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Taken at Hillcrest Berry orchards, Banhoek valley, Stellenbosch, Western Cape.

Shapes..forms..Colors..we all LOVE them and want them ;-D

Let's make more ART !!

~ I was often asked : " are things really THAT colorful in San Diego ? " The answer is YES !!

~ Hillcrest ~ San Diego ~


Colour is always attractive!

Oil painting of the high school that I attended. Turn out, painting 75 windows gets a little tiring.

Colour is always attractive!

Walking Univeristy Ave in Hillcrest, CA 92103

Colour is always attractive!

Well, in my haste to post this image last night it turns out that I posted an earlier edit. My later edit dialed back the blue saturation in the foreground and some other minor things. It's not dramatic, but the new one will be on Instagram later. The fact is, I do this a lot. I think I should learn to sit on my images longer, as I am often sending them out half-baked and then refining them days afterwards -- too late to post anywhere, of course.

The Hillcrest was a pretty big old place, up on a hill (obviously), and once featured a restaurant too.


Just in case you're not sure it's a motel, they put up a second sign for you too. This place gets pretty low reviews online, unless you read the ones that sound like they're from the managers. It's apparently a "Scottish Inn", which is part of Hospitality International, who also offer up "Red Carpet Inn", "Passport Inn", "Master Hosts" and "Downtowner Inns"... all of which are usually names I totally avoid when I'm looking for lodging.

University Avenue at sunset. Hillcrest, San Diego.

Colour is always attractive!

Taken on Sunday, June 5th, with the Pacific Photographic Society.

Pumpkins for sale at Hillcrest Orchard, Gays Mills, Wisconsin.


photo by Mark Adsit

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