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Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship

My take on a small corner of the NHS is being exhibited online at Camera Infinita. Be lovely if you can drop by...


:copyright: 2017 Andy Feltham

*Merry*Christmas* ...and Happiness to you! All! Friendship! ~*



for 7 Days with Flickr


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Instagram: @flipthescriptbook


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Turkish Style - No Scaffold - No Safety Harness - No Hard Hat - No Shoes

Happy New Year to you and your family. Blessings of health, happiness and peace in 2008!

Thank you for your comments in the past year.

Maybe you are worried that too much sunlight can cause cancer? It is just one of the multiple causes so there is no need to get hung up about it. We are bombarded by messages to use sunblock all the time, even in winter. But sunblock may contain potential carcinogens, so you begin to wonder who...


from Blogger Five Second Rule - is food really is safe?


Even in the most heated combat, there's always time for a health potion.

7DWF: Miércoles - macro/close up


11/100x: flowers on white background

Live at Forbidden Fruit, Saturday 1st June, 2013

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.



Macro Mondays, Theme - Good Health

A Berry A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.

One cup of strawberries contains over 100 mg of vitamin C, almost as much as a cup of orange juice.

DIY while tipsy isn't necessarily a good thing...but damn it's fun!


With <3 to [NANI], (( cheeky ink )) Vinyl, Glam Affair and Madpea to name a few...

This is why you wear glasses and pay attention to what your doing. Graeme & myself had no idea this happened until we looked back at the shots afterwards. It only takes a split second for firebreathing to go wrong so best leave it to the experts!

Health is not valued till sickness comes.

~ Thomas Fuller


Abandoned hospital Leeds.


Kobe versus MJ. Angelina versus Jen. Entire eggs versus egg whites? Worldwide of nourishment, couple of discussions have actually continued to be as warmed as the wonderful egg dispute. For almost 40 years, scientists have actually attempted to identify whether your omelets, rushed eggs and...

After making a routine check, I made the decision to do a small change in my style of life. And one of those changes; here is a complete kit of dietary supplements for the cardiovascular system among others supplements for my health in general. Just a small steps but they will definitely worth it.

Life is like a cup of tea;

To be filled to the brim

And enjoyed with friends.

Coming soon Launch Latest Health Tips Free For All keep touch.

Yeah, It's a scene of health ! They are a lady and three gentlemen that was making walking in park on any sunday ..I believe they are making it always , keeping of health !

On this plaque is going out steam for refresh the people because the weather was hot here on this day ..

It's cool, the steam and keep of health !

Oh, on the other corner another gentleman is selling some snacks , are delicious but nothing healthy , well, he is working , is cool too ..


I wish a wonderful carnival to everyone!

Here, the carnival is starting with rain and cold weather , is stranger ...


Is better .. View On Black ... try ! Thank you !


This photo is here too .. ... Thanks !

Those who think they don't have the time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. ~Edward Stanley


No Photoshop

Saturation and Contrast only


A view from a window on the upper floor of an abandoned health spa.

I worked with the great team at Big Fish once again to produce a series of images for their client, Go Health. It was a fun shoot which involved a lot of moving of excercise equipment, taking over the spin room on location. I'm really happy with the final artwork and the use of colour is delicious. You can see a few more of the images from the shoot, here.


health - Must Credit to my site: '' not to Flickr.

Copy Link Address: Sole Treadmill


Vintage magazine, September 1940 (thanks brichi1). I found a whole stack of these today and am not 100%sure where they are from but I think it's Egypt (with thanks to Epicharmus!)

According to researchers, the average American sits between 6 and 8 hours a day. And while no one can stand and move constantly, prolonged sitting has many adverse effects such as raising your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and death from any cause. To combat the issue, everyone should...

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