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The primary function of the hipster PDA is capture:I need a lot of cards on the outside, ready to sketch on when needed. There's very little tolerance for friction in this: it needs to be something I can do every five minutes, if need be.


Experimentation with other methods proved unfruitful, so here I've just got the cards clipped to the outside of the moleskine. It works.

Possibly heresy.


I bought a set of Moleskine index cards, but hated the flimsy package they came in.


I love the look and feel of Field Notes notebooks, but hate trapping notes in a linear-bound book.


A pair of pliers and five minutes' work found a solution.

When i first saw Patrick Ng‘s mind.Depositor i was blown away. It is very sophisticated and looks so great! But i wanted to build something around my beloved Moleskine 18 months - Weekly Notebook. I started with some sketches and a paperboard mock-up. It worked fine and i decided to use it for a while. So i went through my old magazines in search for some nice pictures that would prettify it.


Have a look!

Galison 4x6 accordion file in which I keep my cards. My system evolved from a checklist grid inspired by Edward O'Connor's personal unit tests, Ben Franklin's weekly table of virtues, templates from DIY Planner and the original Hipster PDA all via Lifehacker.

Possibly heresy.


I bought a set of Moleskine index cards, but hated the flimsy package they came in.


I love the look and feel of Field Notes notebooks, but hate trapping notes in a linear-bound book.


A pair of pliers and five minutes' work found a solution.

Maybe its because I see so much of it in IT or maybe because I'm tired of how expensive its become, but I'm joining the technology backlash. This is my new PDA.

This is my customized Moleskine planner, made from a standard pocket Moleskine (ruled) to resemble the format of a Moleskine Weekly Planner.


I created this planner, because Moleskine 2006 Weekly Planners are hard to find and expensive. But beyond cost or scarcity, I thought it would be interesting to create my own planner from scratch, based on some great ideas gleaned from Bill Westerman's Miquelrius notebook:


So far, I'm very pleased with how this little book is working for my personal agenda.


For a detailed article on the system, check out

John Dickerson owns the largest binder clip I've ever seen.

This just proves what a total geek I am. It contains my daily todo's, etc. on 3x5 cards and is made of duct tape. shesh. Oh yeah, don't forget -- that's a Fisher Space Pen!

On the first page (before the pockets), the holds a menu of two daily planning forms, which were inspired by David Seah's Printable CEO forms. They are held in place by plastic corners used to hold pictures in scrapbooks.


A Moleskine cahier converted into a Hipster PDA case, because the Moleskine memo pocket is too fat to fit in my pocket.


Read about it here: About the Moleskine Hipster PDA Case


Instructions to build your own here: Build A Moleskine Hipster PDA Case

yellow: weekly calendars

pink: weekly checklist

white: day keepers

blue: month calendars

A snapshot of my notebook and research notes, on a typical day...

this goes in the duct tape wallet

At the Staples in Westlake Village, CA yesterday and found nice leather 3x5 case in the new "M by Staples" gear.


Case has 3 pockets in addition to the one's ready for writing.


Also got a thick stack of 3x5 cards with lines on one side and grid on the back. Case is $10 and the cards were $3


There's a new url for this product line: - it only shows a small subset of the products (and does not show these) but does include a search engine for stores carrying the line.


Finally, here's the link to the item...


O meu saudoso Hipster PDA. Ela era bem hipster, mas não muito PDA. Pelo menos eu ficava mais tempo brincando de deixá-lo bonito do que usando-o para fazer coisas úteis ou inúteis.

A step by step series on how to create a Hipster nano PDA

"You know, I've always liked that word..."gargantuan"... so rarely have an opportunity to use it in a sentence."

I saw this first from leff, and the idea struck me as totally cool. I eventually had to try it myself, so I found the original website and built my own.


I found, however, that a stack of index cards was not exactly terribly resilient in my back pocket, so I cut and folded an old calendar back to make a sleeve for it. Now I can stuff it in my pocket and its none the worse for wear.


It's honestly not a case of being cheap. I have a PDA, but you just can't get data into it fast enough, even with the psuedo-handwriting feature. Technology will eventually obsolete pen and paper, but not today.

I love my moleskine quadrille notebook, but it's not quite nonlinear enough for me, or for Dave Gray.


Dave came up with the idea of hacking up a moleskine memo pad with a flap, so it can hold index cards and a pen. I've further modified it with the stupid-simple expedient of clipping blank cards to the outside, and using manila tabs on the inside to sort out my GTD planner.


And there you go.

"You know before I picked up that little fella, I looked him up on the internet. Fascinating creature the Black Mamba. Listen to this..."

The contents of my purse -- way more than I usually carry, but I've been carrying this bigger purse, and there's some Murphy's Law about purse contents expanding to take up available space. You would think that I have a lip product obsession, but I promise I do not.

Find a strong plastic folder and cut it into a size slightly larger than 4x6 in. You may want to consider what else you will put into this jacket before you decide the final size.


Make 4 slits so that you can insert the clips on the spine.


More on Scription blog:


The wallet has a big deep pocket, I don't use it except for the occasional receipt, or check that I need to deposit.

I love seeing these sorts of photos from other people, so when I realized I need to clean out my bag, I decided to do my own.


Generally, I also carry a knitting project (socks, often) and books for class.


More photos of my GTD System are here:

The one thing I don't' like about this hack is that the binder clip needs to stick out all the time. If the inner part is folded in (as shown here), you can't access it as easily.


This is a PITA, but for now (i.e., the last 6 hours), I'm living with it.

so these usually cost $40, i would never pay that... I got it for 6$ because they messed up the initials(not mine but w/e)

These are a bunch of cards that can be added to your hipster to provide reference for whatever you may need. I built a template in PowerPoint that I just post whatever I think will be handy in it and print it out on cardstock, then cut out the card.

The current contents of my hpda - mostly so I can watch my own progress as I fall deeper into GTD'dom

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