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(This is where I'm sending anyone who asks for a Bio and a pic)




Jon Hicks is highly regarded graphic designer based in Oxfordshire. Most widely known for his work on the Firefox, Mailchimp and Shopify logos, and recent projects such as the Skype emoticon redesign and interface work for Opera Software. He also quite literally wrote the book on Icons: "The Icon Handbook" for Five Simple Steps Publishing.


Jon's blog - The Hickensian - is where he regularly writes about bikes, cycling, design, Dr Who and sometimes web things:




Photograph by Al Power: (please credit)


Link to High-res:

Photoshoping: Andy Clarke, Jon Hicks (Hicksdesign) Elliot Jay Stocks (Carsonified)

Talking: Jina Bolton ( & Hannah Donovan (

Photoshoping: Jina Bolton ( & Hannah Donovan (

Talking: Andy Clarke, Jon Hicks (Hicksdesign) Elliot Jay Stocks (Carsonified)

Its always exciting to get new 'stuff' printed - more so when its for yourself, and there are no mistakes (unlike the last lot I had done 4 years ago)!


On the recommendation of a few people (like Kate Bolin), I had them done at Aubergine. Great quality, fast, and the logo has a Spot UV varnish to make it shine against the matt laminate. I really can't express how pleased I am with these! :D


Now I've got to spend the weekend with the rounded corner punch (available from here) to get them all looking like this!


I'll be handing them out liberally at @media...

I've always wanted a sign, now finally i have!

Design is patience. Like waiting for clients to pay you, for example.


For the Designer Wallpaper pool.


It all started with this post by Jon Hicks.

Inspired by Jeremy Koempels recent TXP admin fiddlings, and the fact that I'm setting up another Textpattern based site for a client. I love the clean TXP admin look, but the tabs have never been my taste, and I like to customise it per client.


I did try and make it a CSS only theme, but there were a couple of things I couldn't accomplish with the css skin alone. So, seeing as I had to fiddle with the php files, I added the link to the site bascampy stylee, and removed the 'view site' tab (which never made sense to me, as you don't view the site in an admin tab). This pulls in your settings for Site Name and Site URL.


The layout is also fluid now. Which you may hate! It breaks on resize too.


Sadly, if you use the hpw_admincss to apply the custom css, for some reason, it doesn't theme the plugins tab. It does if you add the css to the textpattern.css file though.


So, here are the files if you want to download it. Feel free to alter, improve, grill, fry etc.


(Requires TXP 4.05)

My submission to Jon's meme: cover art for Radiohead's new album.


View On Black, full-size

Everybody wants the logo bigger. Tell them "no."


For the Designer Wallpaper pool.


It all started with this post by Jon Hicks.

Design is knowing when to stop.


For the Designer Wallpaper pool.


It all started with this post by Jon Hicks.

Kasper Nauwelaerts, developer of the Safari Tidy plugin, has been developing a Microformats plugin for Safari. I emailed him last year on the off chance that he might fancy having a go! Cheeky, but it worked!


This is currently alpha, but works really well, and vcards and events were added really easily. Hopefully a beta will be out soon!


Safari Tidy:


Darn these inspiration thingys... blame Him and Her

I'd always intended the new logo to have some variations, but time beat me. Finally getting around to developing different versions of it. The plan is to have a shape that I can make out anything, in any colour, like a crop circle, a stone carving or formation of peas on a plate.

I saw this on Jon Hick’s flickr account. Very impressive and makes me want to get a mac even more. Who needs a pc anyway? It uses parallels to switch between the OS and is only $39 which is pretty good value in my opinion.


From Parallels website,”Parallels Desktop for Mac is an easy to use virtual machine which allows users to run Windows and other OSes in virtual containers directly on Mac OS X desktop. Use Windows applications without losing the functionality of your Mac - no rebooting required.”


You Tube Vid - Fast OS swithing on a Macbook on you tube

Why was I suckered so easily into this meme? Sorry, Jon. ;-)


Curse your like-mindedness, Kyle Jones! Heh!


See where this wallpaper was created. [?]

This started out over at hicksdesign and was quickly carried on by Shaun Inman


A fun and entertaining break in the trivial world of design :)


Bigger version (2560x1600)

In response to Hicksdesign's Jon Hicks Design Is wallpaper.

Yesterday Jon mentioned his sketchbook. Here are mine. I hardly sketch in the one top (A5 Notepad) because I'm afraid to mess up the beautiful pages. Here I was about to... but my mechanical pencil refused to cooperate. The blue one is a new one (bought in the US). The yellow one is already messed up but I use it also to write down ideas. Only the little one on top is frequently used (it's a cheap one :o) and the cover is already messed up. So it doesn't matter if I mess up :o)

Rissington is our music server here at our RAF Rissington Offices. Rather than go with a AirTunes setup like I have at home, we decided to go with my 'old faithful' (a very battered TiBook with stickers to keep it all together and avoid electric shocks) and John's external hard drive, Harman Kardon soundsticks and subwoofer.


Its all left in Coverflow Full Screen view, and we use TuneConnect ( on our macs to control it remotely and give us Growl notifications. Overall, we're really pleased with this setup. I'm especially chuffed to be able to put old faithful to use for something.


You can see what we play here:


Stickers from here:

apologies to Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford; and whomsoever's flickr snaps I abused to make this

design is my passion

design is my way

to envision a desire

to expose a need

to portray the invisible

to communicate

to interact

design is the medium

the medium is design


For the Designer Wallpaper Group


Download as wallpaper


It started with Design is just making things line up by Jon Hicks

we're ready for the Hicksdesign coffeeshop ... apart from not quite mastering the coffee ... or that Jon prefers tea ... or that we're clumsy as hell ... ok, bad idea, but I can do the chocolatey bit.

Design is...


for the designer wallpaper group.


800x600 | 1024x768 | 1280x800


Click here to see where this desktop was created.

Menu from "Pizza On The Park" in London. Business card from Jon Hicks in Oxfordshire. Salty commentary from everyone at the table.

Found the pathfinder icon on Abduzeedo website as a quick tutorial. Pleased by the design i made my own version of the 2D icon and some special 3D model as bonus.


to make a comparison i put the original designed icon by Hicksdesign.

I couldn't let Jon have all the printing fun, so I went and threw these together as a test run for -- suffice it to say, 6 days after ordering them I'm very happy (great quality, inexpensive including the spot varnish, and the rounded corners were free, as was FedEx shipping from Hong Kong...)


As Jon said, there's nothing like getting 'stuff' printed for yourself... I think I'll find excuses to design and print more 'stuff' now...

The temporary pure whitespace design is gone, but there is still a lot of white there - I can't bring myself to escape the stuff!


As always, it will continue to evolve over time (there are unfinished sections too) but it was enough for now. Another small step...

Sketchnotes from An Event Apart Boston 2015. @sazzy and @hicksdesign.

OK, I think this is almost there. All the wierdness I was seeing in the sidebar seems to be have been solved. Anyone fancy testing it?


Update: 'Home' is now fixed


Most importantly, this solves a bug that I was seeing in webkit browsers with the default css. When scrolling, some sidebar elements would annoyingly bounce up and down. Not any more!




This has now moved to:

Hey, I redesigned!


See the Designer Wallpaper group pool for more examples, or visit Jon for the original.

So, this is the latest version. Still missing styles and icons for some bits, but should be usable and fairly bug-less, in Mozilla at least. The top bar with the login, settings etc is still there, you just have to hover over the top 1px of the window to reveal it!


I had a peek in Safari and the sidebar is pretty buggy - so this is Firefox or Camino for now.


Also, don't use this if you ever use the 'home' feature, as it messes badly at the moment!


But if you want to give it a try, file.


If you use Stylish, just copy and paste this css into the 'create styles for this page' window. In Camino, either paste this into your /Library/Application Support/Camino/chrome/userContent.css file, or if that file doesn't exist, rename the greader.css file to be userContent.css.


Also, if anyone does try this, let me know how the 'loading' graphic looks. In Firefox, the animation suddenly repeats horizontally and vertically when it gets to the end of the loop, but its not doing it in Camino. Let me know if you see this oddity.


I still really like NewsHutch though. At one point I thought about doing a skin that was a mimic of their style, as I think they got it spot on!

Looks like i'm in then.


See the Designer Wallpaper group pool for more examples, or visit Jon for the original.


Update: The redesign

I got hit by a desk (meme - phew!) and the culprit was Jon Hicks!


Lo and behold, above you see my workspace. now has a Log post detailing the use of the two monitors and providing more information on the building I'm in, which is pretty neat stuff as well.

This is another idea I had in response to a blog post by Jon Hicks. I couldn't resist this spoof image! (I found the image on the site Rainbow Forever).

I'm currently doing a live re-jigging of Hicksdesign to use a fluid layout and media queries to create 4 different layouts.


This is the smallest layout.

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