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Gran Turismo 6

Higgins lake cut river mouth. Using what open water I can find to add to the sunset reflections.



I don't usually get this wild and crazy but I am posting a HBM image :) Taken at the Higgins Lake State Park lagoon.


Took this from the Lily Lane road end last night at Higgins Lake Michigan. The temperature was around zero combined with a stiff wind coming off the lake I did not hang around to long. I miss the open water shots but it does make me work harder on getting composition, POV and other things which in turn should make me better at taking photo's.


On Explore #52, April 18, 2009


View On Black for a larger more vibrant look


From my archives, this is a view of some of the artwork that adorns many industrial buildings in the core area of Winnipeg. This was taken a year ago on Higgins ave. early in the morning just after the sun came up, the best time of the day for this type....

in Brackendale with Higgins...Contax 139, Kodacolour 100

maybe 3 trains per day in these parts

Another one from the set taken 3/12/15. It was a magical night for photos.



After some 51 days of being here, homesickness still makes me stay in front of the washing machine for ten minutes after loading, watch it spin while listening to Missy Higgins. This is my song to self.


Yeah, some words and those shoes, again.


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The Higgins Lake South state park has a lagoon where boats are launched and campers can beach there boats. Its empty right now but that will change shortly.


Good old boy Higgins in his senior years at his favorite place in the world...Kodacolour 100 I think.

Foggy surfing over Labor Day


Higgins Beach, Maine


August 31st, 2014


IG: @nleslein

Sammy D Higgins was hoping to bring the Nashville Predators hockey team good luck in the Stanley Cup finals by choosing the blue hollee roller ball ( blue is first place color) however Pittsburgh Penguins win it second year in a row.


The Ottawa Senators gave Pittsburgh three over times and almost went to the finals vs Nashville. The Senators and Predators did their best and some very exciting games. Those teams should be proud as 32 teams start out in this event and it comes down to the final four and then the title series.


Sammy D Higgins was hoping this photo would bring luck to the team we were cheering for.

At this time as I post his photo Sammy woke me up at four in the morning and was quite ill. Not sure what is going on with him and am worried. He will see local vet on later morning and hope for some answers....not much sleep for bulldog or myself.


At least it's the calm before storm systems ( and sounds like some bad ones ) move in late tonight into early hours of Tuesday with a second series of bad storms coming in mid to late afternoon well into Tuesday evening.


update evening.....Sammy had blood work and at the clinic two hours but did get to the cause and is on medications, special vet diet food and hopefully on the mend. Thanks to those who posted.....

In time I will put another story under this photo.


Have a great week everyone.

View east from Higgins lookout, including Main Higgins (in clouds) and Skadulgwas

Ricky Higgins working out at MP birstall Leeds. Photo by Terry George for Follow us on Instagram

October 21, 2007 Higgins Beach, Scarborough ME, temps low 70's.

Sunset at Higgens Beach

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