval. The Palais de Justice de Laval in 2006 move to a new building, Chateauneuf has been under restoration for an application still undetermined.


On trouve dans l'« ancien » château :


* des détails de la Renaissance dans un angle du préau ;

* un donjon cylindrique du XIIIe siècle, remanié au XVIe siècle, qui a conservé partiellement ses hourds primitifs ;

* une chapelle souterraine (XIIe siècle), restaurée au XIXe siècle, divisée en trois nefs, chacune terminée par une abside à fenêtre cintrée, décorée de vitraux.




Grand seigneur féru d'italianisme, Guy XVI de Laval entreprend la rénovation du Vieux Château de Laval et l'édification du Château-neuf, qui fut le siège du Palais de Justice au XIXe et au XXe siècle. Il y mène grand train si l'on en croit un état de la maison de Laval qui signale dans son entourage "toutes sortes d'officiers que l'on voit chez les princes [...] jusques aux trompettes, hautbois, saquebutes, luths, organistes et musiciens" (Jehan Daniel).


Suivant Jacques Le Blanc de la Vignolle, ce que est appelé le Petit château ou Château-neuf fut achevé par Guy XVII de Laval et Claude de Foix, sa femme, dont les armes se voyaient, dit ce même auteur, sur les écussons qui décorent la façade.


Le Petit-Château pendant la Révolution française, fut un hôpital militaire de convalescents avant d'être attribué au tribunal, 1795. En 1821, les deux châteaux sont vendus au département par Louis-Stanislas de la Trémoïlle pour 90 000 francs, Le Château-Neuf conserve sa fonction de Palais de Justice tandis que le Vieux-Château est reconverti en prison. C'est au 1er mars 1908, que les prisonniers ont quitté le château. Le Vieux Château devient un musée d'art naïf dans les années 1970, en hommage au Douanier Rousseau, peintre d'origine lavalloise. Le Palais de Justice de Laval déménage en 2006 vers un nouveau bâtiment, le Château-neuf est depuis en restauration pour une application encore indéterminée.

Bibliomania is an obsessive–compulsive disorder involving the collecting or hoarding of books to the point where social relations or health are damaged. One of several psychological disorders associated with books, bibliomania is characterized by the collecting of books which have no use to the collector nor any great intrinsic value to a genuine book collector. The purchase of multiple copies of the same book and edition and the accumulation of books beyond possible capacity of use or enjoyment are frequent symptoms of bibliomania.


you can read all the book titles HERE

leave notes on your favorties :)


this is hopefully a little bit of a lighter subject than yesterdays. i dont have a lot of time, but this ones pretty self explanatory...

i guess if you happen to know someone with bibliomania, get help...?

it cant be good.


day 122

The newest addition to my Azone hoard, Aika!

YA! see there is plenty for every one to have and go around-


Dontcha Ya -Hoard those Gourds!

Theres more to be Found!


I "stalked" these out -on a farm- we visited- the other day -so I know theres- more to be found.



Have a wonderful fall day too-:)


and dont ya - let me hear- of you

hoarding any gourds!


Mizz Cindy Lou:)

(UNEDITED) Laptop image


Dedicated to all my colleagues who are working with me on the digs at the Staffordshire Hoard.


"They placed in the barrow that precious booty,

the rounds and the rings they had reft erewhile,

hardy heroes, from hoard in cave, —

trusting the ground with treasure of earls,

gold in the earth, where ever it lies

useless to men as of yore it was." -Beowulf (1000 a.d)



No time for building at the moment, but this afternoon during a break at work, I borrowed Armon Aeon`s avatar and took this on the spur of the moment at Lost World. A reminder of the years of a time gone by that pass through our hands each day, whilst we are working together on this amazing project at the Staffordshire hoard. This is a small dedication for you and I am so privileged to be working with you all.

I will also take this opportunity to say a quick hello to my Flickr friends. Whilst I have been away I have missed your work very much.

I will try to find some time to look at all your wonderful creations as soon as I can.


Raw image, name added.

Non static poses for both (I used the waving animation).

My own lighting.

Outfit by Eric Humby.

Horse by Kriston Kolach.

Horse armour by my good friend Slydel Rau.

Hair by Sin Knoller.

Skin by Lorac Farella.

Sword by Colton Drechsler.


A big thank you to everyone at Crawley Creatures and the English Heritage for all your fantastic talent and to the archeos for sharing this incredible experience with all of us.

Thank you to lolmac Shan, for his beautiful art and sim, "The Lost World" and to Armon Aeon who will always be my muse.


Completely unedited. (I do not edit images from Second Life).


//Sometimes I do wish apples were our currency so all your hoarded millions would rot in your vaults// //100+//

//Themed image for week fourteen of Project 104//


//Press 'L'. This is my photo for the 'quote of your choice' week. The quote is a lyric from a Step Up by Enter Shikari from their Common Dreads album. One of my favourite albums ever, and the lyrical content is very relevant for both the UK and world's current state. I'm still not very good at my expansions, but I feel this is better than some of my previous efforts. If you want to listen to the song, click here //

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